MangoApps Vs. Custom-built

Many companies cobble together something like an intranet on the fly on top of software meant to do something else, hoping to avoid the investment or development resources that a better solution would require. Here are some common problems with this approach:

When you scraped your makeshift intranet together, you probably
didn’t think about all the potential use cases.

Makeshift intranets are often assembled to solve a specific problem, which is great in the moment.
However, going forward, what will likely happen is that more problems will arise, which would be better served by a slightly different solution. Since your ad hoc intranet was designed with only that one use case in mind, employees will be forced to bend their workflows around its narrow functionality.
Alternatively, you could tweak the software in an attempt to solve new problems as they arise, but this is a time-wasting process that is unlikely to scale.


MangoApps has been in development since 2008, and we’ve spent that whole time listening to our various customers and responding to their needs. As a result, our platform is extremely flexible, and can provide a nuanced solution to just about any use case that arises, without you having to do anything.
By working with us, you are guaranteeing your employees a simple, effective solution to all of their intranet woes, which will continue to scale and improve as their needs change over time. Our product team works hard around the clock to make sure of it.

An intranet built on top of some other business software likely doesn’t have any centralized ownership. If no one is accountable for its success, it probably won’t succeed.

Think about it for a second. When your intranet was built, did anyone sit down and think about a long-term strategy for its success? Is there someone in control of it now, and if so, do they have KPIs?
Most ad hoc intranet solutions were built with a set-it-and-for-get-it approach, and the result is a wild west of poorly labeled files with no governance and no real plan for keeping up with changes in demand.


MangoApps sets you up for success, by providing flexible administration features that give you all of the data and functionality you need to be successful in both the short and long term.
These features include:
1. Custom admin roles
2. Content flagging and moderation with bulk actions
3. Data archival policy settings
4. Powerful analytics and monitoring
5. Much, much more
You can also lean on our team for a blueprint of what a successful intranet deployment and maintenance strategy looks like. We’ve been doing this for a long time and our CSMs are there to ensure your success.

Without feedback, analytics, and data,
there’s no way to figure out what is working and what isn’t.

Makeshift intranet solutions are unlikely to have any useful analytics, or even just a basic overview of the content and behavior flows within the platform. Because of this, you’re flying blind. There is no way to know what pain points exist on a macro level, or anticipate your users’ needs.


MangoApps comes with a whole suite of analytical tools for your administrators. It’s easy to have a clear sense of how your content is being organized at the individual, team, department, or company level, and you can see behavior patterns among your users.
This information is crucial. It allows you to spot not only user frustrations and disorganization, but also fraud, abuse, and other systemic problems. Staying ahead of these issues can be the difference between company success and failure.

Makeshift intranets are unlikely to have crucial features like mobile access and integrations, let alone smaller quality of life improvements.

Something that is as ingrained into your company’s workflow as intranet really shouldn’t be a bare bones homemade solution. With a makeshift intranet, every new feature you want to add requires a custom solution, and as such, is unlikely to be implemented unless it’s really important, and even then, it will probably take too long to deploy.
As a result, your employees will lose a ton of time to working around the lack of basic functionality like mobile access, integration with other tools, and global search. The lack of smaller quality of life features—like a clean interface or fast load times—may not be quite as much of a burden, but these features still contribute to employee happiness and effectiveness in a significant way.


As a product company in a competitive space, MangoApps is dedicated to ensuring that our platform has all of the features your employees want and need. Our livelihood depends on it.
We’ve built a deep, wide platform with nuanced solutions to all the issues your employees face, and our modular approach and pricing allows you to turn modules on and off at will. As such, it’s easy to keep up with your team’s dynamic needs, and you won’t have to watch frustrations grow as your solution slowly becomes obsolete.

Developer hours are a precious commodity.
Your makeshift intranet shouldn’t have to be an engineering priority.

Every time your makeshift intranet requires any kind of update or change, you’re looking at a cost in IT and engineering workload, which means sacrificing efforts towards some other project.
At most companies, the numbers don’t work out. Building your intranet may seem like a cheaper solution in the short term, but over time, the costs will add up significantly as new issues continue to arise. You’ll frequently have to weigh the cost of employee frustrations across your organization against the time it will take to fix or upgrade your makeshift intranet.


By working with us, you’ll immediately solve a lot of the problems that your makeshift intranet causes for your employees, and take the strain off of the developers who have been scrambling to fix them.
Better yet, in the long term, our platform will continue to improve without you having to do anything. Also, our modular approach and pricing means that you can start with a lean solution that addresses a specific use case, and if you decide you need more functionality down the road, it’s just a matter of flipping a switch. There’s no weighing your needs against dev team hours, no buying cycle, and no new implementation.
No matter what you need from your intranet, we’ve got you covered. Furthermore, our communication, collaboration, and training solutions integrate into the same platform, too.
The value we can deliver to your team goes far beyond the possibilities available within your makeshift intranet, and it’s likely that MangoApps will cost you less than you’re spending now in upkeep and frustration.

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