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Why Employees Need Information On The Go

The traditional office experience is fading into the past as remote work, global communication, and travel continue to gain in popularity. For many front line workers, resources like traditional intranet and company email addresses aren’t possible.
Employees of all kinds need a quick way to check details, communicate, and access tools and information whenever and wherever they are working.

Problem: Working Around Inadequate Tools

Employers are starting to realize there is a need for better frontline employee resources, but many are stuck with traditional intranet and communication tools that simply aren’t mobile-friendly. Even the more accessible examples were still designed around desktop employees, so navigating them from mobile can be a pain.
Most employees have workarounds for these problems—which they had to develop on the fly—such as emailing documents to personal accounts, taking photos of important information, and communicating with colleagues through apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.
Although workarounds like these can get the job done, they are frustrating and inefficient, and can present threats to security.

Solution: Modern Mobile On-The-Go Access

MangoApps has been modernizing company communication and collaboration tools for over a decade. Unlike the legacy tool providers that deployed at the enterprise level decades ago and have been resting on their laurels since, we understand the needs of the modern employee firsthand, and work hard to ensure they are met.
Our mobile-first platform makes work as simple and accessible on mobile as it is at the computer, with native apps for both iOS and Android that deliver a rich experience that mirrors their desktop counterpart. All the desktop functionality is there. We make editing documents, posting updates, sharing news, and chatting with coworkers from your phone natural and intuitive.
The effects this can have on a company’s productivity and engagement are vast and difficult to quantify.
No Company App MangoApps
Frontline workers are in the dark when away from their computer. Employees can access all of their company information from wherever they are.
Communication requires taking photos of information and emailing them to self, or messaging coworkers over Facebook or WhatsApp. Communication via mobile is baked into the way your company works. Sharing information is easy and everyone can reach each other without third-party workarounds.
People are not easily reachable by their phones when something important happens. In emergencies or other important situations, it is easy to get the attention of anyone and everyone.
Intranet can only be accessed in the office, or via inconvenient virtual machine methods. Either way, no mobile. The intranet lives in the cloud and can be accessed from any device, without sacrificing security.
MangoApps brings our team members together with one communication channel that reaches everyone: People who are in the office, out of the office, people who work on racetracks, technicians on the road, and so forth. And it provides a platform so people have the same communication tool in the palms of their hands.
-Amanda Beh, Internal Communications Partner, Tatts Group

How To Get MangoApps On Mobile:

  1. 1
    MangoApps gives employees the freedom to truly work from anywhere. To enjoy mobile access with MangoApps, make sure mobile capabilities are enabled on your platform.
  2. 2
    Next you’ll need to download the MangoApps App from either the Google Play or App Store onto your smartphone or smart device.
  3. 3
    After the app has finished installing, sign in to your unique MangoApps platform.
  4. 4
    You’re now ready to access and contribute to outstanding content from anywhere and at any time!

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