Why Employees Need Information On-The-Go

Modern work is now more mobile than ever. With remote work, work trips, global communication, professional services, and front line employees dominating the working world, a traditional 8-5 office experience is almost nonexistent. And for many front line employees, resources like traditional intranets or company email addresses aren’t even possible. Employees of every kind need a way to quickly check details, communicate together, access tools, and see important information whenever and wherever work might be.

Working Around Inadequate Tools

Employers are finally starting to realize the importance of on-the-go employee access, but making resources easily available is still a struggle. Traditional company intranet and communication tools are rarely mobile-friendly, so even if they are accessible, trying to navigate a desktop designed tool away from a computer is irritating at best. Instead of fighting with inadequate tools, most employees end up developing a unique workaround process when working on the go. Workaround methods often include emailing documents to personal accounts, taking photos of important information, or communicating with coworkers through third-party apps like Facebook or WhatsApp. And while these tactics can technically get the job done, the burden of accessing information takes time, frustrates workers, and increases potential security problems.
MangoApp gives us the perfect platform for all of our frontline and out of office employees. We're connected now in a way that felt almost impossible before.

Modern Mobile On-The-Go Access

MangoApps has been improving company communication and collaboration tools for over a decade. Unlike old fashioned and outdated tools, we understand firsthand the needs of the modern employee. As a mobile first platform, MangoApps is specifically designed to make work simple and accessible, whether at the computer on-the-go. Our native mobile apps for both iOS and Android ensure that no matter where you work, employees are sure to enjoy a rich, easy to use, platform experience, with exactly the same information available on a smart device as on the web. We make editing documents, posting updates, sharing news, and chatting with coworkers on-the-go natural and intuitive, all you need is an internet connection and a smart device.

How To Make Mobile Access Happen:

  1. 1
    MangoApps gives employees the freedom to truly work from anywhere. To enjoy mobile access with MangoApps, make sure mobile capabilities are enabled on your platform.
  2. 1
    Next you’ll need to download the MangoApps App from either the Google Play or App Store onto your smart phone or smart device.
  3. 1
    After the app has finished installing, sign in to your unique MangoApps platform.
  4. 1
    You’re now ready to access and contribute to outstanding content from anywhere and at any time!
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