ClearBox Consulting: Mobile Apps For Employee Experience

ClearBox Consulting has released its 2023 “Mobile Apps For Employee Experience” report.

In this report, ClearBox Consulting conducts an independent review of MangoApps’ offerings, an evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses, and presents a detailed overview of their findings.

Here’s what they had to say:

“MangoApps is best suited to organizations who want to deliver a truly personalized experience to every employee using one platform. For those with a large frontline workforce, it has the potential to drive productivity and reach staff who are traditionally challenging to keep informed, trained, and engaged.”

“Organizations choosing MangoApps should have the desire and ability to govern and manage a digital workplace solution to make the best use of smaller screens. The clear benefit is impressively granular controls and the ability to send attractive, timely, and targeted communications on desktop and email.”

In this ClearBox Consulting report, you will receive:

  • An independently assessed review of MangoApps’ capabilities
  • A handful of product screenshots and use cases
  • Commentary from independent reviewers detailing their experience with the platform

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