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Centralize Your
Company Content

Save time and promote efficiency across your whole organization with flexible,
searchable repositories of content and knowledge.

An Organized Repository of Knowledge

Keep a tight rein on your files and documents. Flexible permissions, access tracking,
approvals, comments, and metadata ensure that everything goes in its proper place.
An Organized Repository of Knowledge
Flexible Permissions
Make files public or tightly control who can view and edit them
Version History
Maintain a single link by uploading file versions, and restore an old one any time
Large File Support
Our cloud storage and File Sync app can handle files up to 10GB


How To Declutter Your Intranet

Learn about the challenges a cluttered intranet provides, and what proactive steps you can take to make sure that it stays decluttered.

How To Declutter Your Intranet

Standardize Documentation With Wikis

A good wiki serves as a knowledge base that teams can reference and continually update,
creating a living document that centralizes information and files.
Standardize Documentation With Wikis
Useful Templates
Start wikis from a variety of templates for different teams and use cases
Drafts & Versioning
Draft a wiki and send for approval/input, and track changes with versioning
When a wiki is posted or updated, it can be shared for reactions and comments

Collaborate in Real Time

Notes offer a native collaborative document, where multiple users can edit, comment, and chat in real time.
Collaborate in Real Time
Up to 10 collaborators can be working on a note at the same time
Multimedia Support
Embed images, gifs, links, rich text, tables, and code blocks
Every time a change is made, the document is saved, so nothing gets lost

Make Company Media More Accessible

Centralize and showcase your images, presentations and videos.
The auto-categorized media gallery is immediate, visual, and user-friendly.
Make Company Media More Accessible
Shareable Links
Create a specific gallery and create a public or private link to share it instantly
Search & Filter
Galleries are searchable, and can be filtered by tags and metadata
Built-in view for the media library that uses thumbnails and supports rich media

Boost Engagement With Video Everywhere

Video is the way the modern world communicates, and in MangoApps, video is baked into everything as seamlessly as text or images.
Boost Engagement With Video Everywhere
You can embed videos within posts and updates, and watch within your feed
Record and distribute quick videos to get messages out there in a consumible format
Auto-transcription ensures inclusivity

Secure File Access For
Current & Former Employees

With Employee Vault, create a space where individual employees can access documents
like paystubs and tax information, even after they leave the company.
Secure File Access For Current & Former Employees
Integration with a secure FTP server allows you to automate adding files
Audit Log
Records show who has accessed their vault and all their activity
Former employees can access the vault, but not the rest of MangoApps

Organize Resources With Dynamic Pages

Widget-based pages can be created in minutes from templates, and ensure that
your employees can find all the information and resources they need
Organize Resources With Dynamic Pages
Flexible permissions let you create microsites for your teams
Dynamic Content
Scalable widgets and embedded forms and graphs are always up to date
Translating pages into multiple languages is easy

Instant Screenshots And Video

MangoApps capture and record is the best screen capture software on the market.
Take a screenshot or video, annotate it, and share a link with your colleagues.
Instant Screenshots And Video
Draw, add text, pixelate, and much more. Perfect for sharing feedback and ideas
Picture in Picture
Record your screen and your webcam at the same time, for explainer videos
Closed Captions
Captioning ensures that you’re understood by everyone

Keep Your Content Fresh And Relevant

Auto Governance lets you assign your content a lifecycle, after which it creates an alert to check for relevance.
This keeps your intranet from being clogged with stale content.
Keep Your Content Fresh And Relevant
Fresh search
Our search algorithm de-emphasizes outdated content
Automatic Notifications
Content authors and admins are notified when a piece of content needs to be checked
Unverified and outdated content is automatically archived

Organize Content Across
Layers With Hashtags

Hashtags in MangoApps give you a system for finding relevant information,
with color-coding, classification, and search.
Organize Content Across Layers With Hashtags
Follow hashtags
Follow hashtags to see any related content regardless of where it’s posted
Classify hashtags so users can find related tags and discover information
Boost engagement
Using hashtags is proven to increase content engagement over time

Screen Sharing For All Employees

Give your users the ability to share their screen and audio with other participants to enhance communication,
collaboration, and support.
Screen Sharing For All Employees
Replace in-person meetings and conversations
Connect remote employees without needing to travel to discuss face to face
View screen shares remotely with iOS & Android devices in their mobile browser

Keep Files Synchronized

Sync files across devices and platforms with a standalone, robust client for both PC & Mac.
Keep Files Synchronized
Automatically sync files between desktop and online MangoApps folders
Any changes made to files offline are synced the next time the device is online
Files can be downloaded on the mobile app, and are accessible at any time
With MangoApps, I know what's going on nationally all the time. When problems arise with the 18 Ys in Florida, I can go and say, ‘Oh, the Chattanooga YMCA in Tennessee is dealing with the same thing. Let's connect you to them and figure out how to solve this.
- Scott Fahrney, Chief of Staff, Florida State Alliance of YMCAs
The ability to put a file out there and then upload a new version without having to go back and re-email everybody was crucial to our Covid-19 response. Our data sharing over the intranet became a raw, real, and live thing. We were changing stuff constantly. 10 minutes could make a difference.
- Debra Helwig, Senior Internal Communications Manager, KCoe Isom
If you write up a good wiki, you can put everything in there. If things change down the road, you can change it. It’s a living, breathing document. It makes IT support a lot easier. Instead of having to type the same thing over and over again, we give them a link where they can see what we already wrote, and they can work out their problem themselves.
- Marcel Tabor, Director of IT, Integral Group