Auto-Scale in Cloud with AWS or Azure

Cloud-based MangoApps deployment are setup to Auto-Scale. Auto-Scaling monitors system load and automatically adjusts capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance

Scalability & Upgrade

Horizontal & vertical scaling at each layer

MangoApps is designed to be a multi-tiered application, making is easy to scale at each layer and manage the system both horizontally and vertically. Each layer can scale independent of other layer. In fact, components within a layer can be scaled independently of both in capacity and count. For On-premise customer, this architecture allows for a straightforward initial deployment and provides forward-thinking room to expand as your organization and availability needs grow.

Latest technology stack

MangoApps is built on latest technology stack. From Linux-based operating system to Ruby on Rails for front-end to Java-based back-end, each component is carefully picked and designed to scale. In addition, monthly software releases ensure our stack remains up-to-date.

Scalability & Upgrade

Easy upgrade & on-going management

Industry research shows that software that is not easy to upgrade never gets upgraded. So, from the very beginning, MangoApps (Cloud or On-Premise versions) was designed to be easily upgradable with almost zero downtime. This is accomplished using a built-in state-of-the art configuration management system.

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