File Sync

Sync and mirror data stored between MangoApps and desktop.

  • Users keep files synchronized between devices for online/offline use
  • Employees maintain access to files on the go with the mobile app
  • Edit documents offline, syncing when the device goes online again
  • Admins monitor usage and disable file syncing when an employee is terminated
  • Teams manage file versions and have access to the most updated documents
File Sync

Keep Files Synchronized

Sync files across devices and platforms with a standalone, robust client for both PC & Mac.

  • Automatically sync files between desktop and online MangoApps folders
  • Any changes made to files offline are synced the next time the device is online
  • Files can be downloaded on the mobile app, and are accessible at any time

Configuring Desktop Sync

Selective desktop sync allows users to choose which folders are actively synced to the computer. Adding and removing selections can be done at any time from the desktop client.

File Sync

MangoApps ‘My Drive’

Files and folders created in the MangoApps ‘My Drive’ are private and only accessible by their owner. If needed, these files can be shared with co-workers and teams.

Recently Synced Quick Access

The recently synced view allows the ability to view up to 200 recently synced files, with a look ahead search to narrow the results.

IT Friendly Client

SSO options are available and supported for your domain, making it secure and easy for users to login. The client is configurable to allow sync requests to go through the company’s proxy server.

Admin Control

Admins can view a list of all synced computers and files in the admin portal. They can control and unlink any user’s computer in the event that an employee leaves the company or a device is lost/stolen.

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