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Personalized Appearance

Allow employees to feel at home in MangoApps by letting them personalize the experience. Users alter the appearance of the portal with themes, photo styles, colors, and fonts, or set locale settings with date/time formats, time-zone, and their primary language of choice.

Engaging User Profiles

Users easily setup and maintain their user profiles, importing with one-click from LinkedIn or building from scratch. Profiles include name, background, education, and a number of other optional details. Users set a custom status to let co-workers know their current status or whats on the mind, without pushing a notification to their feed.

Newsfeed Organization

Organize news by importance into the primary or secondary feeds, configure the order of category tabs, and filter from newest or oldest on top to match working styles. In addition to viewing the newsfeed as they’ve personalized, users can see where they are mentioned, view pinned news, or filter to only see specific feed types, such as projects, updates, or groups.

Flexible Notifications

Control and set the importance of notifications to ensure that crucial moments are never missed. Users can select and filter their need for various notification types, and select how and when to be notified through web, desktop, mobile or by email. Chat notifications can be set to act persistently even when a user is in another browser tab. Notifications can also be configured as a scheduled digest, delivering through email at a daily or weekly frequency.

Portal Home Page

Log into MangoApps and see what is most important first. Users select their default home landing page for entry, or land on the default page selected by admins for all existing or new users.

Personalized Dashboard

MangoApps Dashboards give users updated and easy access to everything that matters, with powerful customizable widgets that put important announcements and resources at their fingertips. Allow users to organize their personalization with templates and any choice of widgets from the gallery, or do it for them with default templates, sticky widgets and different levels of permissions for customization.

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Smart Reminders

Set reminders for events, tasks, join requests, file approvals or todos, select the lead time, and enable notifications on any device. Users also have the ability to ‘snooze’ reminders as they present, or create recurring reminders for the same item.

Administrator Control

MangoApps is truly built for Enterprises, giving all the necessary tools and power to the admins to set up and personalize the portal to the needs of the business and the company culture. Admins decide how to setup the portal, select necessary modules, organize primary navigation, lock in the templated design and features, and determine the level of personalization and permissions given to their users.

Navigation and Quick Links

Admins have the ability to create condition based quick links and short cuts for users on the primary navigation. This allows for a different set of links/shortcuts to be shown depending on the user type and the platform or device being used to access MangoApps.

Organize Navigation Into Menus and Sub-Menus

Users can organize their primary navigation into menus & sub-menus to create a useful hierarchy as per their usage and preference. Modules and shortcuts can be dragged and dropped as sub-menus to any top-level menu item giving users ultimate navigation flexibility. This can also be customized at the admin level so that all users have a consistent set of page/module organization.

Additional Personalization Features

Navigation Settings
The navigation experience is personalized by the user in selecting the order of items on the left navigational bar or enabling/disabling features by toggles. Users can also add personal shortcuts to their navigation, defining the URL, icon and new/current browser tab behavior.
Sort and View Preferences
As users navigate through MangoApps modules, they can determine the order and style in which lists appear, by altering filter, sort or view options. The last preference is always remembered, per the users last choice. Users can also choose to show/hide specific information fields in list or grid views when viewing projects or groups.

How our customers use Personalization

  1. 1
    Give MangoApps the look and feel that fits their business needs
  2. 2
    Start the day right by taking users directly to important news when they login
  3. 3
    Improve company culture with personalized profiles and status updates
  4. 4
    Powerful organization and notification tools that make it easy to stay up to date
  5. 5
    Give or restrict freedom to users to personalize and tailor their MangoApps experience

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