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What Is A Marketing Knowledge Base?

A brand and marketing knowledge base is where organizations store information, documents, tools, and resources related to their marketing efforts, including in-house and agency efforts.
Brand and marketing knowledge bases are obviously helpful to marketing teams, but they’re useful for sales employees too, as they often share completed marketing projects with existing or potential customers.
A good marketing knowledge base will increase employee brand loyalty and help everyone learn more about the organization, in addition to serving as a reference for various kinds of collateral.

Problem: Trying To Stay Organized

For most companies, if a marketing knowledge base exists at all, it’s typically only available to the marketing department. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, for sales workers and others to utilize and benefit from the information within. Employees either have to take the time to track down content on their own, or go without.

Solution: Marketing Made Easy With MangoApps

MangoApps makes marketing information easy to organize and accessible to everyone. With Mango Libraries, information never needs to be challenging to find or inaccessible to other employees. You can store documents, files, hyperlinks, images, videos, and any other kind of information in a searchable, user-friendly digital index.
Leaders can also create as many library categories as they need, making it the perfect place to store, access, and share a marketing knowledge base in one manageable area.
We really wanted to gather best practice examples of membership campaigns and fundraising campaigns, and understand when a trust has done something really well or not so well. MangoApps is perfect for that because we can share images of door drops and digital marketing campaigns and so on. Overall, it makes our job much easier because it helps us communicate with the other 46 trusts and more importantly, to then communicate with each other.
-Sam Gee, Individual Giving Support Officer, Wildlife Trusts

How To Setup Libraries:

  1. 1
    Libraries make storing, accessing, and managing documents quick and easy. To create a new library, first make sure that the libraries module is enabled, then select the libraries icon from the left navigation menu.
  2. 2
    Next, choose the ‘Add Items’ button
  3. 3
    Pick the library, category, and item type where your new addition belongs and then choose your item from existing resources in the ‘Find And Add Item’ area.
  4. 4
    Select one of the save item options and then add any other additional library items.

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