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Case Study

How An Effective Intranet Can Connect Teams Across The World

Learn how Huber+Suhner utilized MangoApps to foster global collaboration and communication

When you have e-collaboration, you have multiple individuals working as a team, and the benefits are seen very quickly. And that’s what we noticed when we deployed MangoApps.
- Phil Ward, Marketing Manager for Huber+Suhner Data Centers

Huber+Suhner Case Study

Huber+Suhner, a fiber optic cable manufacturing company based in Switzerland, needed to find a solution to connect its 3,900 employees around the globe in a timely manner.
Thus, Huber+Suhner sought out to find a way to tackle these issues through collaboration and communication via an intranet solution. After looking at 20 different solutions, Huber+Suhner chose MangoApps because of its singular, browser-based platform that included up-to-date social and mobile communication tools.
In this case study, you will learn how Huber+Suhner used MangoApps to:
1.Efficiently communicate and collaborate globally across multiple time zones
2.Unify employees with one tool that allows them to easily share knowledge with each other
3.Analyze the daily activities and project progress of different company teams around the world
And more!
Download this case study to get a better understanding of how MangoApps helped Huber+Suhner transform the way they communicate, collaborate, and share information.
How An Effective Intranet Can Connect Teams Across The World

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More Quotes From Huber+Suhner Case Study
"MangoApps is very intuitive. You don’t need to read a manual before you use it"
- Chantel Eder, Community Manager
"MangoApps is facilitating us in becoming a truly global company. I see MangoApps as a good fit in our current and future architecture"
- Urs Widmer, Global CIO
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