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Mango ESN

Mango ESN Overview

Improve team collaboration using open communication
MangoApps helps teams communicate more efficiently via spontaneous, real-time discussion which helps teams stay up to date on the latest projects and priorities. Team communication is streamlined, because all team members have exposure to the discussions happening in the feed.
Save Employees Time & increase productivity
MangoApps enables knowledge workers to collaborate more effectively and share information more fluidly. With increased access to their colleagues, employees using MangoApps save valuable time by reducing the time it takes to find information and complete tasks.
Find answers to questions faster
Rather than searching a knowledge management database, MangoApps allows employees to query their colleagues directly, generating more relevant answers in less time.
Get new employees up to speed faster
MangoApps connects old and new employees alike. When using MangoApps, new hires can reach full productivity in less time, reducing the overall cost of ramping up a new employee.
Foster a strong company culture
MangoApps enables ongoing relationship building by facilitating frequent exchanges amongst employees. Employees are better connected with their coworkers because of MangoApps.
Improve employee engagement
Employee engagement is a top priority for companies because of its impact on the bottom line. Employees who demonstrate a high level of engagement are more productive and less likely to leave the company. By giving all employees a voice, MangoApps strengthens the connection workers feel to their employers.

Simple, Smart & Enterprise-Ready Features

Smart, Secure, Enterprise-Ready Product Features

Over the last 10+ years, we have carefully added features that satisfy the needs of even the largest enterprises. A partial list of these features is included below. The best way to see all the capabilities of Mango Teams is to let us walk you through them. We are proud of the product we have developed and are excited to show you around (no strings attached). Schedule a demo »

Core ESN Features

News Feed

News feeds provide employees with a single location to read, reply, like and share. A natural email alternative, news feeds are easy to use and participate in.
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Status Updates

Status updates are quick, easy and help keep everyone out of meetings. Share your work with your followers, see your coworker’s progress and pin important updates for future reference.
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Connect the right people, resources and information in an easy to use space. Groups offer employees a place to communicate, share, plan, ask questions and more.
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Private Messages

Start a private dialogue with one or more co-workers. Private messages are visible and searchable only by participants. Edit messages, switch to IM or get "read" receipts for important messages.
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Instant Messaging & Group Chat

Chat with co-workers in real time. Conversations can be either one-on-one, in a group or with an entire team. All messages are archived and searchable, so you never lose important information.
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File Sharing & Management

Securely share files and keep them organized in folders and sub-folders. Upload files to folders directly or attach them to any post or page. Always have the latest version with file versioning.
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Quick Polls

Assess employee opinions at any time. Anyone can post a poll to a team or organization. Polls can be customized with predefined selections, comments or even expiration dates.
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Levels & Badges

Drive employee satisfaction and engagement with enterprise gamification. Activity and contribution-based badges create a culture of recognition and reward.
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Global Search

Quickly search for people, files, content or anything else you have access to with predictive search, saved searches, custom fields, and search filters.
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Employee Directory

A complete employee directory with rich employee profiles. Easily search and find contact information for anyone in the company.
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Employee Profiles

Detailed profile pages include employee bios, expertise, activities, contact information and social connections. Easily find resources within the company and the best way to connect with them.
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Rewards and Recognition

Recognize co-workers and employees for their good work, contributions, and initiatives. Rewards and recognitions encourage good work and create an atmosphere of success.
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Hashtags are a great way to categorize and discover content. Users can follow any hashtag and receive real-time notifications.
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Virtual Gifts

Make the work day a little more entertaining with a variety of fun categories to share with your co-workers. Use company branded images to create gifts or try your hand at making your own.
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Built-In Integrations & Platform Services

Single Sign-On

MangoApps supports almost all single sign-on options in use today making signing in simple and secure. You can even use MangoApps as an SSO provider to other systems.
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Built-In App Integrations

Easily integrate MangoApps with other enterprise systems using our 50+ built-in integrations. Just enable an integration, provide some details and you are ready to go. No coding required.
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Office 365 Connector

Our seamless integration allows you to use Microsoft Office 365 to view, search, create, edit and co-edit Microsoft office documents within MangoApps.
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Easy Administration

MangoApps offers easy, centralized admin management. Set companywide defaults, de-activate users, reset passwords, change email addresses, assign managers & more.
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Native Smartphone Apps

MangoApps offers feature rich apps for both iOS and Android. Give your employees access to everything they are used to on their PC.
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Reports & Analytics

MangoApps helps you collect data and make sense of it. ROI dashboards, employee productivity, and content engagement let you track and analyze both internal and external progress.
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Retention and Compliance

Admins can establish how long data will be retained in a domain. This makes it easy to meet business compliance and policy requirements.

Advanced Security

A wide-range of application-level security ensures that accounts are always safe. From account access to data retention settings, you have full control over the security of your information.
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Open Apis

The MangoApps Open API is a complete programmable interface to MangoApps functionality. These APIs support data input and output in XML and JSON formats.
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You're in good company

Thousands of companies around the world have made MangoApps the leader in cloud-based intranet, engagement, collaboration and HR software.

  • MangoApps Customer - Berkshire Hathaway
    MangoApps Customer - Tatts Group
    MangoApps Customer - Christies Fine Art Auctions
    MangoApps Customer - Kelly-Moore Paints
    MangoApps Customer - Kainos
    MangoApps Customer - PFM Medical
    MangoApps Customer - Modern Technology Solutions, Inc
    MangoApps Customer - National Health Service (NHS)
    MangoApps Customer - Chicago Freight Car Leasing
  • MangoApps Customer - St. Louis Community Credit Union
    MangoApps Customer - TransLine
    MangoApps Customer - CF Rail Services (Sasser)
    MangoApps Customer - American college of Radiology
    MangoApps Customer - Washington state bar association
    MangoApps Customer - Duke CE
    MangoApps Customer - Attune
    MangoApps Customer - Emergency Physicians Medical Group (EPMG)
    MangoApps Customer - Burnham Holdings
  • MangoApps Customer - Panasonic
    MangoApps Customer - Euro Money
    MangoApps Customer - The Dominican Order
    MangoApps Customer - CCS Fundraising
    MangoApps Customer - BAWAG P.S.K. Bank
    MangoApps Customer - United Way
    MangoApps Customer - Superdrug
    MangoApps Customer - Perfume Shop
    MangoApps Customer - Amadeus

Simple Subscription Pricing

Starting at just


per user, per month.

We are proud of the product we have developed and are excited to show you around. Please schedule a demo so we can better understand your needs, give you a live product walk-through and an accurate quote. Your contact information is used only for scheduling demo and nothing else.


  • Where is my data hosted?

    We use Amazon AWS for all of our computing needs. Based on your location and regulatory needs, shared cloud customers can pick one of the five AWS data centers during sign-up. For private cloud customers, we can host your data at the AWS data center of your choice.
  • How often do you make new releases? What if we need a new feature?

    We do between 8 to 10 releases a year. Click here to see our release track record. If you need something custom added, we are happy to discuss it with you in more detail.
  • Who are your customers?

    Mango ESN is designed for mid-to-large enterprises. We are fortunate to have customers in a wide range of industries and geographies. Click here to see some of our customer case studies.
  • What's the size of your largest customer?

    We serve customers from 50 user start-up to large enterprises. Our largest enterprise customer is 50,000 users.
  • We have over 100,000 users around the world. Can your system scale?

    Absolutely! MangoApps is designed to support the largest enterprise on the planet and can easily scale both horizontally and vertically.
  • What services do you offer to ensure a successful rollout?

    We approach all sales as a partnership. As you begin planning your MangoApps roll-out, your dedicated customer success manager will help you with branding, setup, onboarding, training, support and ongoing care.
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  • Do you offer volume or non-profit discounts?

    Yes, we offer both volume and non-profit discounts. Please note that all our enterprise products require 200+ user license and are billed annually. Contact us for more information.
  • How much storage is included?

    There is 15GB of storage per user, and the total amount of storage is aggregated. If you require additional storage, we are happy to add more for a small fee.
  • Do you charge anything for guest users? Is there any limit?

    Guest users are free. However, to prevent abuse of the system, we limit the number of guest users to 10 per network user (e.g. If you have 52 network users, you can invite up to 520 guest users).
  • Who can see our company information?

    Your company’s privacy and security is our top priority. We've taken measures to make sure no one outside of your company can access the information you share in your domain. Checkout our privacy policy here.
  • Do you offer a self-hosted version of MangoApps?

    Yes, we do. Schedule a call with us so we can provide you with the details.
  • How long have you been in business? Where are you located?

    We started MangoApps in 2008 and have been focused on building workplace software from day one. Our company headquarters are in Issaquah, WA with international offices in Pune and Mumbai. Click here to learn more.
  • Why should we pick MangoApps?

    We have been building employee software for 10+ years and are the only company focused on providing complete employee experience. We are obsessed with making sure you get outsized value out of our products. Our customers regularly cite the strength of our product, continual product innovation, commitment to customer success, and super-fast support as some of the reasons they love working with us.
  • Have more questions?

    Please contact us.
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