Keep Files Synchronized

Securely synchronize all work files automatically between desktop and online folders. This gives users and teams easy access to important MangoApps files from any device, ensuring that everyone has access to the latest files, regardless of where they are edited.

Configuring Desktop Sync

Using the desktop client of MangoApps, users can begin to Sync MangoApps cloud folders to their local desktop. Once a Sync folder location has been selected on the computer, MangoApps will create a sync folder that will be home to all synced files.

MangoApps My Drive

Every File Sync user has a personal work folder. By default, every user’s My Drive gets synced once enabled. Files and folders created here are private and only accessible by their owner. As needed, these files and folders can be shared with co-workers and teams.

Offline Access to Files On Desktop

Since files sync down to the computer, files are available for offline access. If changes are made to files while offline, these will be automatically synced the next time the device is online and connects to MangoApps servers.

Access to Files On Mobile

Files can be downloaded onto the MangoApps mobile app and accessed at any time on the go, whether a user is online or off.

Admin Visibility

Admins can view a list of all synced computers and files in the admin portal. They can control and unlink any user’s computer in the event that an employee leaves the company or a device is lost/stolen.

Additional File Synchronization Features

Sync Big Files
Never worry about file size limits again. MangoApps File Sync allows for syncing of large files up to 10GB. MangoApps provides 15GB of storage per user, if more storage is necessary contact us to learn more.
Selective Folder Sync
Users can select to sync only desired network folders upon setup or select/deselect the syncing of desired folders at any time.
Syncing on Windows & Mac OS
Files can be synced on both Windows and Mac OS. Either platform's desktop client can be used to enable and manage file sync and settings.
Sync Settings Integrated With Web
Right click folders on the web interface to request sync. The next time a user is connected via desktop, selected folders and sub-folders are added to the automatic synchronization.
Pause Sync
MangoApps file syncing can be paused and resumed at will by the user, by selecting the setting in the desktop client.
Bulk Sync
Users can drag and drop a group of files or even folders on their desktop into their ‘My Drive’ or other existing directory. When the sync is completed, the folder hierarchy and files will be reflected online on MangoApps.
Moving Synched Files
Previously synced files can be moved online with ease. Right clicking on a file or folder will present the option to ‘move’, allowing the users to select a new destination.
Unlinking Synced Computers
Users can unlink a computer in their preferences in cases where the device is no longer going to be in their possession, or to add another computer at the 2 computer limit. Data will still remain on the computer and will need to be deleted manually if necessary.
Bandwidth Limiting
Advanced settings allow users to set file sync bandwidth limits to ensure that network speeds are not hogged by large or continuous file syncs.

How Our Customers Use File Synchronization

  1. 1
    Users keep files synchronized between devices for online/offline use
  2. 2
    Teams manage file versions and have access to the most updated documents
  3. 3
    Employees maintain access to files on the go with the mobile app
  4. 4
    Admins monitor usage and disable file syncing when an employee is terminated
  5. 5
    Edit documents offline, syncing when the device goes online again

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