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Connect & Communicate

Connect your corporate and frontline teams to one unified communications platform. MangoApps gives everyone the flexibility to work and communicate in whatever style suits them best.

Departments & Groups

Keep things organized with designated spaces for discussion and files centered on a specific topic or department, so everyone knows where to go to ask questions and find or give updates.

Posts & Newsletters

Our content creator and flexible templates empower you to communicate information in a digestible form, and get it out to the right targeted audience.


Replace MS Teams, Whatsapp, and text messages in one fell swoop, with a quick messenger that works for everyone.

Private Messages

Replace bulky internal email threads with streamlined private messaging. No spam, no reply-all disasters, and no confusion.

News Feed

Every user gets a personalized, customizable news feed of their job-critical updates, without anything irrelevant.

Rich Media Experience

Create engaging content, with video streaming, podcasts, and easy-to-use post templates where anything can be embedded.

Communication Feedback

Familiar modern forms of feedback, like comments, likes, emoji reactions, and tagging will get people engaged and talking to each other.

Mobile & Desktop Apps

Apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and web browsers allow your employees to communicate from wherever they are most comfortable.

Discover & Engage

Desk workers have to fight their way through a constant barrage of information. Empower your people to eliminate noise and quickly find what they need.


Custom widget-based dashboards give your employees a home base with all their tools and communications in one place.

Searchable Employee Directory

Rich employees profiles, an org chart, and custom attributes make it easy for your employees to find and connect with each other

File Sharing

Sending files back and forth is easy, no matter what device you’re using.

Unified Search

All of your communication channels are tapped into one powerful search engine, so it’s easy to find old files or conversations

Flexible Notifications

Customizable email, SMS, and push notifications let crucial information get through to each employee without creating clutter.


Hashtagging system makes it easy to follow and organize projects on an ad-hoc basis, especially for development teams.

Campaigns & Alerts

Declutter your top-down communications and ensure the most important messages reach the right people, right away. Our campaigns are flexible, trackable, and empower you to react quickly in crisis situations.


Send targeted email and SMS campaigns to detailed groups of users and measure distribution and impact.

Campaign Builder

Campaigns can be drafted by multiple collaborators, with custom attributes, previews, and test sends.

Emergency Alerts

Send out targeted crisis communications quickly, so everyone stays safe and informed. Our templates make it easy.

Read Receipts

For important messages, leaders can turn on read receipts and understand at a glance which employees require followup.

Employee Community & Voice

Fostering community among your employees has never been easier. With MangoApps, you have all the tools you need to build an engaged team of thinkers and doers.

Rewards & Recognition

Managers can give team members a digital pat on the back, with comments and emoji reactions from colleagues. It’s organic and non-disruptive, and does wonders for employee happiness.

Location Specific Communities

Create a local space for each of your offices, where teams can discuss non-work activities like parties, interests, and community efforts.

Collect Valuable Feedback

Give your employees a voice and gain actionable insights into their needs. Surveys, polls, and voting ballots let you collect useful real-time feedback.

Idea Management

Encourage a culture of participation and innovation by giving employees a space for ideas, where managers and colleagues can discuss and react

Levels & Badges

Users accumulate levels and badges over time, encouraging them to engage with the platform


Make your employees feel welcome and valued with greetings for important personal and work-related milestones.

Administer & Analyze

MangoApps is easy to set up and maintain. We have a whole suite of features designed to make your administrators’ lives easier.

Admin Portal

Managing your users and customizing your functionality requires no coding. Admins get full control, in as much or as little detail as they need.

Built-in Security Layers

We take security seriously. Our robust platform has a whole host of features like SSO, multi-factor authentication, optional HIPAA compliance, and much more

Advanced Compliance

DLP, eDiscovery, and legal hold features ensure that your data is secure.
Add on

Content Governance

Flexible data policies make it easy for companies in any industry to have full control over their data, from retention and deletion settings to auto-archival and more.


Custom moderator roles and notifications, mass actions, and content flagging make it easy for user-submitted content to work at any company.

Reports & Analytics

Collect and make sense of detailed information, with BI, usage reports, and an ROI dashboard. Our actionable insights will guide your decision making.

Other Platform Features

We are constantly innovating to stay at the cutting edge of what a modern intranet platform can do.

Branding & Customization

Make MangoApps look and feel like an in-house tool, so your employees take to it naturally

AI-Powered Functionality

Automatic language translation, closed captioning, and text-to-voice keep your content inclusive and globally relevant

Language Support

The platform can be set to and automatically translates between 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Turkish, German, and Chinese.

Identity Provider

Did you know MangoApps can be used as an SSO identity provider? Improve security by enabling access to other applications with a single MangoApps provided login.

Download Mango Connect Data Sheet

Mango Connect is a deep, nuanced employee communications platform that will give you all the building blocks you need to create an engaging, effective employee experience, starting with better communication. Our product works for teams of all sizes across a broad array of industries, and has all the security features needed to deploy at enterprise scale. Download the datasheet to learn more.
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