Comprehensive Services to Maximize Your MangoApps Experience

From Strategic Engagement to Custom Solutions, Ensure Optimal Utilization and Satisfaction

Single-Tenant Cloud Deployment

The Single-Tenant Setup provides a range of benefits designed for enterprises that prioritize privacy, customization, and control in their cloud environment, enhancing our Multi-Tenant Cloud service with key features:

  • Private Cloud Installation: Enjoy an installation that is separate from other customers, offering a dedicated  setup exclusively for your organization.
  • Data Center Selection: Select your preferred AWS, Google or Azure data center to optimize performance and adhere to specific geographical requirements.
  • Deployment Control: You have the freedom to decide when new versions of MangoApps are deployed to your environment, allowing for updates on your schedule.

Please note that while some platform-level services remain shared to ensure high availability (e.g., Monitoring, Email Relay, MangoApps AI, Deployment System, Firewall, Load Balancer, etc.), these services are stateless. Consequently, your data is not stored on any of these shared services.

On-Premise Deployment

MangoApps' self-hosted deployment option is designed for companies in highly regulated industries with unique compliance and security requirements.

Our self-hosted solution seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure. You also gain complete control over your MangoApps platform while maintaining ownership of your data, ensuring compliance with security and privacy regulations. Ask your sales representative for the on-premise deployment process document and requirements.

Customer Success Tiers

Standard: This service ensures ongoing adoption of MangoApps beyond the initial rollout, providing essential support for managing tenant configurations. Customers benefit from up to three scheduled annual engagements with our CSM team to enhance their experience with specific use cases. Access digital engagement opportunities via our MangoApps Community Portal, featuring monthly webinars, release previews, training courses, and product idea submissions.

Tailored for deeper partnership, this service offers comprehensive Customer Success options post-rollout. It includes strategic onboarding aligning our solutions with your business objectives, bi-monthly touchpoints with a dedicated Customer Success Manager, and proactive annual goal-setting sessions. Customers receive quarterly progress reviews and explore digital enablement opportunities with selected initiatives.

Support Service Tiers

Standard: Standard support, part of the business plan, offers varying response and resolution times based on case severity. Priority 0 cases aim for <8hr initial response and <24hr resolution. Priority 1 targets <24hr initial response and <72hr resolution. Priority 2 and 3 cases have longer response times, with resolution determined case by case. The SLA guarantees 99.5% uptime.

Priority: Premium support, included in the enterprise plan, ensures faster response and resolution times. Priority 0 cases aim for <2hr initial response and <12hr resolution. Priority 1 targets <8hr initial response and <48hr resolution. Priority 2 and 3 cases follow similar initial response times. The SLA guarantees 99.9% uptime.

Customized Mobile Applications

Under the Custom Mobile Apps Add-On, customers gain enhanced branding and distribution control. This option allows for the distribution of apps either through their own Mobile Device Management (MDM) system or directly via the Apple & Google App Stores, albeit through unlisted (direct link only) access, ensuring exclusivity to employees and preventing any customer confusion.

The app can carry the customer's chosen branded name and feature the customer's logo both before and after user login. This add-on is available for an annual fee for both iOS (including iPhone and iPad) and Android and includes updates for major releases and bug fixes.

SMS Credit Packages

MangoApps provides a robust SMS notification feature, ideal for businesses seeking to maintain consistent communication through SMS. To accommodate varying demands, SMS credits are available for purchase, allowing your company to tailor the volume of credits to your specific needs.

The process of purchasing SMS credits is designed for flexibility and ease. Credits are sold in bundles of 500,000, with each priced at $3,750, giving you the freedom to acquire as many as necessary to keep your domain well-stocked. These credits are perpetual, with no expiration, ensuring they're available whenever you need them. Additionally, monitoring your SMS credit balance is made effortless within the MangoApps domain, streamlining the management of your SMS services.

To enhance your MangoApps experience, adding SMS credits can be done either at the onset of your agreement or at any point thereafter. For any unused credits, you can request a refund, providing flexibility and peace of mind.

Reward Credit System

Incorporating the Rewards and Recognitions catalog into your MangoApps domain is a seamless process designed to foster a positive workplace culture through meaningful recognition. By collaborating with your account team, you can effortlessly add company credits to your domain, enabling the purchase of a diverse range of rewards from the MangoApps catalog. With a straightforward request process, credits can be added at any time, subject to a minimum requirement of $5,000 per addition.

To enhance your MangoApps experience, you can add reward credits either at the beginning of your agreement or at any time thereafter. MangoApps does not markup reward credits; however, a nominal 5% processing fee is applied to cover external charges. For any unused credits, you can request a refund, providing flexibility and peace of mind in managing your domain's rewards system.

Managed Data Migration and Professional Services

While MangoApps offers the most comprehensive solution in the market right out of the box, we recognize that your organization may have unique needs. To accommodate this, the Professional Services add-on for MangoApps introduces both fixed and hourly pricing options. This approach allows you to choose the most fitting model, be it custom development, integrations, MangoApps managed data migration, or other tailored solutions.

Fixed Price: Ideal for projects with well-defined scopes, delivering predictable budgeting and cost assurance.

Hourly: Offers adaptability for projects that might evolve or where requirements are less defined.

This service is available whenever a need arises. Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will collaborate with you to understand your needs and provide a proposal.

Productivity-Enhancing Work Applications

Enhance your digital workspace by integrating any of the work apps with the MangoApps Intranet or Employee App solutions.