Connecting & Frontline & Distributed Employees

This article curates our top resources for organizations seeking to improve engagement and build community with its frontline & distributed employees.

Building a workplace community to boost frontline engagement

Many companies are neglecting their frontline workers, which can lead to burnout, apathy, and increased employee turnover. With your frontline employees at the forefront of your business, making sure they stay connected and part of your workplace community has never been more important.

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What do your frontline workers actually want?

It’s easy to justify equipping your desk employees with the proper tools to do their daily job as they generally work from one location. But what about your frontline and deskless employees? 

Your frontline workers face a whole other set of barriers to communication that can make it difficult for them to be properly engaged. As they are primarily mobile and not always reachable, work can quickly become very isolating and disengaging.

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How to align remote & distributed teams

Over the past decade, we have seen a gradual shift in the typical workplace landscape. Companies that were previously dipping their toes into remote work, didn’t have a solution that could accommodate such a large-scale transition to remote work, and companies that didn’t have a digital workspace for remote employees prior, had no answer.

In this article, you’ll learn why companies fail to adopt a remote workforce, and how you can avoid this. 

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How & why to engage with your deskless workers

Most companies give their corporate teams modern devices and software for communication and collaboration. However, decision-makers don’t have enough insight into the needs of their deskless employees. 

As a result, those workers don’t get access to the tools they need, leaving them feeling undervalued. With poor access to communication, they also don’t see the bigger picture to which their work contributes.

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How to improve retail communication

In most industries, despite being the vast majority of employees, and often the ones interacting with customers, frontline workers are neglected — especially when it comes to decisions about workplace tools. This remains especially true in the retail industry, where floor employees are severely disconnected from upper management and often rely on ‘passed along’ messages as their primary source of communication. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to improve communication among your frontline retail workers.

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Top tactics to reduce turnover rates in hospitality

Employee turnover has been a continuous problem for businesses in the hospitality industry. Lack of recognition coupled with a high-stress work environment is two of the primary contributor to a high turnover rate.

An easy way to engage employees is to have an employee-driven mindset that uplifts the staff environment. In this article, you’ll find a few of the top ideas for how to accomplish this.

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How to boost employee engagement in healthcare

In the healthcare sector, there remains a troubling cultural divide between frontline workers and management. Healthcare administrators rightfully consider patient engagement a key focus for their teams. However, few make the same level of investment in employee engagement. 

Clinical teams today are overburdened and constantly on the go, resulting in poor patient outcomes, decreased workplace safety, high staff turnover, and other problems. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can boost employee engagement for your healthcare organization.

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