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MangoApps Included In 2023 ClearBox Intranet Report

ISSAQUAH, Washington: MangoApps is thrilled to announce its inclusion in the 2023 ClearBox ‘Intranet & Employee Experience Platform’ Report.

Within the report, MangoApps is cited as ‘Outstanding’ in the area of Community & Engagement. The report states that “MangoApps is a cost-friendly, well-featured, and customizable internal and external communication platform with a valuable learning management dimension.”

The report also notes that “MangoApps is ideal for mid-size and potentially larger organizations that plan to roll out the new intranet in phases, or those that need broader business services that aren’t met by other technology. MangoApps works well across different device types, making it a platform to consider for frontline workers.”

"We are delighted to be included in the ClearBox Intranet & Employee Experience Platform report and to be ranked as ‘outstanding’ in the area of community and engagement," said MangoApps CEO Anup Kejriwal. "This report highlights the capabilities MangoApps’ ongoing commitment to helping organizations build an engaged and connected workforce."

According to the ClearBox report, potential suitors for an intranet & employee experience platform should consider MangoApps for the following benefits:

  • The Learning Hub is a strong feature that would suit those businesses without a dedicated LMS.
  • The mobile app is easy to use, with a nice range of practical features, encouraging users to stay connected even on the move.
  • Communication creation is well supported, particularly for urgent or crisis messaging.
  • Information finding is strong across content and people search, with good governance features to support.
  • The ROI dashboard within the analytics screens is unusual and helpful for getting the intranet return on investment conversation started.
  • MangoApps has an extranet capability that may offer a valuable dimension to companies looking to deliver communities for dealers, franchisees, partners and similar where a secure platform is needed beyond the firewall.

About MangoApps

At MangoApps, our goal is a world where all employees, whether office-based or frontline, are engaged, efficient, and fulfilled. Our unified platform is an all-in-one solution that redefines the work experience and provides consistency and rich engagement for employees no matter where they are. With a 15-year history, MangoApps is trusted by companies all over the world and in various industries for modern intranet, employee communications and employee engagement solutions. Rethink the employee experience at www.mangoapps.com.