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All the Features you Want, Nothing you Don't


Widgetized Dashboard

The MangoApps Widgetized Dashboard is your one-stop access area for company content. Dashboard widgets are completely customizable and personally tailor to match each employee’s individual needs.

  • Access all of your updates, news, and important resources from one centralized source of information
  • Customize your individual office experience with access to a wide range of detailed dashboard widgets
  • Create a personalized look and feel by resizing, rearranging, and reordering your dashboard display
  • Integrate external information directly into your dashboard with easy to use widgets and RSS feeds
  • Establish effective communication by assigning company-wide widgets and editing customization abilities
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Posts & Newsletters

Employee Posts

MangoApps Employee Posts allow employees to quickly create visually engaging and detailed content for any team. Posts can incorporate text, videos, images, or audio, making them the perfect tool for team communication.

  • Create stunning content with more than a dozen ready to use templates, designed for media of every kind
  • Enjoy simple and intuitive content creation at any experience level with our easy to use Word-like-editor
  • Customize a post’s individual settings to include categories, add hashtags, share with teams, and more
  • Receive important post feedback through comments and reactions from coworkers and other employees
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Critical Alerts

Alerts For Urgent Communication

Use alerts to communicate time-sensitive and crucial information to the entire organization or specific teams and groups. Out-of-the-box templates cover the majority of common organizational alerts or create your own, draft/preview your message visually and select delivery channels prior to distribution.

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Instant Messaging & Chat

Instant Messaging and
Group Chat

MangoApps Instant Messaging and Chat tool enables coworkers to easily communicate together in real time. Chats are available on any device, making it easy to communicate in both one-on-one or group conversations.

  • Experience fast and effective communication with real-time chats at any time and from any device
  • Organize immediate team collaboration and communicate about any concern with real-time group chat
  • Share any number of documents, files, or images by dragging and dropping them directly into a chat
  • Quickly find important information or shared files with a fully archived and searchable IM history
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MangoApps Groups create a specific area for employees with similar locations, work responsibilities, interest, or anything else to effectively work together. Employees can easily share, work, and succeed together.

  • Give employees a designated space where they can communicate, collaborate, and work effectively
  • Sync up with Active Directory or LDAP to easily create groups and automatically keep them up-to-date
  • Share progress reports and updates in a centralized space, avoiding endless emails and extra meetings
  • Answer questions, make last minute plans, or troubleshoot an important issue with group instant messaging
  • Include vendors, clients, or any other external guest users into your group to work effectively together
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Office Locations

MangoApps Office Locations give users a simplified space to find and share location-based information. Employees can easily interact with coworkers at other locations as well as users within their own branch.

  • Help employees interact across branches by sharing time zones, office hours, and other location details
  • Provide users with easy access to location-specific documents like floor plans and building access codes
  • Distinguish local and office specific holidays for branches in different countries, cultures, or regions
  • Share resources, communicate together, and strengthen local company culture with location-based groups
  • Easily find colleagues and important contacts by viewing employee directories filtered by location
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MangoApps Libraries makes accessing important information and company-wide resources simple and straightforward right in MangoApps.

  • Give Employees easy access to any web app in the enterprise, in addition to forms, marketing or sales resources, employee documents, policies, and more.
  • Create unlimited libraries of links and resources while easily managing them by name, description, icons or color-coding, and permission settings. Libraries can have categories for item organization and edited or re-ordered as needed.
  • Establish a centralized and user-friendly location for all external company applications.
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News Feed

News Feed

MangoApps News Feeds are a centralized space to see updates from your different teams, projects, and activities. News feeds exist at both a general and team-specific level, showing you updates from wherever you need.

  • See all of your company, department, and team updates in a single centralized and scrollable location
  • Create quick communication by sharing updates, ask questions, or posting files to everyone in your team
  • Effectively collaborate together with easy to follow and visually engaging comments and reactions
  • @ mention different users in a post to create a personalized notification for them about your update
  • Pin important updates from your news feed to mark them as important and create easier future access
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Private Messages

Private Messages

MangoApps Private Messages offer companies a centralized and business focused communication system. Private messages are built with businesses in mind, helping employees stay focused and communicate effectively.

  • Replace outdated and time-consuming employee email with safe and centralized internal private messages
  • Keep communication effective and spam free by only allowing messages from trusted outside sources
  • Schedule reminders for important private messages, ensuring content never goes unanswered or is forgotten
  • Remove uncertainty and know right away when employees have seen a message with automatic read receipts
  • Save money on external email accounts with a centralized messaging system designed for every employee
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MangoApps Calendars keep schedules organized and in sync on a company, department, team and personal level. View all of your activities within your business in one centralized and up-to-date area.

  • Organize meetings, outings, and other events with calendars specifically designed for every type of team
  • Schedule regularly occurring activities with defined start features and an optional expiration date
  • Discuss events and stay up-to-date on all of the details with descriptive and interactive event pages
  • Customize events to be public, private, team specific, or to include guests from outside the organization
  • Create personalized reminders and manage individual items, tasks, and to-dos in your own private calendar
  • Easily integrate existing calendars like Outlook, Google, and iCal, for a single comprehensive calendar
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Schedules & Shifts

Schedule & Shifts

MangoApps Schedule Connector shows employees their current schedule, upcoming schedule, actual hours worked, and coworker schedules, centralizing information and keeping everyone up to date all within MangoApps.

  • Provide employees with a centralized space to view the current and upcoming schedules of everyone on their team.
  • Automatically sync updates from your existing scheduling system, allowing employees to see changes as they occur.
  • Give workers immediate access to scheduling information on a desktop, tablet, smartphone, or other smart devices.
  • Quickly and conveniently convert schedules into PDFs for employees to easily print, save, or share.
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Quick Polls

MangoApps Quick Polls are the best way to gather information and gauge interest from coworkers and other employees. Polls can be conducted generally or targeted to a specific team, providing insightful results on every issue.

  • Easily build effective poll audiences with intuitive filters, targeting the right people for any topic
  • Create and share polls in seconds or edit existing polls without interfering with existing data
  • Add a poll expiration date to encourage prompt participation and cap accepted employee response time
  • Dig into data in real time with detailed analysis tools, helping to make the most informed decisions
  • Provide anonymity for sensitive or opinionated questions, allowing employees to give honest feedback
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Online Surveys

MangoApps Online Surveys help leaders measure job satisfaction, evaluate employee performance, and receive important feedback. Whatever you need insight on, surveys are here to help you build a better workplace.

  • Get feedback from the right audience by creating public company surveys or targeting specific individuals
  • Provide users with peace of mind and get honest results by enabling anonymous employee surveys
  • Make the most out of survey answers with results available in real time and detailed analytics
  • Create surveys in seconds with multiple template options or easy to use survey creation and editing tools
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Rewards & Recognition

Rewards & Recognitions

MangoApps Rewards and Recognitions encourage long term employee success by celebrating top performers, influencers, and company contributors. Rewards and recognition make it easy to show your support and create a positive company culture.

  • Highlight outstanding performance and celebrate success with personalized recognition and rewards
  • Encourage a supportive environment by sharing recognitions across the company or in specific teams
  • Appreciate hard work and accomplishment at every level with individual and team-specific recognitions
  • Enhance employee profiles and showcase success with publicly displayed recognitions and rewards
  • Improve employee engagement and encourage active participation with custom company gamification
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Employee Directory

Employee Directory

The MangoApps Employee Directory is your organization’s centralized location for all of your employee contact information. Directories are visually engaging and easy to navigate, helping you find exactly who you need.

  • Use detailed filters to search for company employees including job skills, office location, and more
  • Understand your internal structure with department searching and visually descriptive org charts
  • Automatically update company directories with LDAP, Active Directory, or another enterprise system
  • Access company contacts on the go with a directory automatically optimized for easy mobile viewing
  • Interact with phone numbers, addresses, and other employee information right from your smart device
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Employee Profiles

Employee Profiles

MangoApps Employee Profiles offer users detailed and personalized information designed to increase communication and company understanding. Profiles provide an inside look at everything from recent work history to favorite after work activities.

  • Create an engaging company culture with employee details, biographies, and interesting information
  • Effectively organize groups and teams with easy access to employee work history, talents, and abilities
  • Make a great first impression by displaying your accomplishments, recognition, and recent activity
  • Enjoy complete admin controls by adding, removing, and reordering sections or creating custom fields
  • Stay organized with employee managed profiles, ensuring information is always updated in real time
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Company Sites

Company Sites

MangoApps Company Sites provide employees with easy access to important company content and information. Corporate policies, office procedures, and employee resources will never be out of reach again.

  • Empower employees to find the information they need with one centralized area for company content
  • Help employees access essential company resources like time-off requests or insurance information
  • Receive important feedback from employees about prospective company updates, ideas, or policy changes
  • Provide access to long-term or unchanging information like mission statements, annual goals, or static content
  • Create company-wide communication with corporate announcements, newsletters, posts, and podcasts
  • Find anything instantly with a comprehensive content index, hashtags, and advanced search abilities
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Departmental Sites

Departmental Sites

MangoApps Departments give every department a designated space to share news, collect data, and collaborate together. Whether you’re organizing meetings or offering feedback, departments provide the perfect tools.

  • Give employees from every department a central site to share information and communicate together
  • Keep company departments automatically up-to-date by syncing content with LDAP or Active Directory
  • Help employees learn about other department roles and responsibilities with detailed department pages
  • Organize department-wide events, trainings, meetings, and more with department specific calendars
  • Collect important forms and resources from department members in a safe, secure, and centralized area
  • Provide easy employee access to vacation requests, expense reports, and other departmental resources
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Rich Text Pages

MangoApps Rich Text Pages are designed to house media of every kind and are the perfect place to store important content or regularly referenced information for projects, groups, departments, or any other type of team.

  • Add reference guides, built an FAQ, provide resources, or store any other kind of content your team needs
  • Use out-of-the-box layouts and themes to display static or unchanging content in a visually engaging way
  • Utilize a wide variety of widgets to build dynamic pages with changing or regularly updated information
  • Expand your global communication and collaboration abilities with multilingual static or dynamic pages
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File Sharing

File Sharing

MangoApps File Sharing simplifies and streamlines team communication. Employees can share and edit files together, providing access to important information and encouraging team collaboration.

  • Share files with employees in any team, with instant file sharing available anywhere in MangoApps
  • Collaborate effectively on a post by sharing feedback, adding reactions, offering ideas and providing edits
  • Upload files into MangoApps with an external email address, easily sharing any kind of information
  • Ensure only safe and secure files are uploaded with automatic virus and malicious threat scanning
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File & Folder Management

File and Folder Management

MangoApps File and Folder Management provides complete cloud-based document organization, sharing, and storage solutions for businesses of any size. We keep content safe, organized, and easy to find.

  • Keep documents and media easily organized with 10GB of storage per user designed for any kind of content
  • Find information from anywhere with deep content searches for files, documents, images, pdfs and more
  • Check-in and check-out files for editing, ensuring updates never overlap and are always up-to-date
  • Integrate with Office 365, making it easy to view, create, and co-edit Office documents in MangoApps
  • Set file permissions and track file downloads, uploads, and comments, with full visibility file reports
  • Ensure file safety with 256-bit encryption at rest, HIPPA compliance, and other surefire security measures
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Online Forms

MangoApps Online Forms help anyone record, collect, and analyze company information. From collecting expense reports to updating project details, forms are the best way to make the most of important information.

  • Start creating right away with over a dozen different templates customized to meet your exact needs
  • Allow users to upload files or media content with their response for even more descriptive details
  • Keep your form’s results organized and easy to find with comprehensive and searchable data trackers
  • Share forms with people inside or outside the organization with a simple share link or embedded code
  • See information as soon as it’s posted with customized tracker notifications and updates in real time
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MangoApps Trackers safely and securely collect information from forms created in MangoApps. Trackers allow employees to organize and analyze form information, helping them find and make the most of their data.

  • Safely collect and store data from all of your forms created in MangoApps in one centralized location
  • Establish a secure, centralized, and modern database for easy data maintenance and management
  • Utilize powerful search features to find, share, modify, access, or use your data however you need
  • Quickly export tracker data into a variety of different formats for easy internal or external sharing
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Workflows save you a ton of time spent on rote tasks by creating automations. Our simple visual editor means there’s no coding required.

  • Many pre-shipped workflow templates
  • Approval workflows keep processes moving forward
  • Inform workflows help you notify colleagues of events automatically
  • Cross-tracker workflows can automatically move, lock, or copy infomration across trackers
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MangoApps Wikis are built for storing, recording, and updating team information. Wikis help teams manage ongoing or flexible information, ensuring everyone stays informed and details are always up-to-date.

  • Store content that is often edited or regularly changing in a centralized, easy to access space
  • Collaborate together and create comprehensive content with multiple wiki authors and contributors
  • Set wikis as public or private, designating which employees are able to view or edit the information
  • Easily transfer wikis from one team to another as groups reorganize or project priorities change
  • Add a table of contents and link to different subpages, keeping wikis organized and easy to navigate
  • Export wikis as PDF files, helping users print information or share details with relevant outside sources
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Partner Collaboration

Partner Collaboration

MangoApps Partner Collaborations provide a simple, secure, and effective two-way communication with partners, vendors, customers, and employees. We make it easy to keep in contact with anyone at any time.

  • Allow important external members to view and participate in groups and projects as enabled guest users
  • Connect and communicate with your enabled guest users in real-time with MangoApps Instant Messaging
  • Send and receive secure messages directly in MangoApps from trusted external email and IP addresses
  • Keep communication and information from partners in one safe, searchable, and centralized location
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Learning Management

Learning Management System

Built on the MangoApps enterprise platform, our learning management system comes with all the features enterprises expect and need.

  • Course Management: A complete set of course management features makes it easy for you to create & manage training lessons.
  • Learner Portal & Delivery: Our learning portal is personalized for each user and makes it easy to signup and track progress.
  • Customizable Assessments: Built-in quiz and survey designers make it easy to build assessments and tests.
  • Certification Management: Rich certification capabilities make it easy to create, manage & track certification requirements.
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Project Workspaces

Project Workspaces

MangoApps Project Workspaces make communicating, organizing, and completing projects easy. Workspaces give employees a specific space to post updates, share documents, track milestones, and more.

  • Consolidate all project resources and communications into one straightforward and easy to use area
  • Create permissions for confidential projects, keeping content secure while still working effectively
  • Set goals, create tasks, and monitor overall project progress with detailed task management tools
  • Invite external guest users into your project space, allowing them to see and participate in the process
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Shared To-Do List

To-Do List

MangoApps To-Do Lists help users organize and prioritize action items by recording and managing all of their important tasks and activities. To-do lists can be created individually or shared between multiple users.

  • Help employees capture their important to-do items in a personalized and distraction-free task list
  • Organize items by their assigned priority or scheduled due date to accomplish tasks most effectively
  • Quickly update each item’s priority by dragging and dropping your to-do items into their new order
  • Create shared to-do sections for multiple employees to view and work on established tasks together
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Task Management

Tasks and Milestones

MangoApps Task Management keeps projects organized and on track. Our powerful task management tools help users create milestones, delegate assignments, break down tasks, and track projects to completion.

  • Stay organized and on task with detailed task tracking, managing all of your assignments in one space
  • Take on assignments effectively by breaking large tasks down into manageable milestones and checkpoints
  • Keep tasks on track with access to their due dates, conversations, files, checklists, and time-logs
  • Manage overall project progress and adapt tasks right away with detailed milestone health reports
  • Export tasks into a detailed PDF for easy offline viewing or sharing task and milestones externally
  • Establish recurring tasks, ensuring regular projects and obligations never fall through the cracks
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Idea Management

Idea Management

MangoApps Idea Management improves the outdated idea box, giving employees a place to share ideas that will actually be seen. Users can collaborate on the best ideas, helping management implement opportunities.

  • Revamp your idea box with an easy and effective area for employees to share new ideas and innovations
  • Record ideas on the go with MangoApps Idea Management on your smartphone and other smart devices
  • Collaborate and brainstorm together with the ability to comment, vote on, and interact with new ideas
  • Track and customize your company’s personalized idea life cycle as innovations adapt and evolve
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Deal Workspaces

CRM For Teams

MangoApps Team CRM improves the management and sales team experience with easy team collaboration, and effective mobile access. Help your team quickly access and take advantage of every opportunity.

  • Communicate in real-time by adding questions, concerns, and opportunities to the collaborative workspace
  • Integrate your opportunities by syncing SalesForce and other existing CRM’s directly into MangoApps
  • Create time-based filters for results, ensuring time-sensitive opportunities are tackled right away
  • Help employees close sales and stay productive on the go with detailed CRM access from any device
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Votes & Ballots

Ballots and Voting

MangoApps Votes and Ballots give every employee a voice and help organizations successfully establish new policies, elect representatives, and make meaningful decisions. Ballots increase employee engagement and overall success.

  • Give employees an active voice and gather important user feedback with real-time votes and ballots
  • Match your ballot to the issue at hand by designating multiple choice or single choice voting options and attach documents as needed
  • Get the most out of your ballots information with detailed result sections available in real time
  • Allow designated ballots to auto-approve once a certain percentage of positive votes has been gained
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Mango Notes


MangoApps Notes give employees a place to record important content. Notes help everyone stay organized by providing a modern, searchable, and centralized way to keep track of miscellaneous information.

  • Organize, store, and keep track of meaningful thoughts, ideas, and information in one easy to access area
  • Convert notes into easy to manage PDF files for simple external sharing across any platform or device
  • Keep content accessible with a personalized notes widget, clearly displaying all of your information
  • Locate specifics with absolute ease using Mango Note’s in-depth and advanced search capabilities
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Media Library

Media Library

The MangoApps Media Library helps companies organize and access media across MangoApps. The media library makes it easy to manage company photos, videos, and audio files, all in one user-friendly area.

  • Access media files published anywhere in MangoApps from a centralized and searchable location
  • Effortlessly store media across the organization with automatic updates to your media library
  • Set specific media file permissions, ensuring employees only have access to relevant information
  • Organize media files more effectively with hashtags, descriptions, custom metadata, and more
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Questions & Answers

MangoApps Questions connect employees with industry experts, helping them find answers and solve problems. Questions can be shared in any team environment, letting employees utilize all of their available resources.

  • Select your specific audience by choosing the group, project, or team your question is intended for
  • Upvote or downvote question answers, helping users gauge perspectives on opinion-based questions
  • Select an answer as ‘accepted,’ pinning it to the top of the post and helping others quickly locate it
  • Add tags to questions, increasing its visibility and helping other employees find it in the future
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MangoApps Quizzes engage audiences and help employers test knowledge in a fun and visually appealing environment. Quizzes can be distributed at any level and customized to match any kind of need.

  • Create quizzes to test employee knowledge, hold competitions, or encourage a fun learning environment
  • Access detailed statistics about quiz takers and their answers, providing valuable insights in real-time
  • Share quizzes company-wide or tailor your audience to target specific teams, departments, or employees
  • Take quizzes at your convenience by accessing them on your desktop, smartphone, or another smart device
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MangoApps Hashtags help employees find information by grouping similar thoughts and ideas together. Hashtags create organization, engage employees, and can be attached to any kind of content in MangoApps.

  • Break down communication barriers by helping employees find relevant information throughout MangoApps
  • Assign colors or descriptions to different hashtags, making them easy to identify and keep in order
  • Establish categories for different hashtags, allowing users to find similar content within a category
  • Follow trends, learn about topics, and receive real-time updates about the different hashtags you follow
  • Increase engagement as hashtag followers get to know coworkers with similar interests and responsibilities
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Engagement Campaigns

Reach Employees With Targeted Engagement Campaigns

Target and connect with a segment of network users to grow engagement in the community. Users receive personalized emails targeted by office, department, team, etc. and can be filtered based on inactivity.

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MangoApps Greetings create a happy and inclusive work environment with celebrations for every occasion. From employee birthdays to major holidays, greetings are a great way for users to celebrate and share together.

  • Acknowledge meaningful moments together with personalized greetings designed for all kinds of occasions
  • Build brand loyalty and share company pride with custom greetings tailored to your unique organization
  • Remember important dates for everyone in the office with birthday and work anniversary notifications
  • Celebrate together and spread holiday cheer with a wide range of holiday-specific greeting options
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Levels & Badges

Levels and Badges

MangoApps Levels and Badges foster learning and friendly coworker competition with engaging achievements and activities. Users level up as they increase their experience and collect customizable badges by completing tasks.

  • Help employees track their personal progress and monitor individual growth in a fun and engaging environment.
  • Encourage friendly competition with points, levels, badges, and other customizable company achievements.
  • Reward hard-working employees with distinguished badges they can proudly display on their profile page.
  • Help employees support each other and encourage success with new badge and level up notifications.
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iOS & Android Apps

iOS & Android Apps

The MangoApps iOS and Android Apps provide simple, smart, and intuitive communication to every kind of employee. Now everyone from office workers to floor staff can work and interact together anywhere and at any time.

  • Empower employees with the digital freedom to work however, whenever, and wherever it best for their needs.
  • Collaborate and connect with all of your staff in real time, not just office workers or employees with computer access.
  • Keep track of important events on the go with instant access to calendars, to-do lists, and other agenda items.
  • Share resources, post updates, and ask questions in the moment, without having to wait for access to a computer.
  • Reach employees, find offices, and access contact information while on-the-go with an interactive mobile directory.
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Windows & Mac Apps

MangoApps Messenger

MangoApps Messenger for Windows and Mac allows users to see notifications, receive updates, and communicate with coworkers all outside of the browser, giving employees the freedom they need to collaborate effectively and stay on task.

  • Stay up-to-date and see notifications from everyone in the office without having to always leave a browser open.
  • Send messages, ask questions, start chats or share updates with other employees directly from your desktop.
  • Establish and update your individual user activity status, keeping coworkers aware of your current availability.
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Employee Vault

Employee Vault

A secure location for current & former employees to get private access to documents.

  • Distribute pay stubs to employees in a secure environment
  • Provide access to tax information for current and former employees
  • Securely share private documents/resources with individual employees
  • Automate the distribution of sensitive documents to employees (pay stubs, yearly tax documents, etc.)
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Employee Vault
Auto Governance

Auto Governance

Prevent old/outdated and unverified content from surfacing on your intranet.

  • Automatically archive outdated & unverified content
  • Configure governing policies to best fit your specific needs
  • Enable a digital workplace your employees can trust
  • Gain insight into archived content over the past 90 days
  • Clearly see the number of items currently under governance
  • View the freshness of content in projects, groups, and departments on the dashboard
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Auto Governance
Resource Reservation

Resource Reservation

Set up reservable meeting rooms and company equipment as part of your company calendar.

  • Keep better track of equipment like printers, laptops, and fax machines
  • Ensure that company resources can meet demand
  • Get data on room and equipment usage, and make informed investment decisions
  • Tie rooms and equipment to calendar events to reduce complexity and confusion
  • Keep track of who needs resources and when
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Resource Reservation
Universal Access

Universal Access

Ensure Access From Everywhere For Everyone

  • Users have the option to set a language of their choice in their individual account
  • Generate closed captions for videos in up to 6 different languages
  • Translate custom module names to a selected language for the locale
  • Automatically translate user content into one of the 54 supported languages
  • Convert ‘Post’ text to voice in up to 21 languages. Posts can be listened to on web portal/mobile as podcasts
  • Convert video speech to text via closed caption (CC)
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Universal Access
Built-in Security

Built-in Security

Keep Your Data Safe With Ironclad Security Features

  • Enforce a secure login process with configurable MFA policies (including DUO, email, & Google Authenticator)
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) allows for real time detection and alerts for compliance violations
  • Automatically scans uploaded files to detect over 1 million viruses, worms, trojans, and other threats
  • Connect MangoApps with SAML, OAuth2, AD, LDAP, Office 365 & G Suite SSO providers
  • Allow users to securely access company apps right from their dashboard with the SSO widget
  • Consolidate the user experience and replace the costly SSO providers
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Built-in Security
Native Video

Native Video

Boost employee engagement by integrating immersive video content into your intranet platform.

  • Enable leaders & employees to share videos across the organization
  • Easily access and view videos from a centralized location
  • Track engagement with video content that’s easy to consume
  • Employees can quickly find what they’re looking for without sifting through hours of video content
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Native Video
Social Advocacy

Social Advocacy

Enable your employees to share company content with their networks.

  • Empower Dispersed Employees
  • Build Though Leadership
  • Communicate Company News
  • Improve Engagement
  • Create Brand Advocates
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Social Advocacy
Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing

Instant screen sharing to provide support or present to participants on any device

  • Provide A Centralized Location
  • Train Employees
  • Share & View Large Files
  • Stay Organized
  • Securely Share Links
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Screen Sharing
Universal Login

Universal Login

Use Modern Identity Management (SSO) to securely authenticate users to company applications.

  • Replace other costly SSO providers and consolidate the user experience
  • Create a safer and more secure environment for accessing third-party applications
  • Use pre-integrated applications, or add any other application used by the company
  • Provide employees with quick links to important applications that are automatically logged in
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Universal Login
Team Messages

Team Messages

Share quick thoughts, ideas, updates and more with team members.

  • Share ideas, thoughts and updates on any topic with network followers
  • Break barriers and connect employees across departments
  • Run surveys, polls, and ask questions to gather feedback or ideas
  • Share files and media with a broad audience of followers
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Team Messages
File Sync

File Sync

Sync and mirror data stored between MangoApps and desktop.

  • Users keep files synchronized between devices for online/offline use
  • Employees maintain access to files on the go with the mobile app
  • Edit documents offline, syncing when the device goes online again
  • Admins monitor usage and disable file syncing when an employee is terminated
  • Teams manage file versions and have access to the most updated documents
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File Sync
Mango Recorder

Mango Recorder

Screen recording tools that let your employees easily convey and absorb information

  • Provide faces to the names of colleagues you wouldn’t otherwise have interacted with.
  • Easily collaborate with your peers without struggling to align your calendars for a meeting time.
  • Ask questions and take notes on important content within your Groups, Departments, Projects, and more.
  • Share ideas or screenshots with your colleagues on the News Feed.
  • Ensure knowledge isn’t lost by capturing moments/lessons in real-time with video recording and screenshots.
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File Sync
Administration Portal

Easy Administration

MangoApps’ comprehensive administration features are built to make management easy. We help admins organize and run their networks effectively so all employees can enjoy a safe, collaborative and effective environment.

  • Establish sharing permissions, set your time zone, and make other global changes across your entire network
  • Reset passwords, change emails, remove users, and make other changes to manage specific users
  • Understand every aspect of the employee experience with detailed user engagement reports and analytics
  • Enable or disable modules in MangoApps at any time, creating the perfect environment for every occasion
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Security & Certifications

Security & Certifications

MangoApps security and certification offer a wide range of application-level security solutions, ensuring your account is always safe. From data retention settings to how users access information, you have complete security control.

  • Establish additional sign in security with password length and complexity factors and two-step authentication settings.
  • Set custom IP ranges for your platform, limiting MangoApps accessibility to the office or to a specific area.
  • Remotely suspend or wipe-out data from a lost or stolen device without disabling the entire user account.
  • Log and capture any suspicious activity including attempts by employees to access unauthorized information.
  • Detect over 1 million viruses, worms, trojans and other threats with MangoApps’ automatic document virus scan.
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Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On

MangoApps supports nearly all single sign-on options in use today for both cloud and on-premise applications. Whether you work with SAML, OAuth, Active Directory, or even custom SSO applications, MangoApps has you covered.

  • Easily access all of your accounts with single sign-on capabilities for GoogleApps, Office365, and more
  • Integrate without interruption with MangoApps’ Custom SSO, designed for any authentication system
  • Provide users with a safe and secure integration experience in all SAML 2.0 SSO and IAM services
  • Keep passwords and important content safe with single sign-on through Microsoft’s Active Directory
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Integrations & Connectors

Integrations and Connectors

  • Automatically authenticate users, pulling information and activity from external systems into MangoApps
  • Incorporate all of your pre-existing programs into a user-friendly, engaging, and centralized space
  • Enable single sign-on capabilities for employees across the organization for a seamless work experience
  • Communicate with trusted external email addresses in MangoApps, reducing distractions and removing spam
  • Upload, access, and edit any of your Microsoft Office documents with bi-directional integration
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Open APIs

Open APIs

MangoApps Open API’s are a completely programmable interface that allow developers and domain admins to extend MangoApps and create custom web, desktop or mobile applications designed to meet their unique business needs.

  • Create custom employee experiences specifically tailored to fit your individual organization.
  • Build specific solutions with complete data support for input or output in XML and JSON formats.
  • Expand and adapt the abilities of MangoApps to meet changing company size, goals, and circumstances.
  • Embrace a hands-on approach to your unique platform’s development and management.
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Branding & Customization

Company Branding

MangoApps company branding features let administrators make their network truly their own. Admins can adapt and edit almost everything in MangoApps to create an engaging and interactive extension of their brand.

  • Incorporate your company’s logo, themes, and unique branding into almost every aspect of MangoApps
  • Design your network with custom CSS capabilities to perfectly match your organization’s look and feel
  • Enable or disable modules in MangoApps at any time, creating the perfect environment for every occasion
  • Keep terminology consistent by relabeling features to match what’s already familiar in your organization
  • Create customized branding for outgoing emails by altering heading, signatures, colors, fonts, and more
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Controlled Personalization


MangoApps Personalizations give every user their own individual experience. With personalized features employees can create the aesthetics, style, and organization they need to love their workspace and optimize efficiency.

  • Start the day off right with an individualized workspace tailored to meet your personal work preferences.
  • Personalize your platform’s layouts, colors, settings, and more to create an environment you truly enjoy.
  • Build a truly centralized work experience with user-generated shortcuts and personalized quick links.
  • Sort content and see info fast with customized primary, secondary, mentioned, and pinned news feeds.
  • Manage your individual notification preferences to always see important updates without unnecessary extras.
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Language Support

Language Support

MangoApps Language supports several of the world’s most widely used languages with a built-in framework to easily incorporate additional languages and dialects. We help users communicate in a comfortable environment all over the world.

  • Allow offices around the world to select the language and dialect that best matches their specific environment.
  • Give individual users the ability to customize and communicate in their own personal language preferences.
  • Translate module names in MangoApps to match the cultural and language needs of your organization.
  • Instantly submit translation recommendations and report any translations issues to the MangoApps help center.
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Email Notifications

Email Notifications

MangoApps Email Notifications help users manage updates effectively. With customizable email notifications, employees can interact with messages, drive employee integration, and make sure they always have the latest information.

  • Interact with or reply to any MangoApps post, update, or message directly from your external email inbox.
  • Simplify employee integration with MangoApps email reminders for new employees or during your initial adoption phase.
  • Receive regular email digest summarizing all of the relevant activities that have recently happened in MangoApps.
  • Customize company email notifications to include unique formatting, company logos, colors, and essential branding elements.
MangoApps Platform
Push Notifications

Push Notifications

MangoApps Push Notifications keep employees updated, informed, and connected to their teams no matter what else is going on. With push notifications, communication stays instant and effective wherever the workday takes you.

  • Receive push notification directly to your mobile device, staying up to date on important activity in real time.
  • Adjust your personalized notification settings, helping you stay informed without distracting or irrelevant information.
  • Easily disable or snooze your push notifications to stay focused and on task during busy times of the day.
  • Ensure you still see instant messages, chats, and other important updates when working away from your desk.
MangoApps Platform
ROI & Analytics

ROI & Analytics

MangoApps ROI and Analytics Reports gather important insight into company usage and user engagement to determine your company’s average monthly savings, employee hours saved, employee engagement levels, and much more.

  • Receive specific insight into your company’s ROI with detailed graphs, reports, and internal analysis.
  • Improve overall employee engagement with monthly analysis of highly, moderate, and non-engaged employees.
  • Gain helpful insights into popular posts, favorite content, and what kind of communication is beneficial to employees.
  • Integrate Google analytics and create comprehensive reports about how users interact with information within MangoApps.
  • Track individual or group log-in activity to assess how, when, and were employees access MangoApps.
MangoApps Platform
Usage Reports & BI

Reporting & BI

MangoApps Usage Reports and BI give admins detailed information and in-depth data about how employees are using MangoApps, helping them create effective content and helping employees achieve long term success.

  • Generate comprehensive user reports detailing active user summaries, user activity, hashtag usage, internal influences, and more.
  • Safely view, share, and store reports in a confidential access area available only to domain administrators and approved guests.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Power BI to access descriptive, visual, and interactive business analytics information.
  • Create team specific reports and receive deeper insights into team data, content statistics, team usage trends and page view info.
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AI Powered Features

AI Powered Features

MangoApps AI engine can convert company posts to podcasts, provide inline translations in 52 languages and generate captions for your videos

  • Convert company posts to podcasts
  • Automatic inline translations of text
  • Closed captions(CC)/subtitles for videos
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Global Search

Content Moderation

Flexible content moderation makes it possible to make employee-submitted content work for any organization

  • Your company has full control over how you want to moderate community content submissions
  • Users can easily flag content for removal
  • Notifications & mass actions make moderation easy
  • Exemptions can be made for specific teams or users
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Trash Can

Trash Can

MangoApps users get their own trash can where deleted items will reside until permanently deleted

  • Restoring Content From The Trash
  • Searching and Sorting
  • Restore It or Lose It
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Data Compliance & Retention*

Data Compliance & Retention

MangoApps’ wide range of data compliance and retention options ensure accounts are always in compliance. From data retention terms to content flagging capabilities, admins have full control over what happens in MangoApps.

  • Establish auto-archival or auto-delete rules for aspects of your domain, ensuring content always meets company compliance.
  • Create your organization’s own unique terms of service for users to abide by while working within the company domain.
  • Configure footers for emails generated within your domain, automatically sharing reminders and important information.
  • Flag potentially inappropriate content shared or created in news feeds for admins to review and respond to as needed.
  • Enable instant messages to self-destruct, causing messages to automatically delete anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 week after being sent.
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Data Loss Prevention*

Data Loss Prevention

With data loss prevention (DLP) policies in MangoApps, you can identify, monitor, alert and protect sensitive information in your MangoApps community.

  • Pre-shipped patterns get you off the ground quickly
  • It’s easy for compliance admins to get a domain-wide view
  • Compliance admins are alerted any time we detect a policy violation
  • Policy alerts comes with lifecycle management
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DLP Policies