COmparing VIVA, SHarePOint & Yammer to MAngoApps

Microsoft vs MangoApps

While apps like Teams, Viva, and SharePoint can cater to the needs of desk workers, it’s an uphill battle to make them work for large teams that include frontline workers.

MangoApps has been serving the needs of companies in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and other frontline industries for over a decade. Our mobile-first platform is flexible and modular, and will work for everyone on your team.

In-Depth Comparison

Watch our video to understand when it makes sense to deploy Microsoft and when you’d be better served with a solution like MangoApps.

When to choose Microsoft?

You should think about implementing SharePoint, Teams, and Viva if all of the following are true:

  • Everyone in the company has full-time access to a computer
  • There’s a large team of developers ready to take on implementation and deployment of the Microsoft suite, as well as ongoing maintenance
  • You have specific niche needs that can’t be accommodated by a packaged solution, and a large enough team to justify building a custom solution

If you have limited IT resources and/or frontline teams, a solution like MangoApps will be a much better fit for you.

Mobile App Comes First

Microsoft has started retrofitting their apps for mobile in the last couple of years, but MangoApps has always had a focus on serving the needs of frontline workers.

  • Our product is a single app with a unified dashboard and notification system.
  • Unlike Microsoft, MangoApps makes it easy to get a full picture of everything you need to know, without clutter
  • Deep customization of the dashboard for user segments ensure that everyone gets a personalized experience

An Extension Of Your Brand

Most frontline workers have experienced unsuccessful Microsoft rollouts in the past. With MangoApps, you get a clean slate with an app that looks and feels like an internal tool.

  • In many ways, Microsoft Viva is a new coat of paint on past tools that didn’t work well for frontline teams, and it has all the same flaws
  • Deep design flexibility ensures that your implementation of MangoApps is an extension of your company brand
  • Most of our customers' employees don’t even know our name

No Consultants Or Heavy IT Lift

Microsoft’s pricing model is convoluted and full of hidden fees, and leans on consultants and internal expertise to make the product work.

  • MangoApps has straightforward packages and pricing, and no surprises
  • Microsoft customers can expect to spend upwards of 3x their licensing fees on consulting and internal expertise 
  • Many of the functions you expect to be included in your Microsoft licenses are hidden behind paywalls you may only discover after you start building

Industry’s Best Client Support

MangoApps customers consistently tell us we have the best customer support they have ever experienced.

  • Our team is there every step of the way to ensure that you get maximum value out of our product
  • With Microsoft’s reliance on consultants to fill their customer service void, it can be challenging to get any help at all without paying through the nose
  • Our product roadmap is derived from the needs of frontline-focused teams, whereas theirs puts desk employees of massive corporations at the center
Think about the cost of supporting SharePoint infrastructure, servers, and developers. I don’t have to have developers for MangoApps, and it’s much faster than if we were doing our own development. So time and money.

Marcel Tabor

Director of IT

Introba (Integral Group)

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