Department Sites

Streamline collaboration and communication with MangoApps Department Sites — the ultimate solution for sharing, organizing, and finding information throughout your company’s departments. Our centralized space for department-relevant information is designed to revolutionize the way your teams interact and share knowledge.

An Intranet That Reflects Company Structure

MangoApps Departments enable you to digitally mirror your company's structure while optimizing efficiency. Whether it's HR, Legal, Finance, Marketing, or other departments, our hierarchical arrangement allows you to precisely determine who should have access to specific information. This ensures that information flows effectively, reaching the right individuals in a way that makes sense for your organization. Use Department Sites as company-facing information hubs where anyone can gain insights on specific teams throughout your company, or as private workspaces for members of departments to communicate and collaborate.

    We have built out departmental sub-pages within the framework that allows teams to manage their own content. Teams and departments at different hospitals are able to have unique spaces where they can communicate and collaborate on specific tasks.

    Vallery Brown

    Director of Digital Media and Interim Director of Communications

    OU Health

    Effortless Setup & Membership

    Experience a hassle-free setup by simply providing department details and enabling automatic memberships. Create automation rules to populate your departments with users–just fill in the “department” field on users’ profiles and set the automation rule to run at your preferred cadence.

      Tailored Pages for Every Department

      Streamline business processes with automated workflows built into Trackers, offering out-of-the-box solutions and the flexibility to create custom workflows. Save time and reduce manual efforts in sharing updates or requesting approval. Empower employees to build their own no-code workflow apps, driving operational success and automating processes that are distinct to your business needs.

      Internal Communication Made Easy

      Ideal for top-down communication, MangoApps Departments ensures that your messages reach the intended audience. When a Post is created inside a Department, only members of that department have access, fostering a cohesive environment for goal alignment. Our customizable Department Sites provide leaders and employees across all functions with a single source of truth relevant to their department.

      One of the most valuable tools that MangoApps has to offer is the ability for us to communicate internally. When we have policy changes or important information we need to convey, departments have the ability to communicate within their teams.

      Madeline Pollard

      Digital Media Coordinator

      OU Health

      Department Trackers and Forms

      Enhance department operations with Trackers and Forms. Utilize advanced database capabilities, empowering departments with feature-rich Trackers that are automatically populated by employee-generated data from shared Forms. Streamline departmental processes with built-in no-code automated workflow apps, reducing manual efforts and ensuring a comprehensive solution that enhances productivity within each department.

        Streamline Scheduling with Departmental Calendars

        Attribute a calendar specific to each department, ensuring that events, meetings, and training are organized and easily accessible. Set reminders, create recurring meetings, and highlight important events for teams to stay in the loop regarding the latest events within their department.

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