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We customize pricing for our enterprise customers based on their specific needs. This includes considering the unique functionalities your business requires, the size of your team, and the ratio of frontline to office employees. To get a quote, please fiIl out the form on the right.

Add-On Apps for Training, Tasks, Workflows & More

Learning Management

MangoApps Learning Management System simplifies training and compliance, allowing for seamless creation, tracking, and management of educational content.

Task Management

MangoApps' task management app digitizes your operations, offering streamlined team collaboration and efficient task oversight.

Innovation Management

Turn your brightest ideas into game-changing solutions with our advanced idea management platform. Harness collective intelligence to foster innovation and drive growth.

MangoApps Messenger

MangoApps Messenger delivers instant, efficient messaging with colleagues, unlike traditional email or texting. With real-time communication and presence indicators, it's an optimized tool for both desktop and mobile.

Screen & Video Recording

Your go-to solution for seamless screen capture and sharing. Easily record videos, snap specific screen areas, annotate images, and store in the cloud. Share your content effortlessly with a simple link. All your capturing needs, simplified.

Employee Vault

The Employee Vault serves as a secure repository where both current and ex-employees can privately access vital documents. From pay stubs to tax details, the vault ensures data remains accessible and safe, even post-employment.

Ballots & Votes

Unlock higher employee engagement and drive organizational success with MangoApps Votes and Ballots. Facilitate policy formulations, elect representatives, and foster decision-making with inclusivity.


Swiftly transition from paperwork to purpose. Harness tailored templates and digital tools, ensuring every new hire starts with momentum and connection.

Inspect & Correct

A comprehensive tool designed for meticulous inspections, allowing users to effortlessly capture issues, outline corrective actions, and access vital training, all in one intuitive application.

No-Code App Builder

No-Code Workplace Apps allow businesses to quickly create custom digital solutions, streamlining operations without the need for traditional coding.

Community Suite

TinyTake by MangoApps is our B2B Community Suite product that helps you cultivate a vibrant ecosystem where customers and members are valued, informed, and deeply engaged in one platform.