All-in-one digital work hub

Empower your entire workforce to improve efficiency & culture

Unlike standalone solutions, we put all your employee communication and tools in one platform, so work can happen without friction.

Modernize communication, content, training & operations for the entire organization
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What do we do?

We help you provide a unified digital work hub to all your employees.

Mango Intranet
Mango Intranet

Create a modern Intranet to inform and engage 100% of your employees.

Mango Connect
Mango Connect

Modernize and streamline all your communications with one platform that reaches everyone.

Mango Training
Mango Training

Transform your business with a powerful, intuitive, and mobile friendly training platform.

Mango Work
Mango Work

Seamlessly collaborate on projects no matter when or where employees work.

Mango Suite
Mango Suite

Get all the tools your employees need to communicate, collaborate and work is one unified platform.

Who uses MangoApps?

MangoApps is used by hundreds of
mid-to-large sized enterprises

"We did have an intranet before…[but] now have interaction."
"When we post something there are likes, there’s comments, there’s questions. It makes the documents or announcements better. It’s just a much more engaging form of announcements than it used to be."
"This is our hub. It's where everyone goes."
"Not only to collaborate with each other and talk to each other online, but also to get all of the documents they need, share information about their own projects, and share their own resources with each other in a true peer-to-peer interaction."

See our customers describe the value they get from MangoApps

What is our big idea?

Bring purpose, satisfaction, and efficiency to workplaces around the world

World's Most Advanced Digital Workplace Platform

Employee experience today is broken. There are too many tools to keep track of and too many outdated systems to deal with. That's why we created MangoApps, a modern, cloud-based platform that unifies content, communication, training, and operations for the entire organization. This can:

  1. Increase worker productivity and satisfaction
  2. Reduce cost and software bloat
  3. Create new insights via combined analytics
  4. Replace future buying cycles with add-ons

Over the last 10 years, we have carefully crafted a deep and wide platform to help organizations of all sizes meet the future with confidence.

Why partner with us?

We create value beyond what is possible with a web of siloed tools

Single hub to connect employees

Single hub to connect all your employees and systems

Scalable platform

A scalable platform you’ll never outgrow

Simple to use, high company-wide adoption

Simple to use, high company-wide adoption

Turnkey services to ensure your deployment is a success

Actionable business insights around efficiency and employee sentiment

Around the clock support to ensure your success

Around the clock support to ensure your success

MangoApps Pricing

Pay for what you need, add more as you go

How is MangoApps Different? »

How do we compare to other solutions?

MangoApps is the only modern platform that has 10+ years of depth & breadth

MangoApps is a unified digital work hub that is designed to bridge the technology gap between desk and frontline workers. The platform features are organized in configurable modules. You can combine any of our modules into a custom package designed to meet your current need.

What about integrations?

MangoApps integrates with almost all the enterprise tools you know and love

Over 75 out of the box integrations

Easily integrate MangoApps with 75+ enterprise systems. No coding required. Extend it further with MangoApps Open APIs and Webhooks.

Looking for more insights?

Explore some of our featured resources

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Company Newsletter
Company Newsletter Ideas for Employee Engagement
Corporate learning
Corporate learning from the bottom up: Everyone has something to teach

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What challenges are you looking to solve?

We would love an opportunity to introduce MangoApps to you

Without MangoApps With MangoApps

It has never been this easy to create the perfect digital workplace. Employee experience is everything. Get it right with MangoApps! Contact us to discuss requirements, pricing, free trial, rollout, and support.

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What you can expect

  • 1:1 product walk-through with a MangoApps expert
  • Q&A session specific to your organization and situation
  • Learn about various deployment options & best practices
  • Understanding of security, scalability, upgrades & support
  • Personalizing product pricing
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