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Mango 360 - Complete Employee Experience

Mango 360 Overview

Mango 360 combines Employee Intranet, Collaboration, Messaging & Learning in one seamless system. With an intelligent employee platform at its core, Mango 360 has everything you need to create a connected, informed & happy workplace.

Stay informed through official company Intranet
Vibrant and interactive single source of information that is accurate, up-to-date.
Connect and collaborate from near and far
MangoApps transcends geographical obstacles by allowing you to connect via mobile, web, and desktop clients.
Collaborate on projects with co-workers & partners
Full featured workspaces to discuss, communicate, share, plan, manage and track progress across multiple projects.
Search the company brain
All conversations, files, and profiles are fully achievable and searchable.
Engage in focused communication
Short status updates provide critical updates in a succinct and digestible communication.
Create accountability and transparency
You'll have better visibility and gain insight on core business activities, challenges and accomplishments.
Securely share and store files of any size
No need to get stuck emailing large files or worrying about where the most recent version of a document is.
Capture and manage ideas
Easily capture, refine and provide feedback to manage the life cycle of new and existing ideas from colleagues.
Get up to speed fast
Easy to read activity feeds give you a manageable at-a-glance way to get informed of all the goings-on relevant to you.
Connect with experts
Have a question and unsure of who to ask? Post up a message and get the answers from your company experts.
One click collaboration
One click launches a one-on-one chat or a group chat session so you can review docs in real-time and edit on-the-fly.
Implement change based on data
Use analytics and detailed reports to improve workflow

All the features you want, nothing you don't

Smart, Secure, Business-Ready Product Features

The Mango 360 includes almost everything we have developed in our 10+ year history. All features are organized in configurable modules. Just turn on a switch to add a module and select a few checkboxes to customize & configure.

Company-wide Deployments at Leading Companies

  • MangoApps Customer - Berkshire Hathaway
    MangoApps Customer - Tatts Group
    MangoApps Customer - Christies Fine Art Auctions
    MangoApps Customer - Kelly-Moore Paints
    MangoApps Customer - Kainos
    MangoApps Customer - PFM Medical
    MangoApps Customer - Modern Technology Solutions, Inc
    MangoApps Customer - National Health Service (NHS)
    MangoApps Customer - Chicago Freight Car Leasing
  • MangoApps Customer - St. Louis Community Credit Union
    MangoApps Customer - TransLine
    MangoApps Customer - CF Rail Services (Sasser)
    MangoApps Customer - American college of Radiology
    MangoApps Customer - Washington state bar association
    MangoApps Customer - Duke CE
    MangoApps Customer - Attune
    MangoApps Customer - Emergency Physicians Medical Group (EPMG)
    MangoApps Customer - Burnham Holdings
  • MangoApps Customer - Panasonic
    MangoApps Customer - Euro Money
    MangoApps Customer - The Dominican Order
    MangoApps Customer - CCS Fundraising
    MangoApps Customer - BAWAG P.S.K. Bank
    MangoApps Customer - United Way
    MangoApps Customer - Superdrug
    MangoApps Customer - Perfume Shop
    MangoApps Customer - Amadeus

MangoApps Customer Videos | Customer Case Studies | Whitepapers & Reports

Simple Subscription Pricing

Contact us for volume and non-profit discounts



    Per user, per month, if billed annually
    $12 per user, per month, if billed monthly
    10 user minimum billing

    Business plan includes:
    • All Mango 360 features
    • Choice of 5 AWS data centers
    • Free iOS and Android mobile apps
    • Automatic software upgrades
    • Ideal for small companies and teams



    Per user, per month, billed annually
    Available in public/private cloud or on-premise
    100 user minimum billing

    Enterprise plan includes:

Built-On A Powerful Enterprise App Platform

Smart Employee Platform

MangoApps makes it easy for organizations to create a central location employees go to for fast and seamless access to all the tools they need to share, communicate, collaborate, find & learn. Gone are the days of complex, non-collaborative, expensive, siloed tools. By focusing on employee's experience holistically, MangoApps replaces siloed applications your organization uses and helps you move to a modern digital hub for all employees.

Benefits of an Integrated Experience

The current set of workplace tools are outdated, restrict information distribution, are frustrating to use and are rarely mobile friendly. When employees take things in their own hands, the situation gets even worse due to issues related to shadow IT, tool sprawl and proliferation of information tools.

    Mango 360

  • Seamless, Organized Experience
  • One place to find, connect & learn
  • Fully accessible from mobile
  • Company knowledge in one place
  • High Adoption & Increased Productivity
  • Promotes collaborative, open culture
  • Fast & efficient sharing in real-time
  • Clear tool purpose, little to no training
  • Inexpensive to Buy, Deploy & Maintain
  • Easy, point-click, administration
  • Secure & auditable
  • Easy extensibility & customization
  • Save more money by replacing other licenses

    Outdated Tools

  • Frustrating User Experience
  • No central place to go to find, connect, learn
  • No mobile access
  • Company knowledge is all over
  • Low Employee Engagement & Usage
  • Promotes non-collaborative, meeting-happy, culture
  • Leads to waiting-around for email & info hoarding
  • Many tool related confusion & chaos
  • Expensive to Buy, Deploy & Maintain
  • Nightmare to administer & manage
  • Spotty security & auditability
  • Hard & expensive to customize
  • License costs add-up quickly

Here’s what our customers are saying about us

  • Take something like Facebook, add a fully featured messaging tool, some video conferencing, document sharing, static web content, put it on steroids, and you’ve got yourself MangoApps.
    Brad Townsend
    Tatts Group Solutions Architect
  • There’s something in [MangoApps] for everybody. Maybe the social component isn’t what’s important to you but file sharing is, well [they] have that. Maybe you don’t need file sharing, maybe you need surveys, it’s in there. Maybe chat is the most important thing to keep your teams communicating, it also has it. It’s all in one app.
    Stephen Brile
    TeamHealth Senior Engineer
  • MangoApps gave us the best balance between quality and quantity. They offered a very comprehensive suite of applications at a very competitive rate.
    Jan Carel Uylenberg
    ASW Benelux HR Director
  • I don't think we could have picked a better vendor. Never in my time here, have I seen something launch with so much positivity around it, people love it.
    Vikki Nye
    SuperDrug Internal Communications Manager
  • I would encourage and I have encouraged other nonprofits to use MangoApps. It's been easy for us to use. ...The support has been great. It's been a wonderful way for us to connect with one another. There's no downside. It's hard to imagine how organizations like EJP that rely on volunteers who are dispersed throughout the community could manage without something like MangoApps at their disposal.
    Rebecca Ginsburg
    Education Justice Project Associate Professor & Director

Read full case study »


  • How does the 14-day free trial work?

    Go ahead, kick the tires. You have full access to all the features of MangoApps for 14 days. We know you'll love it. That's why we don't ask for your credit card upfront. After 14 days you will need to provide a credit card to continue using MangoApps. If you do nothing, your MangoApps account will be automatically suspended.
  • Do you offer non-profit discounts?

    Yes. We offer non-profit discounts. Please contact us for more information.
  • Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes. You can cancel anytime. If you cancel, you'll only be charged for the current billing/agreement period (monthly or yearly). You won't be charged again after that.
  • How long have you been in business? Where are you located?

    We started MangoApps in 2008 and have been focused on building workplace software from day one. Our company headquarters are in Issaquah, WA with international offices in Pune & Mumbai. Click here to learn more.
  • Who are your customers?

    From start-ups to enterprises, we are fortunate to have paying customers in wide-range of industries and geographies. Click here to see some of our customer case studies.
  • Have more questions?

    Check out our help site or contact us.
  • How much storage is included?

    There is 15GB of storage per user, and the total amount of storage is aggregated. So you if you have 50 users, there is 750 GB of storage available. This, in our experience, is more than enough for 99.9% of our customers. If you require additional storage, we can add more for a small fee.
  • Is there any limit on number of projects or groups?

    No, there are no limits. You can create as many projects and groups as you need.
  • Do you charge anything for guest users?

    You get 5 guest users for every network user for free (e.g. if you have 100 network users, you can add up to 500 total guest users for free). In addition, the maximum number of guest users in a team cannot exceed the total number of network users in the domain . If you need more guest users, please contact us.
  • Who can see our company information?

    Your company’s privacy and security is our #1 Priority. We've taken measures to make sure no one outside of your company can access information you share in your domain. Checkout our privacy policy here.
  • Where is my data hosted?

    We use Amazon AWS for all of our computing needs. During sign-up, based on your location and regulatory needs, you can pick from 5 different data center located around the world.
  • Do you offer self-hosted version of MangoApps?

    Yes. We offer self-hosted version as part of our enterprise plan.

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