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Why Streamline Data Management?

Establishing effective data collection and management practices in the workplace can be a struggle. In many cases, employees are either left to manually input and maintain large amounts of information - leading to time-consuming processes and an increased risk of errors. Or, they're given access to an array of data management tools, resulting in inconsistent collection and analysis. In a modern digital workplace, gathering and tracking information and data is essential. However, these materials come from various sources, creating an unorganized, unwieldy lot of information. Whether you're building a spreadsheet of tasks or collecting data from forms, information will come from - and end up in - random places, making it burdensome to track and analyze, resulting in inaccurate reports and unmet objectives.

Many companies turn to bespoke data collection and management practices, wasting time sifting through daunting amounts of data tables that are inconsistent and impossible to follow. Our customer, Shelter Insurance, took advantage of MangoApps' Trackers feature to dramatically decrease the time spent updating and maintaining spreadsheets. Mark Jones, Director of the Litigation and Special Investigations Unit at Shelter Insurance, says, "Our department saves a significant amount of time using Trackers. Before, we probably had 18 to 25 individual Excel spreadsheets out there that we had to manually put together and update, which was extremely time-consuming and inconvenient." Without a centralized, structured data management tool, teams are left wading through unorganized oceans of information, regularly encountering the following obstacles to their work day:

Poor Collaboration:

Attempting to work on one spreadsheet with multiple people can be messy and cumbersome. Editing permissions don’t get granted, simultaneous changes create conflicting information, formatting becomes inconsistent…the list goes on, and productivity takes a dive.

Old File Versions:

Managing different versions of a file can lead to confusion and mistakes. When data collection is vital to your organization, staying on top of current information and files is critical. If employees aren't diligent about manually replacing documents or communicating with one another, it can lead to repeated work, poor-quality reports, and frustrated team members.

Lack of Visualization:

So you’ve created an in-depth, impressive spreadsheet, but you’re the only one that understands it, and it’s hard to digest for anyone else. The absence of visualized data slows one's comprehension, in turn slowing the decision-making cycle. Creating an expansive data table is one thing, but ensuring it’s easily understood is another.

Lack of Visualization:

So you’ve created an in-depth, impressive spreadsheet, but you’re the only one that understands it, and it’s hard to digest for anyone else. The absence of visualized data slows one's comprehension, in turn slowing the decision-making cycle. Creating an expansive data table is one thing, but ensuring it’s easily understood is another.

MangoApps’ Tracker feature makes collecting and sharing information a breeze. Our customers use Trackers for inventory control, PTO requests, budget proposals, sales and revenue reports, and more. With MangoApps’ Trackers, conveniently manage important information in one centralized location and create sharable spreadsheets relevant to your company’s needs. 

State-of-the-Art Functionalities

A powerful tool with a variety of uses, Trackers help streamline processes and improve efficiency with a robust set of features that make data collection and management effortless.  

  • Tables: Too much to look at in one Tracker? Divide its content into multiple tables so you can focus on the information that’s relevant to you right now and leave the rest for later.
  • Charts and Graphs: Display information as bar charts, line graphs, and text-based cards throughout your domain so data can be easily consumed in straightforward, pertinent ways.
  • Widgets: Use Tracker widgets throughout your employee hub to visualize important data in the flow of work.
  • Forms: Effortlessly collect data with user-friendly Forms. Create a corresponding Form for your Tracker that users fill out; the information submitted on the Form will automatically populate in its associated Tracker. 
  • Import/Export Capabilities: Upload & export data from enterprise systems (CSV, Excel, Google Sheets) to integrate with your commonly used tools.
  • Various Column Types: Choose from over 18 column types to make data collection super easy and ensure information is formatted to fit your needs.
  • Customizable Settings: Give column fields default values, require behaviors, change viewing positions, and more so your data is clear-cut. Plus, manage permissions of Trackers to allow only certain users the ability to edit, delete, or share them, so important information isn’t lost or distributed without approval.
  • Out-of-the-Box Templates: MangoApps provides over 25 Tracker templates out-of-the-box so you can get started on your data management efforts right out of the gate. Find Tracker templates for common uses such as vacation requests, hours worked, content publishing plans, and more.
  • Automated Workflows: Trackers come with out-of-the-box workflows and the ability to create custom ones, saving time and reducing the need for manually sharing updates or asking for reviews.  
  • Real-time Updates: Dynamic updates ensure employees always have the latest file version and newest information. And multiple users can interact in a single Tracker in real-time, improving collaboration and efficiency. 
  • No-code Workflow Apps: Seamlessly design, customize, and share powerful applications that engage employees and drive business success. 

Benefits of using Trackers

MangoApps’ Trackers are ideal for collecting information and managing data, tasks, requests, and more. With a wide range of uses, Trackers are highly adaptable to meet your organization’s unique needs. Here are some ways our customers benefit from using Trackers:  

One platform limitless solutions
Accessible Knowledge

Trackers are easily sharable and can be displayed in various visual widgets, fostering knowledge sharing and ensuring users can consume information effortlessly.

Increased Efficiency

Automated workflows and real-time changes boost productivity by eliminating the need for manual approvals, reviews, and updates.

Improved Project Completion

As a task management tool, Trackers transparently display who’s working on each task and what stage each task is in, keeping everyone on the same page and cultivating collaboration in a centralized space.

Greater Organization

House Trackers in relevant Groups & Department throughout your domain, creating easy-to-find, organized tables of dynamic data that don’t create clutter.

See how it works

Conveniently collect and manage a wide range of data with MangoApps’ Trackers. With automation settings, a variety of column field types, out-of-the-box templates, and more, Trackers provide employees with an easy-to-use tabular data tool accessible from one central location. Watch our brief video for an overview.

Tired of waiting for reviews and approvals regarding spreadsheet data? Need a more accessible way to collect information and collaborate on tasks?

Book a demo with MangoApps! We’ll show you how your company can utilize features like Trackers to fully empower your workforce and improve productivity - with one centralized platform.