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Shifts & Schedules

MangoApps' Shifts & Schedule feature equips both management and associates with a user-friendly tool that enables seamless shift creation and maintenance. Whether managing complex rotating shifts, accommodating time-off requests, or ensuring proper coverage during peak hours, MangoApps empowers users to handle these tasks effortlessly. 

The challenge of keeping frontline teams informed and engaged

Keeping associates updated on schedules and shift changes is a daily grind for most frontline teams. From drafting version one of the schedule to sharing it with the team, a lot of time, energy, and strategy goes into the process. But this process is often inefficient, as A.S. Watson, the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer, is well aware. Store manager Vera shared with us, “[Before MangoApps] I took a picture of the schedule and posted it in WhatsApp. But sometimes people lost or deleted it, so they had to come into the store or text me the night before.” This proved difficult for employees to keep track of and left team members burnt out and frustrated. 

From retail, healthcare, and hospitality to manufacturing, industrial services, and construction, operational efficiency and employee satisfaction are paramount. But, in such fast-paced environments, traditional schedule management methods often fall short, negatively impacting productivity, employee morale, and overall performance. Without a modern, centralized way to share and access schedules, management and associates alike regularly run into the following pain points: 

Inefficient Scheduling:

Manually creating and managing shift-based schedules is time-consuming and error-prone. This can result in over and understaffing, which leads to poor productivity and customer service, missed sales opportunities, unnecessary costs, and inadvertent violations of labor laws and regulations.

Communication Challenges:

Keeping employees informed of shift changes, updates, or requests is difficult. This usually means marking up a physical schedule to the point it’s unreadable or reprinting so many different versions that staff no longer know which one is accurate; a lack of clear visibility produces misunderstandings and confusion among staff. Next comes missed communications, leading to scheduling conflicts or understaffed shifts, fueling frustrations and creating stressful working environments.

Unsatisfied Employees:

Maintaining a standard schedule is challenging enough; when you account for time off requests, shift swaps, and other adjustments, managers have a lot to juggle. When these accommodations go unmet, even unintentionally, employees become frustrated by rigid schedules and a seeming lack of flexibility. This leads to decreased employee engagement, work-life balance, morale, and higher turnover rates.

Tedious Processes:

Managers have to memorize their employees’ availability, create schedule templates, assign shifts based on skills, seniority, and preferences, and even account for labor laws, all while keeping anticipated customer traffic and sales patterns in mind. This doesn’t even take into account handling requests, changes, and conflicts as they come up. And then, the schedule still has to be relayed to your team. Whether via email, printing and reprinting numerous copies, updating digital displays, sending mass texts, or verbal communication, the entire process is time-consuming and laborious.

A modern intranet and employee engagement platform should alleviate the challenges associated with traditional scheduling methods by providing a modern, comprehensive scheduling solution that empowers managers and employees. By offering a scheduling tool with enhanced capabilities such as chat and software integrations, you can optimize productivity and improve communication throughout your company, ensuring everyone is on the same page and has access to essential shift changes and information. 

MangoApps' Shifts & Schedule feature equips both management and associates with a user-friendly tool that enables seamless shift creation and maintenance. Whether managing complex rotating shifts, accommodating time-off requests, or ensuring proper coverage during peak hours, MangoApps empowers users to handle these tasks effortlessly. 

State-of-the-art functionalities

Leave no shift uncovered with a mobile-first schedule tool that keeps everyone in the know!

Integrate Software

Integrate existing scheduling and shift management software into a unified digital experience that provides one place for employees to go and is accessible on a computer or mobile device.

Real-Time Sync

Set your MangoApps Schedule to sync with your existing scheduling platform so employees see up-to-date changes as you make them.

Easy Access

MangoApps’ Shifts & Schedules are easily accessible via mobile, ensuring frontline and field workers can access crucial shift information from any location.

Transparent Visibility

Staff members can view schedules across their location, not just their own, so they can communicate and plan with their co-workers in advance and know who to expect during their work day.

Instant Communication

Conveniently send chat messages to your colleagues from the Shifts and Schedules module in just two clicks. Converse about switching shifts, notify team members that you’re running late, and more.

One platform limitless solutions

Benefits of using Shift & Schedule

MangoApps’ Shifts & Schedules module is ideal for keeping frontline teams aware of their upcoming shifts and any changes that may come up. Conveniently accessible via mobile, staff members can stay updated with their team’s schedule and easily contact their co-workers. Here are some ways our customers benefit from using Shifts & Schedules:

One platform limitless solutions

Improved Operations

Boost efficiency and shift management with transparent, store-wide schedules that leave team members informed and ready for their day.

Empowered Employees

Employees can keep track of their own schedules, staying aware of future shifts and quickly identifying their hours and potential overtime.

Easy Printouts

Generate schedules into PDFs to make printed copies for physical locations for extra visibility in breakrooms, offices, cafeterias, and more.

See how it works

Ensure 100% of your store’s shifts are covered while keeping frontline employees connected and in the know. With sync and integration features and accessibility from any device, MangoApps’ Shifts & Schedules make things easy for both management and associates. Watch our brief video for an overview.

Are you tired of manually updating schedules in a million different places, never feeling confident that your entire team saw the changes?

Book a demo with MangoApps! We’ll show you how your company can utilize features like Shifts & Schdules to fully empower your workforce and improve productivity - with one centralized platform.