MangoApps enterprise platform brings together the tasks, the people and the work processes to execute real and meaningful work. It powers a digital workplace where your employees, customers and partners work together in significant better ways. Companies use MangoApps to drive strategic alignment, employee productivity, get competitive advantage and achieve better results.
Real Time For Quick Communication
  • One Platform For Easy Access

    MangoApps allows you to integrate business applications via it's integrations and open APIs. Bring people, conversations, and data from your favorite business apps into MangoApps, making information discoverable, meaningful, and actionable
  • Real Time For Quick Communication

    At the heart of great teams is great communication. MangoApps platform connects your teams with the real time communication experience they love - instant messaging, group chat, rich feeds, push notifications and integration with online meeting services.
  • Customization & Branding

    MangoApps platform can be easily customized to reflect your brand. Create a stunning, simple-to-use environment that makes MangoApps an interactive extension of your brand.
  • Support for 150+ Languages

    MangoApps platform provides a crowd sourcing way of translating into over 150+ languages making your employees, customers and partners feel comfortable in it and being as productive as possible.
Real Time For Quick Communication
  • Analytics to Measure ROI

    You get ongoing insight with visibility to the return of investment (ROI) each month, list of users who were highly engaged and the content that was read and liked the most - all powered by the MangoApps platform analytics service.
  • Single Sign On with LDAP, AD & SAML Systems

    Get certified single sign on with active directory, ldap and over 10+ SAML 2.0 providers for hassle-free, hands-off user administration
  • Building Trust with Security, Control & Compliance

    MangoApps understands that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our customer's information are vital to their business operations and our own success. MangoApps platform uses a multi-layered approach to protect that key information, constantly monitoring and improving our application, systems, and processes to meet the growing demands and challenges of security.
  • Open APIs & Embed External Web Apps

    Easily create custom integrations with extensive platform APIs. Use the bookmarks app manager to embed external web apps inside an iFrame in MangoApps and get the convenience of accessing them from a central place.
  • On Cloud or On Premise to Suite Your IT Needs

    In the cloud or on your services? It's your call. On the cloud, let us do the work for you. We’ll host everything securely on AWS cloud. On premise, self-host and manage your collaboration and social intranet software your way.

What are our
customers saying...

MangoApps should make every Business Leader rethink how communication happens today and should happen tomorrow in his company. Mango provides good first steps to get off the inefficiency and cost driving mail storm and makes an organization more productive and agile. This is why a computer was invented for.
Dirk van Vliet,
Ocean Swiss
Ocean Swiss
We use it for project management and project collaboration. We love the mobile App and how easy it is to use it.
Saiful Khandker
JAT Capital Management, LP
JAT Capital Management, LP
MangoApps keeps us connected like never before and keeps us from losing things that got lost in email. More importantly, it allows us to create our culture and vision. This was a hard task because of how dispersed our organization is around the country.
Wesley Deese
Campus Evolution Villages
Campus Evolution Villages
I have implemented instant messaging in my company over 10 years ago. We were using a one to one chat and always looking for more features. I have tested numerous apps from yammer, socialcast, convo and finally found what we needed in mango. You provide a comprehensive mobile app with chat, tasks and group posts as well as real time instant messaging in the desktop app. Mango has allowed us to be more productive, efficient and solve issues faster. Thank You
Morris Cohen
IT Director
VIP Optical Labs
VIP Optical Labs
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