MangoApps vs. Standalone Apps

If you're considering a new solution for your digital workplace needs, MangoApps is the smart choice over standalone options. It allows you to start with just the features you need now while setting a robust foundation for future digital workplace expansion – effectively addressing your immediate and future needs in one go.

Future-proof Your Workplace

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Dive into this detailed comparison highlighting why MangoApps, a comprehensive employee experience platform, outshines standalone systems.


Standalone Systems

Functionality & Integration

Wide functionalities, easy integration.

Specific functionality, complex integration.

Ease of Use & User Experience

Consistent and unified user experience.

Varying user experiences.

Training Costs & Adoption

Low training cost, better long-term adoption.

High training cost, "tool fatigue" over time.

Administration & Vendor Management

Centralized administration, single vendor.

Separate administration, multiple vendors.

Security, Compliance, & Data Management

Uniform across all functionalities.

Varies per system.

Licensing and Other Costs

Cost-effective for company-wide rollout

Expensive as costs add up with multiple systems.

Updates, Support, & Recovery

Unified updates, support, and disaster recovery.

Varies per system.

Mobility & Interoperability

Mobile-friendly, interacts well with external systems.

Varies per system.

User Community & Peer Support

Active user community with plenty of peer support.

Depends on the resources of each vendor.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

Regular updates and innovations

Changes in one system disrupt integration with others.

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As you research the best solutions for your organizations, please be sure to checkout some of our detailed case studies.

MangoApps Named a Leader in the 2024 IDC MarketScape

Download the report excerpt to see why the IDC MarketScape named MangoApps a leader.

Magic Quadrant
Visionary, Intranet Packaged Solutions - 2023
Forrester Wave
Strong Performer, Intranet Platforms - 2024
IDC MarketScape
Leader, Experience-Centric Intelligent Digital Workspaces-2024
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