Reach Employees With Targeted Engagement Campaigns

Target and connect with a segment of network users to grow engagement in the community. Users receive personalized emails targeted by office, department, team, etc. and can be filtered based on inactivity.

Email and Newsletter Campaigns

Admins can create two types of engagement campaigns consistent of email or newsletter. An email message campaign is used for sending smart personalized messages over email to a targeted segment of disengaged users. A newsletter campaign utilizes the same targets of the email campaign, with the ability to attach multiple existing posts, highlighting more than one message or announcement to specified users.

Target and Narrow The Audience

Selecting an audience is easy by utilizing filters to navigate and narrow the company by organization, location, department, join dates, and levels of inactivity on the platform. Engagement campaigns will only reach network users and skip guest users in any group or project.

Customize and Preview Campaign Messages

Engagement emails and subject lines can be customized using message placeholders that pull in recipient name, recipient email, and sender name. Emails can be previewed for web or mobile and allow the creator to send a test to selected recipients.

Draft and Schedule Campaigns

Engagement campaign emails can be saved as a draft allowing for multiple admins to review and collaborate as needed. Once a campaign is finalized, they can be sent out immediately or scheduled to be sent out in advance at a selected time/date.

Gain Insights and Boost a Campaign

View rich engagement campaign performance results and measure reach. Reporting allows admins to view a day by day graph of views and data around opens and clicks. This data makes it an easy determination to boost a campaign as needed to further its reach to the audience who has not yet opened/read the email.

How Our Customers Use Engagement Campaigns

  1. 1
    Target and reach network users who are inactive or disengaged
  2. 2
    Send a newsletter to inactive users as a rollup of important posts and announcements
  3. 3
    Get users to login and increase intranet adoption
  4. 4
    Improve the company culture by encouraging community engagement
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