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Empower Every Employee

Employees who are able to find information and collaborators can build new connections,
avoid duplicated work, and accomplish what would otherwise be impossible.

Find Colleagues Quickly

Every company needs a directory where employees can find and message each other.
MangoApps Directory is searchable, up to date, and can be filtered by department, location, or hierarchy.
Find Colleagues Quickly
Visually Engaging
MangoApps profiles include pictures, accolades, multiple views, and recent activity
Always Updated
Active Directory and LDAP integrations update the directory in real time
Searchable Fields
Create custom fields for industry skills or certifications (or anything else)

Case Study

How An Intranet Transforms Communication & Culture

Learn how Superdrug uses MangoApps to enhance company culture, streamline collaboration, and centralize information.

How An Intranet Transforms Communication & Culture

Dedicated Collaboration Spaces

Put teamwork into modern digital collaboration spaces to reduce email volume,
capture knowledge over time, and speed up the flow of business.
Dedicated Collaboration Spaces
Remote Work
Allows workers in different locations to collaborate seamlessly
Add users to groups based on location, role, or other factors automatically
Guest users
Invite vendors and external partners to participate in relevant groups only

Speed Up Communication

Replace internal email with chat and private messages for faster responses, less clutter,
and a line of communication with employees that don’t have company email.
Speed Up Communication
Video & Screen Share
Video calls and screen sharing are built into chat and can be started instantly
No Spam
Internal-only messaging means no spam, phishing, or distractions
Large File Sharing
Unlike email, you can share files up to 5GB over chat

Office Location Information

Helpful information for local or traveling employees can be added to a directory of
office locations, as well as reference to local working hours and holidays.
Office Location Information
Centralize Local Content
Location-specific content like floor plans & building codes in one obvious location
Easy Collaboration
Let users see helpful info about other offices, like working hours and holidays
Auto-add users to their local office group, creating a useful space for updates

Maintain Control Over User Content

Content moderation and flagging features allow you to keep profanity, harassment,
and protected information from being shared in your implementation.
Maintain Control Over User Content
Optional Approvals
All or some user content can be put in a moderator queue for approval before posting
Content Flagging
Content can be flagged for review automatically or by users, and passed to mods
Mass Actions
Ease the burden of moderation with notifications and mass actions

Informative Org Charts

Visual and well-defined org charts help employees see and understand company hierarchy and collaborate more effectively.
Informative Org Charts
Improve employee communication and company transparency
Provide essential information on an employee’s profile page
Quickly get in touch with employees that possess a specific skill, job role,
or certification
MangoApps makes it simple to communicate with colleagues. The chat feature makes it very easy to have informal conversations. It creates internal exchanges that tend to move forward quicker than a formal discussion by email.
- Guillaume Sourd, IT ERP Specialist at Ekspert
I think having something that’s graphical, where you can see your colleagues’ faces in pictures and connect to things visually makes a difference. Having a robust people directory helps create efficiency in getting work done, and it’s also helpful in maintaining culture.
- Debra Helwig, Sr. Internal Communications Manager, KCoe Isom
I use the directory daily. We have 700 employees, and I'll get emails from people across the firm and just want to do a little snooping—who is this person? Who do they report to? Where are they located? You know, who else are they connected to? What are those relationships? Having access to all that information makes us all feel a little bit closer.
- Megan White, Chief Sustainability Officer, Integral Group
I really like that we can have different groups because we have so many members that are spread so far apart, not even just in Champaign-Urbana or on campus, but even in neighboring states. I can send specific messages to specific groups. I really love that… You’re able to get all of the people that you need to get [right way], which is wonderful.
- Jamie Hines, EJP Operations Manager, University of Illinois

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