Keep Up With What’s Important

RSS Readers let users keep up with important content without having to search or browse through websites to find it. Instead, information and updates are pulled from designated sites and then shown to users in a centralized location.

Add Unlimited Subscriptions

An unlimited number of subscriptions are available in the RSS Reader, so users can catch up and keep track of as many sources as they need.

Get Relevant Content Anywhere

RSS Readers can be established anywhere in MangoApps, allowing users and admins to tailor their content for personal dashboards, teams, groups or departments, creating content and updates customized to different interests and needs.

Open Content In A New Browser

Clicking on the content in an RSS Reader will open up the original web page in a new browser, letting users learn more without disturbing their other work.

How Our Customers Use RSS Reader

  1. 1
    Keep up with industry news, innovations and announcements
  2. 2
    Customize content to fit specific interests and needs
  3. 3
    Organize information with a centralized stop for external feeds
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