Campaign & Journey Management

Target and connect with specific employee audiences to increase engagement within your company community. Designed to facilitate employee journeys through consecutive, tailored messaging, Campaigns help transform your internal comms team into a mighty marketing organization that guides employees with seamless, personalized email and SMS newsletters.

Automated Series-Based Campaigns

Create customized, intelligent employee journeys by implementing a Campaign Series. Define audience filters and user personas to configure consecutive messages targeted at specific employees. Customize the cadence of these automated messages to adapt to various employee journeys, such as re-engaging inactive employees or following up on a new hire’s onboarding progress.

    External Delivery 
for Company Communications

    Guarantee content delivery by sending internal company communications directly to employees via email or SMS. Particularly useful for messages not intended for company-wide intranet News Feeds, Campaigns enable employees to access messages without logging into the company app. This unobtrusive experience allows disengaged employees to view and interact with communications through more direct communication channels.

      Smart Multi-Channel Delivery

      Maximize your Campaign reach with MangoApps’ Smart Send, a sequential delivery approach that starts with employee email, then switches to SMS if needed, and finally in-app private messaging as a fallback. Smart Send eliminates redundant messages, prevents spam, and ensures important messages always reach your employees. Paired with the ability to draft and schedule Campaigns, you gain total control over the strategic delivery of your internal company communications.

      Effortless Campaign Creation and Design

      Streamline Campaign creation with our rich content editor, ensuring a fast and easy process. Start by selecting from a gallery of customizable templates, then embed multimedia elements effortlessly, including images, videos, audio, and references to related posts to create visually engaging content.

      One of the amazing features of MangoApps is that you can personalize anything within the platform. So we’re making sure that we understand what our team members need to access on a regular basis, and personalizing the experience for them.

      Chelsea Carbahal

      VP, Community Impact and Public Affairs

      Raley's Supermarkets

      Personalized Messaging with Placeholders

      Craft highly personalized messages with the use of placeholders in Campaign content. Pull in recipient names, email addresses, sender names, and more to create messages tailored to each individual. Employers can preview and test-send messages, inspiring confidence that their communications will look and sound exactly as intended, fostering a secure and effective messaging strategy.

        Target and Connect with Disengaged Employees

        Create employee segments based on factors like levels of inactivity and engagement rates, and set up automated campaigns to reach them with email and SMS newsletters. Campaigns will run in the background perpetually, adding and removing people based on activity; this allows you to reach segments of your workforce typically underrepresented in your internal communications strategy.

        Streamline Manual Onboarding Processes

        Tailor communications for new hires based on key milestones and timelines since their start date, eliminating manual processes around employee onboarding. Set up a series of automated messages that keep your team engaged with new employees throughout their journey, ensuring a smooth and repeatable onboarding process.

          Detailed Insights for Individual and Series Campaigns

          Gain valuable insights into your communication strategy with the ability to view detailed analytics on individual Campaigns and Campaign Series. Understand engagement levels, track message reach, and assess overall impact. Enable data-driven decision-making and continual optimization of your Campaign messaging strategy.

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