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Case Study

How An Intranet Transforms Communication & Culture

Learn how Superdrug used MangoApps to enhance their company culture, streamline collaboration, and centralize information

Constant, instant feedback and updates, I’ve never had that. With other providers, you tend to have unwieldy issues logs. You have to have scheduled calls, etc. But with Mango, by using the tool we could instantly communicate with you and somebody always came back to us even with time differences.
- Emma Naylor, IT Project Manager

Superdrug Case Study

Superdrug, a health and beauty retailer with over 800 locations across the UK and Ireland, wanted to replace their outdated Intranet with a modern, engaging, and easy-to-use system for their 12,000 employees.
After researching over 20 vendors, Superdrug adopted MangoApps for its intuitive operability, balanced communication interface, and multi-platform functionality.
In this case study, you will learn how Superdrug used MangoApps to:
1.Foster an increased sense of an interconnected community
2.Facilitate collaboration across different departments and international borders
3.Create a centralized knowledge hub for on-the-go employees
And more!
Download this case study to get a better understanding of how MangoApps helped Superdrug transform the way they communicate, collaborate, and share information.
How An Intranet Transforms Communication & Culture

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More Quotes From Superdrug Case Study
"A lot of providers that we looked at did social really well but didn’t do business really well or did business really well and didn’t do social really well. MangoApps seems to have found this kind of perfect middle zone where it’s kind of incredibly social, but you can also get real key business benefits."
- Vikki Nye, Internal Communications Manager
"One of the biggest comments I’ve heard is. ‘I feel like the business got smaller because I can contact more people, and I’ve got friends that I didn’t even know existed before.’ It has been absolutely transformational for us."
- Jo Mackie, Customer and People Director
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