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Make Every Employee
Feel Heard

Keep your team happy and engaged by giving everyone a voice and creating a space
to recognize when someone goes the extra mile.

Give Shout-outs to Your Star Performers

MangoApps has several easy ways to recognize a job well done or work anniversary,
including eye-catching awards that reinforce your core values.
Give Shout-outs to Your Star Performers
Company Branding
Create custom awards that reflect your brand and values, or use our default ones
Awards on Profiles
Employee profiles in the directory showcase the awards they’ve received
Recognize teams
Give shout-outs and awards to whole teams as well as individuals

Case Study

Building Culture & Efficiency With A Modern Toolset

Learn how Ram Tool reached segments of their frontline workforce with MangoApps.

Building Culture & Efficiency With A Modern Toolset

Gather Actionable Feedback

Build a better workplace with employee surveys and polls. Measure job satisfaction,
evaluate performance, and get crucial feedback from employees.
Gather Actionable Feedback
Easy Templates
Create surveys & polls in minutes from a variety of useful templates
Deep Analytics
Get actionable data with visual dashboards and detailed reports
NPS Survey Automation
Automate collection of NPS data from network users and get regular reports

Collect Ideas & Take Action

Encourage employees to submit new ideas, then turn them into tasks and track their execution and completion.
Collect Ideas & Take Action
Vote on Ideas
Employees can vote ideas up and down, giving you insight into relative popularity
See a real-time idea leaderboard to get a sense of the most important changes
Lifecycle Tracking
Follow ideas through to completion so nothing slips through the cracks

Make Decisions By Vote

Ballots are an auditable way for voting bodies to make key decisions like electing
representatives or getting approval on a new policy.
Make Decisions By Vote
Official Records
Ballots are designed for formal processes, and keep an official, audit-ready record
Detailed Analytics
Results are visible in real time and can be analyzed in detail
Amendments can be proposed as a new ballot with changes highlighted

Celebrate Important Events

Greetings let you highlight important events in employee’s lives, with comments, stories,
and emoji reactions from their colleagues. Birthdays, work anniversaries, and much more.
Celebrate Important Events
Reminders and automation ensure that no one’s birthday or anniversary is missed
100+ templates
Greetings for every occasion, sorted into categories. Add your own, too
Company branding
It’s easy to add company branding to your custom greetings

Never Forget Birthday & Work Anniversaries With Automated Story Collection

Remotely create a virtual card "signed" by the entire office
Giving An Award Is Quick and Engaging


1.Prior to a birthday or work anniversary, story collection requests are sent automatically to managers, peers, reportees, or followers
2.These colleagues can respond with text, images, gifs, and video well wishes/stories
3.These personalized stories are added to the greeting post on the day of the event

Reach Specific Users
With Targeted Campaigns

Identify and target users who are inactive, or any other group you want to reach,
and send them your most engaging content to ensure they see it.
Reach Specific Users With Targeted Campaigns
Multiple Channels
Email, SMS, & push notifications ensure your message is received
Draft & Schedule
Save drafts, pass them to collaborators, and schedule campaigns in advance
Build roundup posts in minutes combining your best content into one message

Encourage Participation
With Levels & Badges

Gamification points in MangoApps create an air of friendly competition,
incentivizing engagement with levels and badges.
Encourage Participation With Levels & Badges
See an optional leaderboard of your most active employees
Enriched Profiles
Levels and badges are added to employee profiles in the directory
Custom Badges
Create custom badges to reinforce your culture and values

Boost Engagement With Familiar
Social Media Features

Just about everything in MangoApps has a social layer, encouraging people to interact,
start conversations, and cheer each other on.
Boost Engagement With Familiar Social Media Features
Emoji Reactions
Quick, simple reactions give you an instant read on how your content is received
Comment Threads
Encourage open conversation, and tag users to bring them in
Keep track of ideas across departments and projects with clickable hashtags

Transform Engaged Employees
Into Brand Advocates

Empower your employees with a social sharing feature that allows anyone within your company
to become a brand advocate.
Transform Engaged Employees Into Brand Advocates
Strengthen your brand
image with social sharing
Improve employee engagement with company content
Amplify the social reach of your company
I think MangoApps has strengthened our culture because it’s given all of our employees a voice, including those who didn’t have one before. Everyone can read or submit success stories from throughout the company... You can be proud of what you’re doing, and others can celebrate with you.
- Rebecca Stone, Internal Communications Coordinator, Ram Tool
Rather than just working in an office or working in a store or working on a certain counter, it opens up this whole new branch of employee engagement. They can see all the things that are going on across the business and really get some great ideas on how to do the job well from the very beginning.
- David Bannister, Store Manager, Superdrug
With Ballots, MangoApps ensures that the correct people have the authorization to vote, and do not require us to manually maintain those votes. We wanted a formal documented process, and this tool allows us to do that.
- Teresa Rowe, Senior Director of Assembly and Standards Technology, IPC

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