Empowering the Modern Workforce with MangoApps AI Assistants

May 31, 2024

MangoApps AI Assistants redefine the integration of generative AI (GenAI) within the digital workplace, emphasizing the efficient capture and discovery of organizational knowledge. MangoApps doesn’t simply introduce AI tools to your employees; it allows you to customize how AI tools are deployed and used to fit the unique demands of your team, thereby streamlining workflows, enhancing data accessibility, and reinforcing data security. Unlike any other platform, it makes AI both affordable and scalable, breaking down the barriers for smaller enterprises to leverage this powerful technology.

The Fastest and Safest Way to Deploy AI at Scale

One of the key strengths of MangoApps AI Assistants is the flexibility it offers in selecting the specific AI or Large Language Model (LLM) that best suits your company’s needs, allowing for a tailored approach to AI integration. This adaptability ensures that businesses can harness the optimal AI resources for various tasks, from automating mundane operations to generating insightful analytics for strategic planning. Furthermore, by centralizing AI tools, MangoApps does more than provide a unified platform for usage; it fosters an environment where sharing ideas, best practices, and prompt libraries becomes the norm. This not only enhances individual productivity but also cultivates an AI Center of Excellence within your company, promoting continuous learning and innovation.

Universal & Affordable AI Service for Every Employee

MangoApps AI Assistants integrates with third-party AI services through API consumption-based models, eliminating the need for individual subscriptions per employee. This substantially reduces costs and increases the range of AI tools available to the workforce.

  • Leverages API consumption models to integrate a wide array of AI services, offering flexibility and choice.
  • Removes the financial barriers of individual AI tool subscriptions, making advanced AI accessible at a fraction of the cost.
  • Ensures employees have access to the best and latest AI services, from analytics to customer service enhancements.

AI Assistants for Every Employee Need

AI Assistants can be deployed with pre-configured settings for common needs or fully customized in a no-code environment to handle any employee need or use case.

  • Pre-configured and custom AI Assistants provide guidance and help employees with specific tasks.
  • Enables business end-users to tailor AI Assistants directly, without IT intervention.
  • Trained on private enterprise data for highly accurate, organization-specific support.

Custom AI Training on Enterprise Data

Harness Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to train AI models on your company’s data. This approach minimizes risk, bolsters security, and enhances accuracy and relevance.

  • Leverage unique enterprise data to ensure your employees get context- driven outputs and real, relevant answers to queries.
  • Reduce incorrect or irrelevant information risks by restricting outside data when needed.
  • Maintain security by ensuring that your data stays within your environment and isn’t stored in any other system.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

MangoApps AI Assistants prioritize a security-first architecture, guaranteeing that your private corporate data is safeguarded and never used to train public LLMs. Stringent measures are in place to ensure the utmost data sovereignty.

  • Prioritizes the protection of your corporate data at all levels.
  • Ensures your information never trains public models, keeping data proprietary.
  • Aligns with privacy regulations, safeguarding against unauthorized access.

Role-Based AI Utilization

Introduce a role-based access system to AI services and allocate specific AI capabilities directly tailored to employees’ job functions and requirements. Meticulous, role- defined access permissions bolster security and enhance operational efficiency.

  • Assign AI capabilities based on specific job functions and requirements.
  • Align AI tools with user needs for improved performance.
  • Strengthen security measures with role-based access controls.

Proactively Manage Compliance and Security with AI

Stay ahead of security challenges with AI that proactively identifies risks and ensures compliance. MangoApps AI automates the detection of PII and unusual patterns, alerting admins to potential issues before they escalate. 

  • Upload and monitor custom PII patterns for heightened security.
  • Detect and address unusual activity early to prevent breaches.
  • Streamline admin tasks with comprehensive tools for managing flagged content.

Leverage the LLM of Your Choice for Each Assistant

MangoApps AI Assistants seamlessly melds with your current IT infrastructure, facilitating effortless deployment and scalable growth throughout your organization without disrupting existing workflows.

  • Integrates with existing infrastructure without operational disruptions.
  • Designed for easy scaling to match enterprise growth.
  • Bolsters existing processes with advanced AI capabilities.

Usage Data Enables Continual Improvement

MangoApps AI Assistants pull data from multiple LLMs and let you understand at a high level how your employees are making use of this technology.

  • Identify and close gaps between different employee segments.
  • Understand at a glance what value employees are getting out of your AI Assistants and make informed decisions with this data.
  • Get a clearer understanding of the ROI of your AI investments to justify growth over time.

A Future-Proof AI Foundation

Deploying MangoApps AI Assistants is a strategic move that positions your company at the forefront of AI integration, establishing a resilient foundation for both current advancements and the ongoing evolution of your digital environment. In contrast to existing tools that often impose significant challenges for companies looking to implement their own AI solutions—demanding extensive expertise and additional development effort—MangoApps emerges as a vendor-agnostic platform characterized by its adaptability. This ensures that as you develop your own AI Assistants or integrate emerging capabilities, your team has centralized, consistent access to all AI resources. Opting for MangoApps as this central hub today equips your company to rapidly adapt to future technological shifts, securing a competitive advantage in the swiftly changing tech landscape.

Don’t let the opportunity to be at the forefront of AI integration pass you by.

MangoApps is ready to partner with you, ensuring your digital workplace is not only prepared for the future but actively shaping it. Contact us now to explore how our AI Assistants can revolutionize your operations, streamline your processes, and empower your workforce like never before.

The Roadmap to an AI-First Employee Experience with MangoApps

Looking ahead, the integration of AI across your company serves as a precursor to a broader, more integrated digital transformation. While the immediate goal may center on deploying AI to enhance employee experiences, this initial step naturally sets the groundwork for future unification under a single platform. Our Intranet, Employee App, and Intelligent Work Apps solutions are designed to further this transition, offering a unified platform experience that centralizes all employee services, with AI at its core.

This isn’t a transition you need to rush; as your company becomes more comfortable and familiar with AI’s benefits, evolving to a fully integrated digital workplace becomes a natural next step to amplify your AI investment, which we provide a roadmap for in this article.