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MangoAcademy is the fastest way to learn how to administer, configure, and use MangoApps. Go through our courses at your own pace to get MangoApps certified, and become self sufficient as an administer and user.

Free and Easy Sign-Up

Starting with MangoAcademy is FREE and easy! All that we require is an email address. Visit mangoacademy.talentlms.com to sign-up and get instant access to our library of courses and lessons.

Free and Easy Sign-Up

Courses and Exams for Every App

In MangoAcademy, gain access to useful courses and lessons from ‘getting started’ to application specific courses. Courses are broken into sections and lessons, covering all important and useful aspects of administering, configuring, and using MangoApps. When a course is complete, a final exam will test learning and provide unique certification.

Why Become MangoApps Certified?

We’ve found that when our customers need help doing something in MangoApps, they would like to see how to do something, and not just read a help article. Until now, scheduling a call with a subject matter expert was the only option. With MangoAcademy, anyone can search for a lesson and watch it on their own time, regardless of timezone or device. With an on demand library of courses, anyone can become a MangoApps expert!

Why Become MangoApps Certified?
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What you can expect

  • 1:1 product walk-through with a MangoApps expert
  • Q&A session specific to your organization and situation
  • Learn about various deployment options & best practices
  • Understanding of security, scalability, upgrades & support
  • Personalizing product pricing
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