Mango ESN Overview

Improve team collaboration using open communication
MangoApps helps teams communicate more efficiently via spontaneous, real-time discussion which helps teams stay up to date on the latest projects and priorities. Team communication is streamlined, because all team members have exposure to the discussions happening in the feed.
Save Employees Time & increase productivity
MangoApps enables knowledge workers to collaborate more effectively and share information more fluidly. With increased access to their colleagues, employees using MangoApps save valuable time by reducing the time it takes to find information and complete tasks.
Find answers to questions faster
Rather than searching a knowledge management database, MangoApps allows employees to query their colleagues directly, generating more relevant answers in less time.
Get new employees up to speed faster
MangoApps connects old and new employees alike. When using MangoApps, new hires can reach full productivity in less time, reducing the overall cost of ramping up a new employee.
Foster a strong company culture
MangoApps enables ongoing relationship building by facilitating frequent exchanges amongst employees. Employees are better connected with their coworkers because of MangoApps.
Improve employee engagement
Employee engagement is a top priority for companies because of its impact on the bottom line. Employees who demonstrate a high level of engagement are more productive and less likely to leave the company. By giving all employees a voice, MangoApps strengthens the connection workers feel to their employers.

Features You Will Love & Need

MangoApps Enterprise Social Networking, Employee Engagement & Recognition solution combines social networking with employee engagement & recognition features to create a very powerful business solution.

*Please note that some of the advanced features in these modules may only be available in our Mango Suite.


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In short, MangoApps ESN is more than a business collaboration software, ESN is a way of working, collaborating, and creating an informed, productive workforce that results in a smart company fully leveraging its human capital - it's most expensive resource!

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