Capture To-Dos In a Simple List

Employees create to-do lists to manage their own work or keep a constant eye on work that is assigned to them. Start ticking off to-dos, without switching applications or mediums.

Create Lists With Ease

Items are added to the list by simply navigating to the To-Do module, adding a description, selecting a due date if applicable and selecting a priority level. To-dos are add to the list below, and can be checked-off, edited, or removed as needed.

Group and Sort To-Dos To Match Working Styles

To-do lists provides two great options for getting important items in a view that works best for the user. Items can either be grouped and sorted based on their priority (as indicated), or simply sorted by due date.

Update To-Do Priority Via Drag and Drop

No more time wasted re-prioritizing and retyping items the hard way, priorities can be updated by easily dragging them from one priority section to another.

Shared To-Do Sections

Simple and easy to use, admins have ability to set certain to-do groupings that can be shared and made visible to others (or kept private.) This allows managers/supervisors and colleagues to have visibility into action items that are being worked on. The visibility settings determine who can view the list, or allow admins to mandate and assign todo lists to users.

Removing Items From The To-Do List

To remove any item from the To-Do list, a user can mark the item as complete, or if needed delete the item completely.

How Our Customers Use To-Do List

  1. 1
    Create to-do lists for important ideas, tasks or projects
  2. 2
    Organize and keep items on track sorting by important or due dates
  3. 3
    Share and monitor the action items of employees using shared to-do sections
  4. 4
    Turn news feed posts into actionable to-do lists

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