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Screen Recording
Made Simple with
Mango Recorder

Effortlessly capture, annotate, and share media with Mango Recorder's versatile screen capture and video recording tools, designed to enhance communication and collaboration.

Capture and Annotate with Ease

Mango Recorder empowers employees with two major functionalities: screen capture and video recording. Effortlessly capture screenshots and annotate them to highlight key information, enhancing clarity and understanding. And, create detailed video recordings to provide comprehensive instructions, feedback, or support. Mango Recorder streamlines communication and collaboration, making it easier to share and convey important visual content across teams.

    Customer Support
    and Collaboration

    Mango Recorder revolutionizes customer support and collaboration by offering powerful screen capture functionalities, taking teamwork and customer support to the next level. Simplify offline communications by recording instructional videos or messages for later playback, and leave detailed annotations and feedback on videos and images for more efficient collaboration.

      Effortless Video Recording for Clarity

      Create clear, informative videos that capture every detail, making it easy to share tutorials, demonstrations, and presentations. Enhance communication and ensure your message is conveyed accurately and effectively by conveniently adding annotations to your footage, further highlighting crucial details.

      Personalized Screen & Webcam Recordings

      Connect personally with your audience by recording videos using your webcam. Add a human touch to your videos, whether for meetings, training sessions, or personal greetings. Enhance engagement and build stronger connections through face-to-face communication.

      MangoApps is helping us to communicate and collaborate in a more effective way, share knowledge across our teams and strengthen our efficiency to achieve results.

      Natalia Abrego

      Corporate Communications Manager


      Customizable Screen Capture Options

      Customize your recordings by capturing exactly what you need—whether it's a specific region, a single window, or the entire screen. Focus on the most important details and avoid unnecessary distractions. Deliver precise and relevant visual content every time.

      Interactive Image Annotation & Sharing

      Transform static images into powerful communication tools with Mango Recorder’s annotation features. Leave notes on and share existing images to highlight key information or ask questions. Enhance clarity and understanding with visually annotated content.

        Seamless Sharing with Link Generation

        Share content in just a couple of clicks by generating links to your stored screenshots and videos. Share visual information quickly and easily with colleagues, clients, or stakeholders with your choice of internal or public-facing links.

        Secure Cloud Storage for Visual Content

        Keep your visual content secure and accessible with cloud storage. Save your screenshots and videos in a centralized location, making it easy to access and share from anywhere. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your valuable content is stored safely and conveniently.

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