MangoApps ESN Overview & Benefits

With MangoApps ESN it's easy to work together and know everything that's happening in your company. Updates on people and groups come straight to you in your real-time feeds. Employees use ESN to stay on top of what matters most and make better informed decisions.

MangoApps ESN Overview & Benefits

ESN makes Collaboration more Open and Group-aware by

  • Encouraging information sharing with online community software instead of trapping it in email in-boxes
  • Allowing people at work to tap into activity streams and build on each other's contributions with Microblogging software that includes online instant messaging

ESN makes Collaboration more Relevant and Specific by

  • Allowing you to follow people who are relevant to you and your work
  • Encouraging you to make new connections with others in your company even though you have never met
  • Allowing you to follow groups in which you have an interest
  • Allowing you to get notified immediately of new comments eliminating fragmented email chains
ESN makes collaboration more relevant and specific by
ESN shifts collaboration from lazy to engaging by allowing you to easily

ESN shifts Collaboration from Lazy to Engaging by Allowing you to easily

  • See which colleagues are online now, ready to communicate via instant messaging or voice calls
  • Enable group chat in addition to one-to-one IM
  • Create ad-hoc groups and conference calls

ESN makes Real-time Collaboration Effortless and more Readable with

  • Short status updates
  • Threaded conversations, comments and discussions
  • Easy attachments
  • Integrated methods of communication - Microblogging and online instant messaging
  • Unified Search across all communication
You can follow any hashtag in the company and get real time notifications
ESN makes collaboration become more rewarding, social and fun with

ESN makes Collaboration become more Rewarding, Social and Fun with

  • Peer and manager awards
  • Public appreciation
  • Pokes, birthdays and events

ESN harnesses the power of Social Software for Business to make Collaboration become Reliable, Secure and Auditable with

  • Confirmed delivery of IM
  • Immediate status feedback
  • Read receipts on feeds
  • Fully archivable and searchable data
  • Full export of data
  • Installation behind the firewall
ESN harnesses the power of social software for business to make collaboration becomes reliable, secure and auditable with
ESN allows collaboration to become measurable and analyzable with

ESN allows Collaboration to become Measurable and Analyzable with

  • Insightful metrics that automatically identify communication patterns, work flows, team dynamics and relationships
  • Reports that measure the pulse of the company

Use MangoApps ESN to discover People, Resources, Projects and Knowledge with

  • Employee profiles
  • A company directory
  • Company groups
  • Unified search
Use MangoApps ESN to discover people, resources, projects and knowledge with
ESN makes email in-boxes relevant again

ESN makes Email in-boxes Relevant again

  • By moving your business collaboration needs to MangoApps ESN, you can reclaim your email inbox and make it useful again

MangoApps ESN Modules & Features

MangoApps ESN connects colleagues in real time, harnesses the power of social networking software, and adds security and reliability to create a powerful business collaboration tool. MangoApps ESN combines Microblogging software with online instant messaging to create business collaboration software that makes your company communication more effective, allowing you to make better, more informed decisions. See how ESN can help your business.

*Please note that some of the advanced features in these modules may only be available in our full MangoApps Suite solution.

Can your workplace benefit from an Enterprise Social Network?

In short, MangoApps ESN is more than a business collaboration software, ESN is a way of working, collaborating, and creating an informed, productive workforce that results in a smart company fully leveraging its human capital - it's most expensive resource!

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