Is Your Cause United?

Inconsistent Experience

Volunteers are the heart of every nonprofit and every one is unique, creating a wide range of skills and experience. Without straightforward communication and easy to access resources, it's impossible to provide training tailored to their needs.

Inconsistent Experience
Retaining Volunteers

Retaining Volunteers

Nonprofits depend on reliable help and community engagement. Without a way to encourage volunteers and help them feel connected to the cause, workers naturally loose interest, become disengaged, and no longer consider it a priority.

Providing Reliable Resources

Most nonprofit work is done away from an office. But canvassing, donation drives, community activities, and other on the go activities make it difficult for volunteers to access resources, communicate together, and see updated information.

Reliable Resources
Centralized Communication

Centralized Communication

Nonprofits regularly work with other charities, communities, and external organizations. But managing so many separate conversations is time consuming and confusing. Nonprofits need fast and centralized communication both internally and beyond.

Working Within a Budget

Without the disposable income of for-profit companies, nonprofits struggle to find communication, collaboration, and document management tools that meet their needs without stretching an already limited budget.

Working Within a Budget

How MangoApps Helps

One platform for all employee communication, content, collaboration & engagement

Create a centralized hub
Centralized hub ensures that critical information and tools that would ordinarily be spread across multiple applications and systems can now be instantly accessed.
Share company updates
MangoApps way of sharing news with staff is much better than email as you can track engagement, require confirmation and enable actions like commenting and likes.
Track projects & tasks
Full featured workspaces to discuss, communicate, share, plan, manage and track progress across multiple projects.
Create secure workspaces
With MangoApps, you can enable secure collaboration between employees, partners & third parties to provide the best service.
Message with coworkers
Chat with co-workers in real time using our PC or smartphone apps. All messages are sent over secure, encrypted channel making compliance easy.
View shifts on mobile or PC
Give your staff easy access to their work schedule and other details from web or smartphone devices.
Create accountability
Open nature of MangoApps communication & collaboration, creates greater accountability and transparency across the entire organization.
Share and store large files
No need to get stuck emailing large files or worrying about where the most recent version of a document is.
Locate experts
Make it easy for employees to find the right colleagues with searchable people directory. Rich search capabilities makes sure resources that would otherwise go unnoticed are found.
Improve staff engagement
Easily create and share quizzes, polls & surveys to engage, educate, collect feedback and keep-track of important compliance requirements.

See it in action

Native mobile apps for anytime, anywhere access

Easily connect all of your employees regardless of role or location. MangoApps' mobile apps deliver rich mobile user experience that interchanges seamlessly with the classic desktop experience.

Key Features

Did we mention there is a lot more? Over the last 10+ years, we have carefully crafted a deep and wide platform. Although you can browse through the complete list of features online, it is likely easier if we can walk you through them. Simply contact us to schedule a demo. We are more then happy to listen to your needs and recommend a package just for you.

Built-On a Powerful
Communication Platform

Notforprofit Communication Platform

MangoApps for Notforprofit is a comprehensive, modern, communications solution built specifically for the Notforprofit industry. Notforprofit employees love MangoApps because it creates a one-stop shop for all communications and information sharing. In addition, our modular architecture and enterprise-grade platform makes getting started simple and fast.

Non-profit Customers


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The MangoApps difference

Single hub to connect all your employees and systems

A scalable platform you’ll never outgrow

Pay for what you need, add more as you go

High company-wide adoption, simple to use & maintain

10+ years of experience and customer-centric innovation

Around the clock support to ensure your success

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