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Getting Started

You have gained access to MangoApps LMS. Now what?
Scroll down for a step by step process of how you can leverage our LMS solution to work for you.
Getting Started

Create or import a course in minutes

Whether you want to create a course from scratch, use our pre-built templates, or import courses from somewhere else, we’ve got you covered!

It’s as easy as 1 2 3!

1.Click ‘create course’
2.Assign the course to specific teams, groups, departments, or individuals
3.Fill out course information using a simple walkthrough process

Onboarding employees
has never been easier

Need to onboard a new employee? Set them up for success by providing them with the training resources they need to hit the ground running.
Automate this process so that employees are provided the correct training courses without you having to lift a finger.
or ex.: If you hire a factory worker, simply add them to the department/group & they will be automatically assigned to the relevant machine-learning training courses upon their arrival.
Onboarding employees has never been easier
Assign mandatory courses with a click of a button

Assign mandatory courses
with a click of a button

For those tricky compliance regulations within your industry, assign mandatory training courses and ensure that everyone has received the latest training requirements.

Maintain a high level overview of
employee learning progress

It can be difficult to gain insights into individual employee knowledge. With MangoApps LMS’s learning tracking, you can receive real-time analytics and maintain a comprehensive overview of where employees are in their courses/certificate completion.
Maintain a high level overview of employee learning progress
A hands off approach to employee training

A hands off approach to employee training

Automate your LMS processes so employees receive a reminder when they haven’t completed a course. Maintain employee compliance with automated reminders for when it is time to recertify their skills in a certain topic/course.

Create growth opportunities

Invest in employee skills and knowledge by developing an educated workforce. Provide training course opportunities for your employees to grow their skillset and earn that promotion they have been coveting for!
Create growth opportunities

Instant Access To
Your Learning Resources

With MangoApps LMS’s mobile app, it has never been easier for employees to grow their knowledge.
Instant Access To Your Learning Resources

A learning experience that’s
ACTUALLY engaging

With a large slew of offerings, employees are able to easily engage with training. Improves knowledge retention
  • Engaging multimedia content
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Instructor-led courses
  • Social media style learning
And more!

Participate in a learning community

We believe that the best source of learning can come from your peers! With our social learning element, you are able to ask questions, comment, and engage with coworkers on topics. Community features like reviews, ratings, and Q&A let learners interact with each other and improve their experience.
Participate in a learning community
Don’t have a stagnant workforce

Don’t have a stagnant workforce

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Invest in their growth so they can acquire new skills and make your team stronger.


Point systems with tangible prizes encourage friendly competition among teammates by tracking progress through showcasing leaderboards and awards.
Share knowledge

Share knowledge

With Mango Groups, newly onboarded employees are provided a space to share information, ask questions, and improve team knowledge. You can also create a group to capture and transfer knowledge between experienced employees and new hires, ensuring that no knowledge gets lost when an employee leaves the organization.

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MangoApps LMS is the perfect learning solution for any organization looking to build an engaged team of thinkers and doers. Business growth and personal growth have never been so well-aligned, and both start with learning.
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