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Reach Every Employee

Get company news and resources out to everyone on the channels they prefer.
That means better access for frontline teams, and less disruption for desk workers.

Send Targeted Updates

Quickly get information to the people who need to see it, whether it's select groups, teams, and departments, or
whether it's the whole company. Emoji reactions and comment threads produce visible, measurable engagement.
Send Targeted Updates
Better Than Email
Unlike email, there’s no inbox clutter to fight against, and engagement is trackable
Easy Templates
With our block-based visual editor, non-technical users can produce content in minutes
Levels of Urgency
Must-read posts and boosts ensure crucial updates are seen

Reach Individual Users

Send out engaging employee communications for targeted user segments,
reducing their email overload and increasing their engagement.
Reach Individual Users
Reach disengaged employees
with targeted SMS, email, and
newsletter campaigns.
Plan your employee
communications in an easy
to view calendar.
Send out campaigns
immediately or schedule them
to be sent out at a later date.

Case Study

Building Culture & Efficiency With A Modern Toolset

Learn how Ram Tool uses MangoApps to effectively communicate with their frontline teams, including critical alerts.

Building Culture & Efficiency With A Modern Toolset

Centralize Important Company Resources

Every time someone asks HR or IT where to find a form or document, you lose money.
Company & department pages make it easy to find important resources.
Centralize Important Company Resources
Increased Visibility
Public pages ensure that the whole company knows where to find your team’s content
Dynamic Content
Scalable widgets and embedded forms and graphs are always up to date
Logical Hierarchy
Set clear expectations for where your employees can expect to find resources

React Quickly in Crisis Situations

When crisis situations arise, you need to deploy alerts fast. With MangoApps,
keep affected employees informed on a minute-by-minute basis in a changing situation.
React Quickly in Crisis Situations
Multiple Delivery Channels
Email, SMS, and push notifications get everyone informed quickly
Eye-catching Templates
Attention-grabbing templates ensure your employees are aware of the situation
Real-time Insights
Know at a glance which employees haven’t seen your alert

Collect Files, Pages, and
External Links Into Libraries

Libraries serve as a single source of your company’s most important information,
where the latest versions of files are always available.
Collect Files, Pages, and External Links Into Libraries
The libraries module comes pre-shipped with templates for common use cases
Page Widgets
Interactive library widgets can be added to company pages and user dashboards
Auto-indexed & Searchable
Libraries are wrapped into global search, so items within them can be found quickly

Online Spaces For Every Department

Give leaders and employees from every department a central site to share information, communicate, and collaborate.
Online Spaces For Every Department
Use department pages to effectively communicate goals, while aligning contributors
Customize department page to match the specific business needs of the department
Use department hashtags so employees can follow specific topics relevant to them

Asynchronous Visual Communication

Connect with colleagues without having to do 50 different one-on-one calls or get calendar time
with a large group of people for a virtual meeting.
All Company Branch & Office Details In One Place
Easily collaborate with colleagues
across different time zones and
office locations.
Quickly record and send videos
of your screen and camera and
send it to your peers.
Use screen capture and
annotations to clearly communicate
and get your point across.

All Company Branch &
Office Details In One Place

Give employees a simplified space to find and share location-based information.
All Company Branch & Office Details In One Place
Easily find colleagues and important contacts by viewing employee directories filtered by location
Help employees interact across branches by sharing office hours, and other location details
Provide users with easy access to location-specific documents (such as building access, and floor plans)
Because we had MangoApps, we had a place to put all the critical [Covid-19]
information our employees needed. As a huge plus, it was available outside
of our server environment, over the internet, on a cellphone.
- Debra Helwig, Senior Internal Communications Manager, KCoe Isom
When the ice storms hit Texas, our six Texas locations had to shut down over a couple of days. Before MangoApps, the operations manager in Dallas would have had to wake up at 3:00 in the morning and start calling people. Instead, I was able to create a must-read post, and send it to every employee in those branches.
- Kyle Loafman, VP of Purchasing, Ram Tool
Before MangoApps, we were hammering people with emails all day long, and it could be hard to find things in their inbox. We weren’t storing anything—there was no shared space. That’s been the greatest benefit, having a shared space for the company.
Otherwise, knowledge just gets lost.
- Melissa Hoyos, Director of Internal Communications, symplr

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