Identifying Practical Use Cases for Generative AI in the Digital Workplace

May 31, 2024

Even if a business is aligned on the reasons for needing AI and has a clear idea of how they will deploy it, it’s not always clear what they should deploy it to do. With all of the hype that surrounds AI, it’s important to pinpoint practical use cases for GenAI, to ensure the business can see value quickly without too much complexity. These should not only deliver immediate benefits but also be simple to implement without significant technical effort or extended timelines.

Demystifying the Hype of GenAI: 
Practicality > Complexity

Choosing to focus on practical use cases over complex ones is a strategic move towards building a solid foundation for embedding GenAI as a regular function of employees’ work. This approach demystifies AI integration, making GenAI’s transformative potential both accessible and actionable across all levels of the organization. Starting with manageable applications is key to achieving broad adoption and driving real value.

We have pinpointed a handful of universally applicable use cases for any business in any industry. These range from conversational enterprise search to AI-powered content creation. They are designed to boost operational efficiency and enhance employee satisfaction. Importantly, they achieve this without the need for heavy investment or navigating undue complexity.

AI-Powered Employee Self-Service Assistants

Transforming HR and IT services, these assistants handle inquiries and tasks with ease, from policy questions to technical support, offering instant resolutions in natural language. They revolutionize HR services by providing immediate answers to common questions, significantly reducing response times and improving employee experience.

Conversational Enterprise Search

Streamlining access to information through natural language processing allows employees to find data as if they’re having a conversation, making search intuitive and efficient. AI-driven semantic search goes beyond simple keyword matching, understanding the intent behind queries to deliver precise results—even when exact terms are elusive.

AI-Enhanced Knowledge Harvesting

Capturing and leveraging organizational knowledge is streamlined with AI, transforming scattered documents into a cohesive knowledge base, thus preventing knowledge loss and making it discoverable for others. By synthesizing data into organized knowledge artifacts, AI assists in unearthing valuable insights, thereby enhancing the collective intelligence of the organization.

Personalized Employee Experiences

AI tailors the workplace experience to individual needs, learning from interactions to offer contextually relevant information and support, thereby elevating job satisfaction and productivity. This adaptability ensures employees receive the information and assistance that is not only timely but also aligned with their location, background, specific roles and historical interactions.

Content Creation and Curation

AI accelerates and refines the content creation process, ensuring outputs are relevant and engaging, while also assisting in curating content that resonates with target audiences. By training on company data, AI assistants produce content that accurately reflects the organization’s voice and audience needs, streamlining the content development lifecycle.

Harnessing GenAI for Simplicity and Practicality

These use cases underscore GenAI’s potential to simplify complex processes and make significant productivity and efficiency gains within the digital workplace. By focusing on these accessible applications, businesses can start to leverage the power of GenAI, bringing its transformative benefits to every employee.

A Practical Solution

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