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Deploy MangoApps in 3 Ways
Only MangoApps give you the flexibility of deploying on-premise or in the cloud.
MangoApps SAAS Edition
Multi-Tenant Hosted
Data Center in the US, Europe, Germany, Asia, Australia, & Latin America
Private, Secure MangoApps Hosting
Single Tenant Hosted
Data Center in the US, Europe, Germany, Asia, Australia, & Latin America
Host MangoApps In Your Own Data center
Use your Datacenter

Difference between private cloud and on-premise deployment
From a functionality perspective, the two services are identical. However, on-premise deployments run inside your data center on hardware provided by you. You control and manage all aspects of the service. With Private Cloud deployments, we create a dedicated, high-availability, setup to run your instance of MangoApps. We will also manage the service for you, including data backup.

Benefits of Private Cloud or On-premise over shared cloud deployment
Shared Cloud service offered at is a super easy and fast way to get up and running immediately. It is every bit as reliable as our Private Cloud service. In addition to some enterprise focused functionality, the Private Cloud service adds the following things to our shared cloud service:

  • Your very own domain name (e.g., SSL certificates and Ip-Address.
  • Private cloud installation is physically separate from all other customers as we create your own setup
  • You can control when new version of MangoApps is deployed to your environment
  • Higher level of control over branding, customizations & integrations
  • VPN only access and additional access restrictions to suit your IT policy and needs
  • System audit access and other system access logs are available upon request
  • Custom data backup and retention policy
  • Priority support, live training, account management, and more.