Considering A Modern Intranet? Here's Everything You Need To Get Started.

This article curates our top intranet-focused resources. Whether you are starting your search for a new intranet or have never had an intranet before, these resources will help guide you through your journey.

What Is A Modern Intranet?  

Traditional intranets, although once highly innovative, simply didn’t adapt well to the modern working world. As a result of these limitations, companies relied on third-party tools to fill the gaps that their traditional intranet platform couldn’t offer. However, this proved to only be a temporary fix and led to a whole other slew of problems, one being tool sprawl. The demand for a solution to these piling problems was clear, leading to the creation of a modern intranet.

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The Complete Guide To Building A Modern Intranet 

When built properly, a modern intranet can create a helpful, interactive, and centralized employee experience that transforms the way information flows throughout your workforce.

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Top Questions To Ask During An Intranet Demo 

An intranet demo is a great place to get a better understanding of all the features and nuances a platform has to offer. Each intranet provider has its own advantages and disadvantages. The purpose of this article is to help you navigate these differences so that you can select the platform that is the best fit for your organization’s specific needs.

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20 Essential Intranet Features Your Employees Will Love

When set up properly, a modern intranet offers useful and functional tools that can improve productivity and help employees communicate and collaborate on a daily basis. In this article, you’ll receive a list of 20 essential features that you should look for when evaluating intranet providers. 

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How To Improve Intranet Engagement

Getting your employees to consistently use your intranet can represent quite a challenge. Despite the clear value a modern intranet platform provides, employees are often hesitant to adopt it, leading to poor engagement levels. In this article, we’ll discuss a few ways you can improve employee engagement with your intranet platform.

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