Innovation Management

Supercharge innovation within your organization with MangoApps' Ideas module—a modernized platform that redefines idea management. With MangoApps’ Ideas, teams can seamlessly brainstorm, refine, and implement the most promising ideas, driving continuous improvement and fostering a culture of innovation. Collaborate and brainstorm from a centralized location with the ability to comment, vote on, and interact with new ideas. From capturing ideas via mobile devices to tracking an idea’s lifecycle, MangoApps' Idea management tools empower your workforce to shape your company's future.

Conveniently Foster Innovation

Encourage employees to submit ideas effortlessly, providing them with a user-friendly platform to share their insights and suggestions. By streamlining the idea submission process, MangoApps promotes employee creativity and ensures that valuable suggestions are captured. Users can even submit and vote on ideas via their mobile app, making it easy for employees to capture ideas wherever they are.

    There’s an absolute return on investment with MangoApps as our partner. We’ve been able to actualize our vision to make community participation and employee engagement happen.

    Dr. Kevin Klauer

    Chief Medical Officer

    Team Health

    Openly Evaluate Ideas

    Facilitate transparent idea evaluation and refinement with MangoApps' robust voting and commenting system. Encourage discussions and voting on ideas, with the best ideas rising to the top through peer consensus and feedback. And, display Idea Leaderboards that show the most active contributors and the top 10 ideas in your domain, encouraging engagement and efficiently prioritizing concepts–all while providing visibility into the most impactful ideas.

      Effortlessly Keep Ideas Focused

      With Idea Campaigns, solicit ideas on a particular topic or problem, keeping the ideation and feedback processes intentional and on track. Give your Idea Campaign a clear start and end date and zero in on ideas regarding specific issues. This ensures focused efforts and a smooth implementation of high-priority items that align with your company’s current objectives.

      Seamlessly Progress and Implement Ideas

      Streamline the idea refinement process with MangoApps' customizable idea life cycle stages. Configure stages to align with company goals, providing a clear roadmap from idea inception to implementation. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how ideas align with organizational objectives, ensuring that the implementation process is efficient and focused on driving business success. Transform submitted ideas into actionable tasks to effortlessly bring ideas to life.

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