AI Sentiment & Emotion Analysis

Know How Employees Are Feeling Without Asking

Leverage MangoApps’ AI Suite to gain actionable insight into employee sentiment and emotion at any point in time for all employees — office and frontline. 

Capture Employee Feelings Instantly with MangoApps AI

MangoApps AI Sentiment & Emotion Analysis transcends traditional survey techniques by allowing you to proactively understand the feelings of your workforce in real-time. Traditional survey techniques only provide a snapshot of employee sentiment, leaving a vast array of emotions unaccounted for. Address this disparity by tracking sentiment and emotion to grasp how employees are feeling in the moment, take actionable steps to improve retention rates, enhance productivity, and cultivate a positive company culture.

Actionable insights into overall domain health.
Continuous AI Sentiment & Emotion Analysis.
Robust AI to proactively improve employee experience.

Understand Every Employee's Sentiment

Unlike traditional survey methods — which predominantly target office workers — our AI-powered Sentiment & Emotion Analysis extends its reach to frontline employees, who typically experience a completely different workplace from that of office workers. Minimize the gap between these distinct groups, gain a comprehensive understanding of your entire workforce’s sentiment, and foster inclusivity and unity within your organization.

Reach both office and frontline workers.
Account for varying workplace experiences.
Achieve excellence in company culture.

Listen, Adjust, Elevate to Boost Team Morale

Delve deeper into the pulse of your organization by tracking employee sentiment and emotion in the Analytics Dashboard. Observe sentiment trends over time and annotate key events to observe their impact on employee morale. Our AI categorizes sentiments into positive, neutral, and negative, then offers a detailed breakdown of specific emotions such as joy, admiration, gratitude, anger, sadness, disgust, and fear. By comparing sentiment shifts between different time periods you'll identify evolving trends so you can adapt your strategies accordingly.

A comprehensive Sentiment & Emotion Dashboard.
Event annotation tool for added context when viewing trends.
Comparison tool to view sentiment breakdown between time periods.

Gain Visibility into Team Sentiment Dynamics

Empower team leaders with the ability to track sentiment within individual teams and posts. MangoApps AI synthesizes sentiment and emotion trends, providing valuable insights into team dynamics and reactions to company communications. With AI-generated summaries, gain a deeper understanding of sentiment and emotion within specific teams, facilitating informed decision-making and targeted interventions.

Team-level sentiment and emotion insights.
Analysis on reactions and comments.
AI-generated text summaries.

Efficiently Analyze Text for Instant Insights

Say goodbye to tedious manual analysis. MangoApps AI seamlessly synthesizes text-based survey responses and tracker columns, providing insights at the click of a button. Whether synthesizing large volumes of survey responses or several rows of tracker column data, our AI provides in-depth visualizations and text summaries using our built-in large language model. Save valuable time while uncovering common themes and trends, even within large datasets.

Sentiment and emotion insights for survey and tracker data.
Easily digestible data visualizations.
Built-in large language model to generate AI text summaries.

Ensure Content Aligns to Values with MangoApps AI Moderation

Tailor AI-based Moderation to suit your organization’s needs. With MangoApps AI, customize your desired Negativity Tolerance to moderate content that contains varying degrees of negative emotions. From moderating all negative emotions, to moderating only anger, ensure your content remains aligned with your organization’s values. Track Moderation efforts through the Overview Dashboard, monitoring AI-driven interventions and their impact on content Moderation operations.

Customizable AI Moderation settings.
Intuitive slider to configure Negativity Tolerance.
A holistic Overview Dashboard to monitor moderation efforts.

Our team members now use MangoApps as the jumping-off point to get to all the tools they need to do their jobs. Our decision to set up our hub with that functionality in mind was very deliberate, and our setup has worked remarkably well.

Debra Helwig

Senior Internal Communications Manager


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