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Keep Content Organized

MangoApps offers a powerful online content management solution, built for any size business. With 15GB of storage per user, safely and securely store and organize any kind of document, media or file into folders and sub-folders. Uploading files up to 2GB is quick and easy, allowing users to drag and drop large files into the network drive or into a team folder.

Collaborate On Files With Colleagues

Users can check-in and check out files to ensure that no other contributor is making edits at the same time. After files are ‘checked’ back in, the latest version of the file will immediately be available to colleagues.

Collaborate On Files With Colleagues

Edit and Approve Documents With Ease

The built-in document approval tool also allows users to have others proofread or edit files or provide version approval. Users simply indicate the document recipients, set individual permissions for the approval process, and a deadline.

Keep Files Synchronized

Securely synchronize all work files automatically between desktop and online folders. This gives users and teams easy access to important MangoApps files from any device, ensuring that everyone has access to the latest files, regardless of where they are edited.

Keep Files and Teams Synchronized

Access Files On Mobile

Files can be downloaded onto the MangoApps mobile app and accessed at any time on the go, whether a user is online or off.

Integration With Other File Repositories

MangoApps integrates with Sharepoint, Box, DropBox, and more. This provides users with a great way to share and collaborate on all kinds of files located in other file storage services.

Attach and View Files From Any Device

Uploading files to any page, discussion or post is effortless, and allows users to attach any number of files as needed up to 2GB per file. The built-in file viewer powers viewing of file content on any browser by converting documents into a format that displays beautifully in web or mobile apps.

Search and Find Anything

Users can search deep inside files to find anything they are looking for. Supporting content search within documents, inside zip files, pdfs, html/xml files, rtf, text files, and more. Enhance the search tool by associating custom meta-data with documents, making it easy to search and explore.

Track Important Data Using Custom Trackers

MangoApps trackers act as a modern database, allowing users or admins to maintain and manage crucial information. Users and admins get access to flexible data tables just like spreadsheets, with powerful database tools allowing users to search, share, modify, import/export, share, or use the data in a number of ways.

Use Wikis to create & capture knowledge

MangoApps’ wikis are great tools to collaborate online and capture knowledge, create, share and discuss your documents, ideas, minutes, milestones and projects. Capture the tacit knowledge of your co-workers, often trapped in email, in wikis – where it’s never lost.

Use Wikis to create & capture knowledge

Create and edit posts using a Word-like editor

MangoApps offers an easy-to-use content editor so users of all skill levels can post and share company news or announcements. It’s as simple as using Microsoft Word!

IT Compliant File Retention and Backup

Choice of multiple storage options from Amazon S3, SAN, and Box. Admins specify auto-archival and auto-delete rules in the retention settings to meet IT compliance requirements for all files and folders.

IT Compliant File Retention and Backup
Trusted Security

Trusted Security

MangoApps takes all the necessary precautions to ensure confidential information and files stay safe. Files are kept secure by including safeguards such as file transfer over HTTPS from any device, 256-bit encryption at rest, HIPAA compliance and certification for EU, and Swiss safe harbor frameworks as provided by AWS.

Full Administrator Control

MangoApps is truly built for Enterprises, giving all the necessary tools and power to the admins to set up and personalize the portal to the needs of the business and the company culture. Admins decide how to setup the portal, select necessary modules, organize primary navigation, lock in the templated design and features, and determine the level of personalization and permissions given to their users.

Simple, Smart & Enterprise-Ready Features

Over the last 10+ years, we have carefully added features that satisfy the needs of even the largest enterprises. A partial list is included below. The best way to see all the capabilities of is to let us walk you through them.

  • File sharing
  • File management
  • File sync
  • Wikis
  • Rich text pages
  • Rich text posts
  • Custom trackers
  • Global search
  • Partner collaboration
  • Media gallery
  • Groups
  • Additional File Features
  • Company Branding
  • Easy Administration
  • Enterprise Features
  • More...


File Sharing

MangoApps File Sharing simplifies and streamlines team communication. Employees can share and edit files together, providing access to important information and encouraging team collaboration.

  • Share files with employees in any team, with instant file sharing available anywhere in MangoApps
  • Collaborate effectively on a post by sharing feedback, adding reactions, offering ideas and providing edits
  • Upload files into MangoApps with an external email address, easily sharing any kind of information
  • Ensure only safe and secure files are uploaded with automatic virus and malicious threat scanning
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File and Folder Management

MangoApps File and Folder Management provides complete cloud-based document organization, sharing, and storage solutions for businesses of any size. We keep content safe, organized, and easy to find.

  • Keep documents and media easily organized with 15GB of storage per user designed for any kind of content
  • Find information from anywhere with deep content searches for files, documents, images, pdfs and more
  • Check-in and check-out files for editing, ensuring updates never overlap and are always up-to-date
  • Integrate with Office 365, making it easy to view, create, and co-edit Office documents in MangoApps
  • Set file permissions and track file downloads, uploads, and comments, with full visibility file reports
  • Ensure file safety with 256-bit encryption at rest, HIPPA compliance, and other surefire security measures
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File Synchronization

MangoApps File Synchronization keeps documents organized and up-to-date. With synchronized files, employees always have access to the most relevant content and the most recent version of a document.

  • Automatically and securely synchronize all work files between employee desktops and online folders
  • Provide offline access to all company content with automatic syncing whenever a device is online
  • Help users work effectively while on the go with file synchronization in the MangoApps mobile app
  • Never worry about uploading a large file again with file synching capabilities of up to 10GB in size
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MangoApps Wikis are built for storing, recording, and updating team information. Wikis help teams manage ongoing or flexible information, ensuring everyone stays informed and details are always up-to-date.

  • Store content that is often edited or regularly changing in a centralized, easy to access space
  • Collaborate together and create comprehensive content with multiple wiki authors and contributors
  • Set wikis as public or private, designating which employees are able to view or edit the information
  • Easily transfer wikis from one team to another as groups reorganize or project priorities change
  • Add a table of contents and link to different subpages, keeping wikis organized and easy to navigate
  • Export wikis as PDF files, helping users print information or share details with relevant outside sources
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Team Pages

MangoApps Rich Text Pages are designed to house media of every kind and are the perfect place to store important content or regularly referenced information for projects, groups, departments, or any other type of team.

  • Add reference guides, built an FAQ, provide resources, or store any other kind of content your team needs
  • Use out-of-the-box layouts and themes to display static or unchanging content in a visually engaging way
  • Utilize a wide variety of widgets to build dynamic pages with changing or regularly updated information
  • Expand your global communication and collaboration abilities with multilingual static or dynamic pages
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Employee Posts

MangoApps Employee Posts allow employees to quickly create visually engaging and detailed content for any team. Posts can incorporate text, videos, images, or audio, making them the perfect tool for team communication.

  • Create stunning content with more than a dozen ready to use templates, designed for media of every kind
  • Enjoy simple and intuitive content creation at any experience level with our easy to use Word-like-editor
  • Customize a post’s individual settings to include categories, add hashtags, share with teams, and more
  • Receive important post feedback through comments and reactions from coworkers and other employees
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MangoApps Trackers safely and securely collect information from forms created in MangoApps. Trackers allow employees to organize and analyze form information, helping them find and make the most of their data.

  • Safely collect and store data from all of your forms created in MangoApps in one centralized location
  • Establish a secure, centralized, and modern database for easy data maintenance and management
  • Utilize powerful search features to find, share, modify, access, or use your data however you need
  • Quickly export tracker data into a variety of different formats for easy internal or external sharing
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Partner Collaboration

MangoApps Partner Collaborations provide a simple, secure, and effective two-way communication with partners, vendors, customers, and employees. We make it easy to keep in contact with anyone at any time.

  • Allow important external members to view and participate in groups and projects as enabled guest users
  • Connect and communicate with your enabled guest users in real-time with MangoApps Instant Messaging
  • Send and receive secure messages directly in MangoApps from trusted external email and IP addresses
  • Keep communication and information from partners in one safe, searchable, and centralized location
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MangoApps Groups create a specific area for employees with similar locations, work responsibilities, interest, or anything else to effectively work together. Employees can easily share, work, and succeed together.

  • Give employees a designated space where they can communicate, collaborate, and work effectively
  • Sync up with Active Directory or LDAP to easily create groups and automatically keep them up-to-date
  • Share progress reports and updates in a centralized space, avoiding endless emails and extra meetings
  • Answer questions, make last minute plans, or troubleshoot an important issue with group instant messaging
  • Include vendors, clients, or any other external guest users into your group to work effectively together
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Additional File Management Features

  • Large File Support - Exchange large files quickly with anyone—even if they’re outside of your company. MangoApps supports up to 2GB per file.
  • Folder Management - Easily create sub-folders, move, rename, add descriptions, tags and custom fields so your files are organized and easy to find.
  • Deep Document Search - MangoApps supports searching of content inside of documents, pdfs, html/xml files, rtf, text files, zip files and more.
  • Version Tracking - MangoApps manages the versions of files for you with ability to download or restore an older version when required.
  • Change Notifications - The hardest part of working on documents with other people is knowing when it's been updated. Change notifications solve that.
  • Check-in & Checkout - Check-in and check out options streamline file collaboration. This feature ensures no one makes edits to a file while you’re working on it.
  • Approval Workflow - Easily share your work and ask colleagues to proofread or edit a file you’re working on with our Document Review feature.
  • Online Viewer - You don’t have to download to view. MangoApps file viewer powers viewing of file content on any browser and mobile device.
  • Detailed Access Log - You always know when anyone downloads, uploads, adds comments or views a document.
  • Virus Scanning - As you upload files, MangoApps automtically checks these files for over 1M+ viruses, malwares, trojans & other malicious threats.

Company Branding

MangoApps company branding features let administrators make their network truly their own. Admins can adapt and edit almost everything in MangoApps to create an engaging and interactive extension of their brand.

  • Incorporate your company’s logo, themes, and unique branding into almost every aspect of MangoApps
  • Design your network with custom CSS capabilities to perfectly match your organization’s look and feel
  • Enable or disable modules in MangoApps at any time, creating the perfect environment for every occasion
  • Keep terminology consistent by relabeling features to match what’s already familiar in your organization
  • Create customized branding for outgoing emails by altering heading, signatures, colors, fonts, and more
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Easy Administration

MangoApps’ comprehensive administration features are built to make management easy. We help admins organize and run their networks effectively so all employees can enjoy a safe, collaborative and effective environment.

  • Establish sharing permissions, set your time zone, and make other global changes across your entire network
  • Reset passwords, change emails, remove users, and make other changes to manage specific users
  • Understand every aspect of the employee experience with detailed user engagement reports and analytics
  • Enable or disable modules in MangoApps at any time, creating the perfect environment for every occasion
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Secure, Extensible, Easy to Deploy and Maintain

As all of our apps are built on the MangoApps employee platform, all apps automatically benefit from 10+ years of carefully crafted capabilities that are part of the platform.

MangoApps Platform

Did we mention there is a lot more?

As MangoApps is a modular and comprehensive employee platform there is lot more in MangoApps. Although you are can browse through complete list of features and functions online, it is likely easier if we can walk you through them.

Simply contact us to schedule a demo we are more then happy to listen to your needs and recommend a solution just for you.

MangoApps Platform

Company-Wide Deployments at Leading Companies

  • MangoApps Customer - Berkshire Hathaway
    MangoApps Customer - Tatts Group
    MangoApps Customer - Christies Fine Art Auctions
    MangoApps Customer - Kelly-Moore Paints
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    MangoApps Customer - PFM Medical
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  • MangoApps Customer - St. Louis Community Credit Union
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    MangoApps Customer - CF Rail Services (Sasser)
    MangoApps Customer - American college of Radiology
    MangoApps Customer - Washington state bar association
    MangoApps Customer - Duke CE
    MangoApps Customer - Attune
    MangoApps Customer - Emergency Physicians Medical Group (EPMG)
    MangoApps Customer - Burnham Holdings
  • MangoApps Customer - Panasonic
    MangoApps Customer - Euro Money
    MangoApps Customer - The Dominican Order
    MangoApps Customer - CCS Fundraising
    MangoApps Customer - BAWAG P.S.K. Bank
    MangoApps Customer - United Way
    MangoApps Customer - Superdrug
    MangoApps Customer - Perfume Shop
    MangoApps Customer - Amadeus

MangoApps Customer Videos | Download Case Studies | Whitepapers & Reports

Pricing is based on just three things

1. Modules You Need

Start with pre-configured app functionality and add any additional modules you need.

2. Deployment Model

Choose from three deployment options - Shared cloud, Private cloud or On-premise.

3. Total Number of Users

Per user subscription pricing. Volume discount based on total number of users.

Mango CMS is priced based on the total number of users you have and the modules you need. Schedule an introductory call so we can go over your requirements, demonstrate how MangoApps will meet those requirements, discuss pricing and rollout process.

Contact Sales for a Live Demo, Quote or Consultation

Here’s what our customers are saying about us

  • We’re using the filing capability in a really strong way… it’s allowed us to put all of our stuff online in a really easy manner...I would say that [Mango Cloud CMS] exceeded our expectations in how much it would help up with document management, document sharing, and documentation.
    Tom Perrine
    TeamHealth CIO
  • I can get to my files whenever and wherever I am, that flexibility is fantastic. The ability to access those files remotely is huge.
    Antony Moore
    Tatts Group Head of Retail for Lotteries
  • You can not only store information in one place but you can easily index it and search for it when you need to… now [content] is literally just three keystrokes and enter away.
    Vojta Borovian
    Kelly-Moore Paints IT Director of Infrastructure & Services
  • Before [Mango Cloud CRM], everyone was creating different documents on their own hardware but they never really shared it with other people. Now we’re starting to see sharing and collaboration going on and that’s fantastic. We’re starting to see what the best documents are that we’re creating and making sure that once we do something we share it with everyone.
    Phil Ward
    Huber+ Suhner Data Centers Market Manager
  • MangoApps is an easy way for us to share our best documents. Where employees can learn from each other, see what we're doing across the firm, and use those examples as inspiration for our clients.
    Arshia Sultan
    CCS Director of Knowledge & Learning

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  • Where is my data hosted?

    We use Amazon AWS for all of our computing needs. Based on your location and regulatory needs, shared cloud customers can pick one of the five AWS data centers during sign-up. For private cloud customers, we can host your data at the AWS data center of your choice.
  • Do you offer volume or non-profit discounts?

    Yes, we offer both volume and non-profit discounts. Please note that all our enterprise products require 100+ user licenses and are billed annually. Contact sales for more information.

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