MangoApps Vs. Sharepoint

SharePoint is often pushed by IT departments who want to benefit from the O365 package, but at its core,
it is not a modern intranet solution. Here are some common issues that SharePoint customers face:

SharePoint may seem free on its surface, in the sense that it is included in your Microsoft package, but actually getting anything useful out of it requires some serious investment.

SharePoint is not equipped for most companies’ needs out of the box. You have to treat it like a custom development project with ongoing upkeep. It’s a headache, and the costs will only multiply over time.


MangoApps is cheaper by comparison, and works like a modern intranet out of the box. It’s more flexible, and simultaneously requires far, far less of your IT and engineering resources.

SharePoint deployment usually only goes to corporate teams,
and not deskless or frontline workers.

The cost of Microsoft 365 licenses is too high to make sense for deskless workers in most companies, so frontline teams are often left out of the equation. Even if you do get access for your deskless workers, they won’t get much out of it, as Microsoft doesn’t see mobile access as a priority.


MangoApps is priced so that it makes sense to get licenses for everyone in your organization, and our platform is designed to work just as well on mobile as it does on web or desktop apps. This allows you to reach 100% of your workforce with all the critical information they need, in a format that works for them.
We’ve built our software from the beginning to be inclusive, and serve as a bridge between corporate and frontline teams, and the result is that MangoApps serves most companies’ needs far better than SharePoint does.

End users and administrators alike hate SharePoint. It’s hard to use and manage,
and lacks a great deal of the features that a modern intranet should have.

Because of SharePoint’s bad reputation and poor feature set, it is difficult to get an acceptable adoption rate without a huge investment in custom development. At many companies, it exists in the tech stack as the official company intranet, and individual teams go elsewhere for more effective solutions on an ad hoc basis.
This means that your company information is not centralized, exposing you to potential security risk as well as gaps in knowledge transfer, as employees who leave may not bother to make sure someone gets access to all their files and notes.


MangoApps was designed to be user-friendly and make sense to technical and non-technical workers alike. We’ve spent years listening to our customers and have implemented management and access features that users rave about. The end result is that our adoption rates blow SharePoint’s out of the water. MangoApps will make everyone at your company’s lives easier.
In practical terms, this will result in improved engagement and save time. It also will ensure that your company data remains centralized and secure, and knowledge transfer and management will improve.

SharePoint’s customer support is so bad that there is a whole industry of
contractors who solve companies’ SharePoint problems.

When you buy Microsoft 365 with the intention of using SharePoint, you’re essentially being given a half-finished intranet and then left to your own devices to finish it. There is little to no support unless you shell out for a very expensive package, or look to a third party instead.
That’s not how buying business software is supposed to work, and it results in frequent abandonment and disillusionment when teams try to make SharePoint work for them.


MangoApps is all about our customers. We will work hand in hand with you to ensure that your deployment does everything you need it to do and more. Every customer of ours gets a CSM in their time zone, who is dedicated and enthusiastic about meeting their customers’ needs.

Why you should replace SharePoint

When deploying a new intranet or keeping existing Intranet, SharePoint is often pushed by IT departments who want to benefit from the O365 package. Here are some of the most popular misconceptions about using SharePoint as a modern Intranet solution.
Why you should replace SharePoint
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