Enterprise Social Network

10X faster than email for internal communication

News feed is your enterprise
social network

News feed keeps you up-to-date on all your projects, files, topics and activities from people you follow in your network. Single location to read, comment, like, share all your conversations at work. You communicate and collaborate from here in multiple teams to get work done faster.

Enterprise Social Network

View and adjust your news feed preferences

Control the type of feeds you wish to classify as primary vs secondary and see what matters most first, decide the order in which you wish to see the comments and decide the order of news feed tabs to suite your style of work. Follow the experts, influencers and contributors in your company to learn and stay up-to-date.

View and adjust your news feed preferences
Use filters and mark as read to further narrow down and get thru' large number of updates faster

Use filters and mark as read to further narrow down and get thru' large number of updates faster

Narrow down news feeds using filters to a particular category e.g., all integration feeds, or all wiki feeds. Use the mark as read blue icon effectively to get a news feed out of your view, once you have read it and it doesn't require an action or follow up from you. Marked as read news feed will still be searchable and will remain in your My feeds filter if you need to go back to them later.

Engaging and action-oriented
News Feed vs Email

You can participate in conversations by adding your reaction with just one click, use the ability to post a reply on a specific comment keeping the context, convert many of the news feed types to tasks to initiate the task workflow on them or pin any feed to come back to it later.

Engaging and action-oriented News Feed vs Email

Files, polls, question & answers,
links & more

Email communication forces one size fits all model on the content it has. News feed however intelligently work to provide you with the right experience based on the content they display. News feed let's you intuitively respond to a poll with multiple choices, allows you to mark your post as an answer or accept the most valuable answer, get auto preview of links shared and enables sharing of multiple large files of up to 2GB (per file) from different file repositories.

Files, polls, question & answers, links & more

MangoApps Named as "Market Leader" in Ovum Report

Everyone works better away from Email and SharePoint. You don’t need sophisticated technical skills to use MangoApps team collaboration software. Our modern team collaboration and messaging solution is effortless to get started with, comes with productive and useful features to increase employee engagement along with in-depth capabilities & features which you can add as you grow.

MangoApps Named as Market Leader in Ovum Report
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What are our
customers saying...

Very full featured: project and group, activity stream-based features, tasks, documents, calendar, mobile it seems to be the right step forward for us compared to wiki/ticketing environment (confluence/jira). No major areas missing. usability reasonable. LDAP integration and private cloud are key.
Keith Weng
Product Mgmt.
It is so satisfying to have an all-encompassing web site and dedicated apps for overseeing our many clients' projects. With some employees telecommuting and some working different hours. MangoApps has allowed us to stay focused and maintain consistent delivery. I couldn't imagine a system with better integration and control over every aspect of an assignment. Thanks for being there!
Jacob Gutwein
Project Manager
Phoenix Worldwide Entertainment
Phoenix Worldwide Entertainment
Great place for our company to keep track of all of our innovation ideas. It's like having a brainstorming meeting where everyone can collaborate on an idea and share web sites, and other intelligence.
Daniel Deleurme
President & CEO
Norscan Instruments Ltd.
LNorscan Instruments Ltd
We investigated many platforms to use for collaborative document creation and project management. Mango has the right set of features at an affordable price for a start up like ours. It is feature rich and fosters both internal collaboration and external communication with customers. Mango support is quite helpful and the tool itself is responsive and easy to use.
Aron Trauring
EBO Nexus
EBO Nexus
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