Employee Profile Pages

MangoApps Employee Profiles offer users detailed and personalized information designed to increase communication and company understanding. Profiles provide an inside look at everything from recent work history to favorite after work activities.

  • Create an engaging company culture with employee details, biographies, and interesting information
  • Effectively organize groups and teams with easy access to employee work history, talents, and abilities
  • Make a great first impression by displaying your accomplishments, recognition, and recent activity
  • Enjoy complete admin controls by adding, removing, and reordering sections or creating custom fields
  • Stay organized with employee managed profiles, ensuring information is always updated in real time
Employee Profile Pages

Personalized Employee Profile Pages

Employee profiles offer detailed and personalized information designed to increase communication and strengthen company culture.

  • Employee profiles include pictures, job roles, contact information, and more
  • Add custom profile fields for attributes specific to your company/industry
  • Employee profiles are displayed in visually appealing format

Descriptive Profile Pages

Employee profiles include bios, expertise, experience, interests, and even your office location. Profiles are updated by employees in real time, ensuring that information is always up-to-date.

Personalized Page Content

Profile pages act like an internal resume, showcasing skills, experience, social media links, and accomplishments company-wide while helping employees engage in productive collaboration.

Employee Profile Pages

Simple Synchronization

The MangoApps Directory auto-syncs with LDAP and other enterprise systems, giving you a user-friendly, searchable system that is always up to date.

Multiple Directory Views

Employee directories can be browsed by either department or location, as well as org chart. This approach allows employees to stay organized, and find each other faster.

Complete Admin Control

Admins can specify which fields in an employee profile are required and which are unnecessary. This ensures that profile pages are always relevant and useful to employees and other directory users.

Global Search Options

Search employees by department, location, expertise, skills and more. You can also look for people matching multiple search criteria and save advanced search filters for later use.

Informative Org Charts

Visual and well-defined org charts help employees see and understand company hierarchy and collaborate more effectively.

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