Sell Smarter and Faster With Domain Experts

Know the answers to hard questions, from competitor info to what moves are needed to win business. Forward external communications with a sales opportunity right into MangoApps as a News Feed in the opportunity workspace. The team can follow along on the sales progress and chip in as needed, allowing sales reps to take action faster and smarter.

Create and Edit Opportunities With Ease

Easy to capture opportunity date including any necessary custom fields. Sales reps and users can get opportunities and all the crucial information in the system in minutes.

Streamline Opportunity Management

CRM solutions should map to opportunity management and business processes, not the other way around. Easily customize MangoApps to reflect the company sales and forecasting stages, lead generation sources, and more. Drive process, productivity, and consistency in a way that works for the business.

Focused Pipeline View Of Active Opportunities

Pipeline design allows users to focus on opportunities that need attention the most. Powerful pipeline views and status allow sales to stay on top of every opportunity, and close more deals.

Communicate and Collaborate In Real Time

The collaborative space in MangoApps CRM allows teams to work internally to get questions answered quickly, quick engagement with remote teams, or allows for powerful online customer presentations.

Share Quotes, Contacts, and Files

Quickly and easily share sales proposals, files, and contracts with colleagues, teams, or externally through public view/download links. The team becomes more effective in sales, service, and marketing by having the files and information needed.

Time-based Filters To Prioritize Opportunity Outreach

See the opportunities that should be touched first, and spend time where it matters most, to stay on top of the pipeline.

Work Seamlessly From Anywhere

Making sure that sales teams are productive no matter the case, MangoApps CRM keeps up by allowing users to close deals and service customers from any device.

Integrate Existing CRMs with MangoApps

Integrate CRMs such as SalesForce, and Siebel out-of-box to sync opportunities from the respective CRM.

Additional CRM Features

Manage and Assign Categories
Assign categories for opportunities to get a big picture or an eagle eye view by grouping opportunities based on necessary classifications.
Invite Opportunity Followers
Colleagues can be invited to opportunities for help or to follow along on progress.
Add Notes To Opportunities
Sales reps or others involved in the process can add notes and comments to enrich the sales process.
Integration With Online Meeting Tools
MangoApps CRM integrates easily with GoToMeeting and Join.Me to make the sales process and outreach even easier.
Set Local Currency
Easily setup the currency to match what the business deals in.
Transfer Opportunity Ownership
Network admins on the MangoApps domain can transfer owner rights of any opportunity to other users as needed.

How Our Customers Use CRM For Teams

  1. 1
    Create a streamlined and powerful sales process with the right tools and collaboration
  2. 2
    Use a focused pipeline, customizing opportunities by stage and categories
  3. 3
    Integrate and sync opportunities from 3rd party CRM systems
  4. 4
    Share crucial sales files, documents and proposals with necessary recipients
  5. 5
    Take the power of MangoApps CRM on the go, from any device

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