Personal & Shared To-Do List

MangoApps To-Do Lists help users organize and prioritize action items by recording and managing all of their important tasks and activities. To-do lists can be created individually or shared between multiple users.

  1. Help employees capture their important to-do items in a personalized and distraction-free task list
  2. Organize items by their assigned priority or scheduled due date to accomplish tasks most effectively
  3. Quickly update each item’s priority by dragging and dropping your to-do items into their new order
  4. Create shared to-do sections for multiple employees to view and work on established tasks together

Personal & Shared To-Do List

Promote Visibility With Shared To-Do Lists

Each user gets a to-do list that collates all of their tasks across projects and teams, and can be made visible to supervisors and colleagues.

  • Set reminders before/after your to-dos so you don’t miss deadlines
  • Keep your list personal or share with your team so they know what’s on your plate
  • Action center widget on the dashboard ensures your to-do list stays top of mind

Capture To-Dos

Users can create to-do lists to manage their work or keep a constant eye on work that is assigned to them.

Create Lists With Ease

Add an item to the list by simply adding a description, picking a due date, and selecting a priority level. To-dos can then be checked-off, edited, or removed as needed.

Personal & Shared To-Do List

Organized Lists

Items can be grouped based on their priority (as indicated), or sorted by due date.

Prioritize List Items

Don’t waste time re-prioritizing items. Priorities can be updated by easily dragging them from one priority section to another.

Shared To-Do Sections

Admins can set certain to-do groupings that can be shared and made visible to others. This allows managers and colleagues to have visibility into action items that are being worked on.

Remove Items From To-Do Lists

Mark an item as complete to remove it from a to-do list. Users can also just delete the item completely.

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