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A 5 Step Strategy For A Successful Intranet Launch

Melissa Hoyos of symplr lays out her approach to building a strong, useful intranet.

A 5 Step Strategy For A Successful Intranet Launch

Make Your Company a Great Place to Work

Reach 100% Of Your Workforce

Reach 100% Of Your Workforce

Reach your dispersed workforce with our easy-to-use mobile app.
Give Your Employees a Voice

Give Your Employees
a Voice

Create a company culture that encourages engagement & feedback.
Build Company Knowledge

Build Company

Increase transparency and save time with searchable knowledge libraries.

Tools for Internal Communications Teams

Posts & Newsletters
Posts & Newsletters

Posts & Newsletters

Deliver visually engaging multimedia announcements to all your employees. Keep everyone up to date with the latest company news and informed of relevant business changes

  • Design customized company newsletters in minutes with flexible templates
  • Build affinity with work memories and employee shout outs/awards
  • Receive employee feedback via comments and reaction
  • Track the viewership of announcements with detailed analytics, and follow up when necessary
  • Engage 100% of your workforce with an intuitive mobile app
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Posts & Newsletters
Employee Feedback Tools
Employee Feedback Tools

Employee Feedback Tools

Receive valuable feedback from all your employees with surveys and quizzes. Flexible templates and settings ensure that you can reach everyone and get actionable insights.

  • Include all employees in the decision making process
  • Make business decisions with statistics from employee feedback
  • Make employees feel valued by actually addressing their needs and concerns
  • Get a pulse on your employee wellbeing with surveys
  • Gather input through elections with votes and ballots
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Employee Feedback Tools
Critical Alerts
Critical Alerts

Critical Alerts

Send multi-channel crisis notifications using customizable alert templates to reach affected personnel as quickly as possible.

  • Communicate crucial alerts instantly via push notifications, SMS, and email
  • Schedule emergency drills for future dates to maximize efficiency
  • Reach all employees on-the-go using text to speech functionality
  • Design alerts using pre-made templates for clear, consistent messages
  • Target specific teams or departs for easy segmentation of crisis alerts
  • Track views in real time and follow up with anyone who missed the first alert
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Critical Alerts


Create designated workspaces for employees by location, department, interest, project, or anything else.

  • Collaborate using posts, comment threads, and file sharing to promote transparency and efficiency
  • Sync up with Active Directory or LDAP to create groups and keep them up to date
  • Replace email and meetings with simple updates in a shared space
  • Resolve issues faster with group instant messaging
  • Include vendors, clients, or any other external guest users in individual groups for easier collaboration
  • See historical conversations and find old files with global search
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Actionable Analytics

Actionable Analytics

Gauge Employee Participation & Engagement

Receive insights on employee activity and content consumption data. Use these reports to improve engagement over time.
Calculate ROI


Detailed graphs, reports, and analysis give concrete value to communication activities and tie them to ROI.
Make Informed Decisions

Make Informed

Comprehensive analytics provide the tools and information needed to make strategic decisions.

Internal Communication Features

News Feed Features

News Feed

Inform employees of important company updates that can be segmented by department and location.

Information Access

Put company resources into organized, self-serve libraries that are easy to navigate from any device.

Employee Directory

Create rich profiles for every employee that are automatically populated and help colleagues find each other.

Internal Messaging

Connect all users and teams with a secure, real-time chat communication platform, including instant, private, and team messaging.

Virtual Project Workspaces

Foster an open environment that creates better organization, collaboration, and communication for project completion.
Internal Messaging
Resend Insight-Based Alerts

Schedules & Shifts

Communicate current and upcoming employee work schedules to better organize your workforce.

Rewards & Recognition

Create an inclusive work environment across all levels to build a stronger culture.

Our Customers Achieve Amazing Results

Listen to some of the hundreds of enterprise customers worldwide who
use MangoApps to drive their digital transformation.
Before MangoApps, we were hammering people with emails all day long, and it could be hard to find things in their inbox. We weren’t storing anything—there was no shared space. That’s been the greatest benefit, having a shared space for the company. Otherwise, knowledge just gets lost.
- Melissa Hoyos, Director of Internal Communications, symplr
As soon as we post something, there are likes and comments. Announcements are more engaging than they used to be.
- Vojta Borovian, IT Director, Kelly-Moore Paints

The benefits are clear.
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