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ROI Dashboard For Company Insights

Get direct insight into the company’s average dollar savings per month, the employee hours freed up, and quantify where those savings are or how they can be reinvested. Gain useful metrics necessary for calculating the ROI of your MangoApps solution, and realize the ultimate impact on company-wide productivity.

User Engagement at The Employee-Level

Get a breakdown of highly-engaged vs engaged vs moderately-engaged vs non-engaged employees every month. Use the report and suggestions made to move employee engagement to the next level and build best practices based on power users to encourage greater adoption.

Gauging Adoption Based On ROI

The more active users are in MangoApps, the higher the ROI will be. We recommend about 6 months before taking your ROI seriously, but can always be used as an easy means of gauging the business’s level of adoption.

Content Analytics Provide Useful Insights

Get insights to views, likes, and the comments on them. Monitor the engagement and popularity of new content as it is introduced to the network. Understand when users are the most active, or what type of posts create the most favorable response.

Google Analytics Integration

While Google Analytics is often used to understand the behavior of users on marketing sites, it can also be used to gain important insight on internal users and employees. See how many people are looking at each page, how long, or how often pages are viewed.

Track and Monitor User Login Activity

Admins can get to know the login activity of members in the domain for the last 90 days. Directly in the admin dashboard, the login graph shows the total number of user logins per day, unique logins, and new user signs. This report can be downloaded and grouped to look at unique data for platform/device.

Track and Monitor User Login Activity

How Our Customers Use Data Analytics

  1. 1
    Track and Monitor the adoption of a new MangoApps solution
  2. 2
    Look closely at user engagement to understand which employees are the most or least active
  3. 3
    Understand new content better and determine what type of content gets the most attention or gains popularity
  4. 4
    Calculate ROI on the MangoApps investment and easily quantify the direct benefit and savings

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Bring company intranet, employee communications, work management and employee training in one platform for an integrated employee experience. It has never been this easy to create the perfect employee experience. Contact us to discuss requirements, pricing, rollout and support.
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