Why MangoApps Is The Perfect SharePoint Alternative

This article curates our top resources for organizations seeking to replace SharePoint or that are looking for a SharePoint alternative.

The Limitations Of SharePoint

There are many limitations and challenges that companies encounter when deploying SharePoint. These limitations can impact the overall employee experience, hinder communication strategies, and lead to decreased productivity.

From poor personalization of the employee experience to limited mobile functionality, SharePoint’s drawbacks can pose significant hurdles for organizations aiming to create a seamless and effective digital workplace.

In this article, we’ll explore the limitations of SharePoint and reveal why your organization is better off with a modern intranet platform.

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Cons Of SharePoint - Poor Internal Comms

Many companies that aspire to have effective communications are limited by the constraints of SharePoint. SharePoint is deceptively inexpensive and seems like a logical starting point, given your company has Microsoft Office products.

SharePoint’s ability to effectively support a company is limited, and with hidden costs and constraints, the ‘inexpensive’ platform quickly becomes unaffordable. Not to mention, SharePoint is notoriously disliked by internal comms professionals as the tool severely limits their ability to do their jobs properly.

In this article, we’ll discuss the cons of SharePoint and why it’s difficult to effectively leverage internal communications with the platform.

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Why SharePoint's Search Capabilities Don't Cut It

Trying to search for information on SharePoint is next to impossible. At its core, SharePoint was built to be a content management system for storing documents. It simply doesn’t have the ability to provide a sufficient search experience for users.

As a result, employees are left wasting time scouring through hundreds of documents to locate a resource, becoming disengaged and frustrated in the process. With an enormous amount of information and data being stored in SharePoint, finding specific files or information can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

In this article, we’ll tackle the challenges of using SharePoint’s search functionality and what alternatives are available to you.

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The Hidden Costs Of SharePoint

It’s a tale as old as time. An organization implements SharePoint because they’re already using Microsoft products and it seems like an affordable logical next step.

While SharePoint does offer out-of-the-box solutions, many organizations find that they need to customize these solutions to meet the specific needs of their workforce. When you couple that with ongoing maintenance that requires a dedicated IT staff, the cost of training users and getting them to adopt the platform, and other expenses, SharePoint can quickly become much more costly than you initially thought.

In this article, we’ll pull back the curtains on the ACTUAL cost of SharePoint and reveal how all these hidden costs can stack up.

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Replace SharePoint - Refresh Your Content With MangoApps

SharePoint can be one of the most frustrating platforms your company will ever use. It is riddled with hidden costs, lacks the basic functionality needed to connect an organization’s entire workforce, and can be a massive time-suck for the IT department.

Organizations are left wondering what alternatives there are for a platform that is so detrimental to the productivity of their workers.

In this article, we’ll tackle some of the common SharePoint frustrations and reveal a few ways that your organization can revitalize its workforce with a modern intranet platform such as MangoApps.

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Avoid SharePoint - Increase Employee Effciency With MangoApps

SharePoint has a reputation for being difficult to customize and maintain, making it challenging for businesses to get the most out of their investment and often requiring more resources to manage it.

In addition, SharePoint is often seen as the go-to solution for business collaboration and document management, but it’s far from ideal. It contains many drawbacks that can lead to a fractured employee experience.

In this article, we’ll dive into some of the major reasons why you should avoid SharePoint.

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